My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 884

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 884

Irene had watched Stanley being delivered into the world and him growing up into the man he now was. That silly boy who once played chase with his own back ten years ago had matured into an adult. She then slowly peeled off the thin fabric of his shirt and reached her hand underneath it to carelessly knead the flesh.

After drinking the cup of water that Irene spiked, Stanley was completely unaware of what happened since he was deep asleep.

She straddled on his unconscious body, pressing her hands into his sturdy build, with a fierce and lewd look in her eyes. Since the men of the Fletcher Family have played with my feelings and left me to fend for myself, what if I return the favor to them?

She wondered whether Stanley would fall in love with her if she became pregnant with his child. On top of that, what could Michael and Joel do about it? Instead of vying for the two older men’s attention, she should give Stanley another five—no, ten—years as he would definitely be more splendid than his uncles by then!

Standing by the roadside facing the hospital building, Sean was in his formal suit and clutching a briefcase in one hand. He had been waiting for a long time; he glanced at his watch before looking at the street opposite the hospital and turning to his wristwatch again. He started to become anxious because Stanley mentioned that he would only sit and have a talk with Irene for ten minutes. It was already half an hour since Stanley went up and there was still no sign of him exiting the hospital doors.

His assistant was holding onto Judge, the big dog, so that it could have a walk while they waited outside. They were supposed to join Sean for a business meeting and would be late if they did not make a move soon.

“President Mitchell, do you want me to head up there and inform Mr. Fletcher?” The assistant who had brought the dog for a walk returned and asked.

Judge recently returned to Stanley’s place. Although he had specially hired a nanny to look after the husky and accompany it for walks and plays, the dog still seemed lonely. Stanley would occasionally bring Judge to the office so that the dog could act as a bodyguard. When the humans left earlier for the business meeting today, Judge had insisted on tagging along.

Sean looked at his watch for the umpteenth time and called Stanley on his cellphone, but no one answered. After a long while, Sean suggested, “I’ll go and take a look.”

Stanley and Sophia maintained a close relationship; on the other hand, her and Irene’s relationship tore into pieces when the news about the film studio was exposed in the media. It was hard to say now whether Irene would do anything to him or not.

On the other hand, he was an honorable gentleman who served as a soldier in the military. How could he honestly allow himself to suffer any losses at the hands of a woman? However, Sean was still worried about the situation as he led Judge into the hospital and found Irene’s ward.

Two of Irene’s assistants stood guard at the door to her ward. When they saw Sean walking down the corridor toward their direction, they hastily stepped in front of him to bar him from further advancing. One of them said, “Miss Irene is having a discussion with Young Master Stan. She specifically informed us that they are not to be disturbed.”

A discussion? Sean thought. What sort of discussion are they having that can be more important than the business meeting later today?

It had already been agreed that today would be the day that they would negotiate with the Michel Group. Although it was safe to say that they were on good terms with Linus after burying the hatchet with him, it was still not like Stanley’s style to be late. Furthermore, Stanley had always been known to be highly self-disciplined and punctual.

Why isn’t he picking up his phone? It’s not like Stanley to ignore his phone for no apparent reason.

Sean wished that he could knock on the door, but Irene’s assistants were determined to stop him from doing so. Judge also anxiously pawed at the door when Sean suddenly realized something.

Could it be that Stanley and Irene are… N-No, that’s impossible. Stanley, that idiot, had secretly admired Sophia all those years, so it was impossible for him to easily have a change of heart. He was also aware that the situation between her situation with Irene was in a dangerous territory. He can’t be this silly!

As his thoughts ran amok, Sean decided that he would not waste any more time pointlessly talking with the assistants. He fiercely kicked the door open and released his grip on the Judge’s leash, allowing the dog to be the first one to rush in. Sean and his two assistants burst in, only to notice various pieces of clothing scattered all over the floor with an almost naked Irene on top of Stanley and in the midst of removing his pants. She had seen Sean rushing in and now stared at him with hatred-filled eyes. That look in her eyes coupled with her posture made her resemble a cannibalistic old monster, leaving him and his assistants with a cold feeling when they digested the scene in the room.

