My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 883

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 883

Sandra wore a set of professional attire as she entered the hospital ward and removed her sunglasses, revealing a set of eyes that were cold and distant. “Irene Weber, you are fully aware that he doesn’t care whether you are dead or alive and yet you still want to humiliate yourself. Are you stupid? Has he even showed up to visit you for a second? Look at yourself—how did you manage to allow Sophia Edwards to affect you like this? Even I find you pathetic!”

Although she was stoic, she wanted to fan the flames and make things worse than it already was.

Irene sneered in response. “Sandra, please don’t make the matter worse by instigating. You only want to use me to get to Sophia Edwards because she caused you to be in a situation that’s worse than mine! At least my skirt wasn’t pulled apart on the spot.”

When Sandra was younger, she only loved wearing skirts—regardless of whether it was the summer or winter season. She always wore skirts to show off her fit and long legs, but since Sophia had ripped her skirt off in public on time, she did not dare to wear skirts anymore; she even developed a deep aversion toward it after that.

“Shut up!” Sandra yelled, interrupting Irene as the latter recalled the story. The bluish-green vein on her forehead, which was as fair as porcelain, throbbed as the corners of her mouth twitched uncontrollably.

Sandra had encountered the deepest humiliation in her entire life on that day, which was having her skirt and panties ripped off by Sophia in public. On top of that, Sophia had also publicly shamed and insulted Sandra to the point where she vowed to avenge the enmity. She had already thought of a thousand ways to retaliate against Sophia, but merely needed the right timing to do so.

The two women in the ward had calmed down since it was useless to expose each other’s scars as they shared a common enemy—Sophia.

Irene wanted Sophia dead—that was the only way in which she could claim Michael as her own.

On the other hand, Sandra not only wanted Sophia to die, but she also wanted to destroy the matrimony between the Fletcher Family and Cooper. Having Sophia dead was the best method in achieving that goal and Irene was an important piece to making it happen.

Sandra sat by the edge of Irene’s bed and lifted her black-rimmed sunglasses before speaking frankly, “I have a plan, which will definitely have Sophia out of the picture. I just need to find someone to execute it. Do you have an interest in it?”

Irene scoffed while answering, “Are you thinking of using me as an assassin?”

“What do you mean by using you as an assassin?” Sandra responded. “I just can’t get someone who’ll be able to do the deed in a better manner than you. After all, you are the apple of Old Master Fletcher’s eyes and he treats you like a daughter. You are favored more than his direct descendants of the Fletcher Family. If you can pull this off, I guarantee you that the outcome will be twice your effort.”

Upon hearing what Sandra said, Irene’s eyebrows shot upwards as she felt pride growing within her.

It was true that she was the most favored in the Fletcher Family and treated like she was one of their own, if not better. Her own parents had sacrificed their lives for the country, which made her the child of martyrs—that inadvertently meant that no matter how much trouble she caused, Mark would never fully blame her.

Sandra watched Irene’s expression as she continued to explain, “It’s a foolproof plan. Once it has been carried out, Sophia will die without a proper place for her body to be laid to rest. Don’t you want to be the one who personally tortures her to death?”

Irene rolled her eyes as she was hesitant. Up until that point, she was merely fooling around. If it really meant killing someone… However, when she thought of Sophia and Michael being happily together, her heart felt like it was being sliced by a thousand swords.

She turned towards Sandra and responded, “Why don’t you share with me about your foolproof plan? Maybe I’ll give it a thought.”

Without missing a beat, Sandra gave voice to her thoughts. “I’m prepared to look for someone to kidnap both you and Sophia. Then, you will act like you genuinely want to save her, but in the end, you were unable to do so. That way, she’ll die and you will live life as a good person. Michael would definitely see you in a different light too.”

A suspicious Irene asked, “This plan of yours—will it actually work? How can I be certain that you won’t use this to undermine me?”

