My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 882

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 882

Even if he offered his own flesh and body, it still would not have made a difference.

“Mr. Mitchell, about Sophia and I, don’t you think…” Michael trailed off when he saw the needle again.

Cooper gave him a distasteful look and answered, “Don’t you even think about it!”

Carmen was back with them and she had wrapped herself in Cooper’s arm before dozing off to sleep. Upon looking at her round face in his lap, as cute as she was, she did not have the energy to help to rally support for her father. Michael could only hasten himself.

At night, Cooper brought Carmen and Sophia back to the hotel to rest while he packed his belongings to return to Bayside City the next day. As Carmen wanted to sleep with her grandpa on the same bed, Sophia, who was alone, huddled under the covers and spoke with Michael over the phone. They even chatted animatedly past midnight. Then, under the pretext of heading to have a barbecue, she sneaked out and found her way to his hotel. She wanted to give him a memorable farewell.

Michael had no choice but to remain at the film studio for a while, so Sophia figured that they probably would not have time to meet up with each other once she returned to Bayside City. She figured that at the very least, she should have some fun on her last night there.

After they made love, Sophia wanted to take a shower before leaving, but she never expected that Michael was adamant in not allowing her to leave. As a result, she stayed the night with him.

She was enjoying her last round with him in bed when she suddenly heard a booming voice outside the hotel’s window at dawn. It was a woman shrieking hysterically in a piercing voice. “Michael, you better come out now! Come out now! If you don’t, I will kill myself and I will keep to my word! I’ll give you one minute—if you still refuse to come out and give me an explanation, I will jump from here!”

Upon hearing the voice, it sounded like it came from somewhere close by. Because the wee hours of the morning had always been accompanied with silence, the sudden hysterical cries seemed to have traveled at a deafening volume.

Michael rose to his feet and drew the blinds to peek outside. He saw a figure standing on the roof of the hotel next to his. That person was holding a loudspeaker and appeared to be hysterically shouting into it. Isn’t that Irene Weber? He spotted Irene standing alone at the ledge of the building, preparing to jump at any moment as she yelled into the loudspeaker for the entire world to hear.

Michael had only slightly pulled the blinks to reveal a gap, but a ray of light spilled into the hotel room and was reflected in his eyes. His eyes were as dark as black ink as it did not have any expression.

Irene arrived at the film studio and discovered that he was also in the same vicinity to film a movie. However, the film set had bodyguards there—one of them even witnessed his colleagues throwing her out. She wanted to head to Michael’s hotel to harass him, but only knew the name of his accommodation without no knowledge on the floor he was on. The hotel had many entrances and exits, making it impossible for her to block them even if she wanted to. It was also unexpected that she would even threaten to commit suicide in the middle of the night.

With one final glance, he closed the double-layered and sound-proofed warming windows. The minute he did so, everything that happened outside no longer had anything to do with him.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. Let’s go on.”

If she really wanted to kill herself, she could easily locate one of the nearby skyscrapers and make a grand departure. Instead, she deliberately arrived in the middle of the night to cause a scene. Armed with a loudspeaker, she had created such a huge fuss for the entire world to hear, which did not resemble the behavior of a suicidal person.

In the end, Irene had managed to single-handedly arouse half the city from their sleep in a state of shock. Yet, Michael, who was living in the hotel opposite, was surprised to learn that she jumped from the building, much to his dismay.

By then, the fire brigade had already gathered at the ground floor and was prepared with an inflated air cushion, which they had conveniently prepped, to catch Irene as she landed. It was a pity that she jumped from a building that was only seven to eight stories tall, so she had only suffered superficial injuries and was immediately rushed to the hospital. At dawn, media outlets had caught wind of the story and reported on the coveted love triangle.

She naturally accepted the invitation to be interviewed and portrayed herself as the innocent, pitiful woman who had been abandoned. She even lamented that it was Michael who had a change of heart and left her.

Despite all of her pleads and cries, he never showed up to visit her at the hospital. However, the incident that happened the night before had caused Michael’s reputation to be affected; one of which was the revelation of his genuine identity. Now, the world was aware of his background—he was in fact one of the Fletchers and a descendant of the military!

It did not matter whether his true identity had been exposed. After all, he had already received the approval and recognition from the Fletcher Family. He shifted his name to the Fletcher Family’s ancestral grave and arranged for a joint burial with Theo. Their marriage application had also been approved and on Ancestors’ Day, Michael proved himself to the family by burning his original paperwork. He was no longer an illegitimate child, but rather a dignified and legitimate person by birth.

Irene had spent the night throwing tantrums at the window which faced the direction of the hotel where Michael stayed. On the other hand, he was having a good time with Sophia in his hotel room.

It was only in the morning when Cooper learned from his bodyguards that Sophia had sneaked out. He rushed to Michael’s room and knocked on the door, only to find Michael in the middle of brushing his teeth.

“Hey, Mr. Mitchell. I’m guessing that you’re here to look for Sophia. She’s pretty bushed from last night, so she is still asleep. Since you both are leaving on your private jet, I don’t suppose you’re in a hurry? Come on in and take a seat,” he warmly greeted while holding the door open and ushering the moody Cooper inside. A half-naked Michael purposefully moved around the room within Cooper’s view, so as to make it obvious that his daughter resembled cooked rice. On the other hand, Michael wanted to remind Cooper that what had been done could not be undone and Sophia was already an adult!

Cooper grew up with the local influence and even instilled the same principles in Sophia. Cooked rice? That’s impossible; even if rice was cooked into porridge, it would still be a bowl of sloppy, innocent mush—nothing could change that. Did Michael think that he will be able to have Sophia with him after a night of fun? He must be out of his mind!

Meanwhile, Carmen found the bed that she previously slept on and retrieved the stack of hard-earned money hidden beneath the pillow. She counted all of the money in the pile and securely tied them with an elastic band before shoving it into her backpack. Then, she happily carried her backpack before heading off. This is all my hard-earned money!

Even before Sophia could have enough sleep, she was already woken up by Carmen and yawned while heading out the door. Michael was dressed and ready to make his way to the film set. Before he left, he pulled Sophia into an embrace and kissed her. “Don’t forget to call me,” he said.

The two of them then kissed in front of Cooper. An excited Carmen also jumped up and down while she uttered, “I also want a kiss, Daddy!”

When Michael squatted and gave Carmen a peck, Cooper’s exasperated expression could not help but melt away.

Once that was done, Cooper led both girls to the garage where his escort car was parked. They immediately entered the car and made their way to the airport to board the private jet that would take them back to Bayside City.

After Michael had said goodbye to Sophia, he felt a sense of emptiness in himself although he was pleased. At least he had overcome the important step and pushed it out of the way. Once he was done with the filming and had perfectly portrayed Cooper’s father, he and Sophia could be together as long as Cooper was satisfied with the film’s outcome.

Meanwhile, in a hospital close to the film studio, Irene had been waiting for two whole days, but Michael still did not show up. He could not even be bothered to send his representative to visit her. In an attempt to vent her frustrations toward him, she threw any bottle that she could find in her ward.

“Michael Fletcher! What on earth do you want me to do? Go to hell, all of you Fletchers!”

A bottle of tonic, which the filming crew had sent, was flung across the room. The bottle rolled to the edge of the doorway of the ward before resting against the tip of a leather-pointed shoe.

She instantly perked up, thinking that he had sent someone to visit her. As her gaze tracked upward from the leather-pointed shoe to the person’s face, it was Sandra’s face which she saw instead. Irene’s beaming face instantly fell and dampened her mood.

“What are you doing here? Are you here to laugh at me too?

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