Sean was flabbergasted when he saw what was before him. He understood that sooner or later, Stanley would eventually be married to a woman, but it was the first time he had witnessed his friend being naked and on the same bed with a woman. Sean felt that his heart was being stabbed with a thousand knives and that his lover had been rudely snatched from him.

Sean stayed rooted to the grounds—as if his footsteps weighed a ton. He did not move or speak and was not sure whether he should leave the room or…

Judge’s reaction, on the other hand, was much quicker than his. As he snarled, the dog lunged toward the bed and Irene on her exposed butt. The dog with its titanium teeth took a bite of Irene’s rotten skin, causing her to scream and roll off the bed. She now screamed her head off like a pig was about to be slaughtered as the dog lunged after her again, wanting to take another bite of her flesh.

In that instant, Sean came to his senses and immediately turned where Stanley lay on the bed. He saw that Stanley was shirtless and his pants were halfway down his thighs, but the latter was motionless on the bed. Sean realized that she could have spiked Stanley’s drink since he did not react despite the commotion and her incessant yells.

With the help of an assistant, Sean hurried over and pulled Stanley from the bed. Fortunately, they were in a hospital as they found a doctor right outside the ward to treat Stanley.

As Sean left the room, he turned to see that the dog had managed to corner Irene. Hatred flashed in his eyes. Irene Weber! Since they were dealing with an emergency, he did not have the time to deal with her, but vowed in his heart to confront her for her actions at another time!

In the end, she had to be rushed to the emergency department in a bloodied mess as a result of Judge’s multiple bite wounds. The husky was held down and given a rabies jab while Stanley was also sent to the emergency room after it was discovered that he had consumed the water that was spiked with a large amount of sleeping pills. The doctor assured that it was nothing serious and he would be alright as he needed sleep to recuperate from his ordeal.

While Stanley was being examined in the emergency room, Sean waited in the hospital’s corridor where he sat on the floor with shaky hands. The image of Irene and Stanley sleeping together on the bed continued to replay in his mind—at the moment when he kicked the door to her ward open.

The look on his young, handsome face was stony and unreadable. He had outgrown his childish appearance and lost some of the femininity that once signified his youthfulness in university. It was now replaced by a deep, contemplative look.

Judge was anxiously pacing back and forth in front of the operating theater. Not long after, Sophia and Linus appeared and rushed toward them.

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

It was less than two days since Sophia’s return to Bayside City. After having lunch with Linus today, they had discussed heading for the scheduled business meeting with Stanley. However, a while later, Sean phoned and mentioned that the meeting had been to be canceled. They learned that Stanley was admitted to the hospital and quickly rushed over to see whether he was alright.

Sean regained his composure and stood up to greet them. “I don’t really know. Stan will be awake soon and we’ll find out then. But, don’t worry, it wasn’t anything serious,” he said.

Sophia could feel that Sean was reserved and hiding something. She looked over and saw Judge wearing a muzzle, pacing in front of the doorway of the operating room. If it was wearing a muzzle, that meant it either bit someone or ate something.

Stanley slept until it was night time. Not wanting his parents to worry, they did not inform his family that he was at the hospital. Instead, Sean, Sophia, Sarah, and Linus stayed by Stanley’s bedside and accompanied him throughout the entire afternoon as well as at night.

When Derek got off work that evening, he was rushed to the hospital in a state of panic. He was in charge of the company’s management and Cooper had made an executive decision to change the former’s name to Derek Mitchell. Derek’s birth name did not sound pleasing to the ears—his last name had a domineering aura while his first name sounded rather plain. So, Cooper combined both their parents’ last names and decided on the name, ‘Derek Mitchell’.

At night, Stanley finally woke up from his deep, long slumber and realized that there were many people huddled around his bedside. In a state of surprise, he blurted out a series of questions, “Why are you all here? What’s wrong with me? What time is it? Where is this place?”

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