Sandra understood where Irene was coming from, nodding and gazing at the latter with envious admiration before replying, “Irene, you are nothing short of Mark’s most beloved junior, so how can I possibly dare to undermine you? The person I want to eliminate is Sophia as well as destroy the matrimony between Cooper and the Fletcher Family. How can I think of possibly deceiving you? In fact, I hope that you will be able to say a few words to the Fletchers on behalf of my father and me in the near future!”

Irene felt her own suspicions gradually dispel.

As for Sandra, she had been able to convince herself due to her identity—she had grown up with the children of the Fletcher Family and was even more favored than them. As long as she had the chance to mediate for the Fletchers, then the Fletchers would eventually support Alex.

The two ladies hit it off and launched into a detailed discussion of their plan in the ward.

After the fuss and drama that Irene created, Michael spoke up about the harassment that he received from her, which resulted in her losing her role. So, she packed her belongings and returned to Bayside City to heal her broken heart. In hindsight, she did not sustain any severe injuries and merely grazed her skin, but she was deeply hurt by what she had done for him. It was the kind of grief that she felt to her bones and muscles.

When Irene returned to Bayside City, more people came to visit her at the hospital. The first of them was Stanley, who had been sent by the Old Master to persuade her.

“Miss Irene, you shouldn’t continue to persist in the matter. Uncle Michael and Uncle Joel have their families and children… Besides, marriage doesn’t represent your entire life and identity,” Stanley blurted his words in a soft voice while slicing some fruits for Irene. He did not intend to come to the hospital to visit her, but Mark was adamant with his decision.

Irene’s parents had gone on a high-stakes mission, risking their lives without a second thought and died as a result. In the end, after successfully completing the mission, they had heroically sacrificed their own lives and did so while clutching each other in a tight embrace. The martyred couple, who had saved hundreds of lives, was awarded with first-class merit for their deeds, which was how Irene came to be adopted by Mark and brought up with much love, care, and attention.

Her parents were heroes, so how did she land herself in that mess? It must have been the trauma she endured from their deaths causing her to behave in a negative manner.

Irene laid on the hospital bed, but did not say a word in response. Stanley had washed his hands after cutting the fruits and was now preparing to leave since he already said what he needed to say. It was not his business to ask whether she would heed his advice or not.

He returned to the room and found that she munched on the sliced fruits, noticing that her pale face was now etched with wrinkles. She went under the knife for a double-eyelid surgery a few years ago as she wanted her eyes to resemble Sophia’s. However, age was catching up on Irene and her body’s recovery rate evidently slowed down to the point where those surgical marks, which had been previously covered with makeup, were now obvious. Now that she had a bare face, there was nothing much to cover.

In Stanley’s memory of them growing up together, he recalled Irene as the honest and intelligent skylark with a melodious singing voice. She also grew into a beautiful woman who was the darling of the kids in the Fletcher Family. How many people had tried to woo her? How did it all turn out like this?

“You must be tired from all the talking, Stanley,” Irene finally spoke. “Drink some water before you leave.” She took out a cup and poured some water into it.

He also felt that his mouth was parched, so he reached out with a hand and accepted the cup from her without hesitation to gulp the water. When he finished, he could not help but add, “You are still young, Irene. At forty years of age, you’re merely at the beginning of your youth. The road ahead is still long…”

Those words were his sincere words and he had said it in the hopes that she would find her way back after losing track of the right path. The Fletcher Family had treated her like a jewel and gave her everything that she had asked for. It would not be appropriate if she became greedy at that point.

She did not say a word, but only continued to eat the fruits.

Stanley rose to leave, but the moment he stood up, he felt blurry, causing him to lose his balance as he collapsed next to the bed.

Once he had lost consciousness, Irene, who pretended to munch on her fruits, looked up with shining eyes. There are so many men in the Fletcher Family. Why did I have to choose Joel and Michael? Young, handsome, and with a bright future ahead of him—Stanley is a much better choice!

She dragged Stanley’s body up the bed and gently unbuttoned his shirt. Back then, he could only follow other inferior boys, but now, he was already a man—it was time for him to have a lady!

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