My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 891

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 891

Justin sounded panic on the phone call, causing Michael’s heart to skip a beat. Hence, he got into the car in a hurry while reassuring him, “Don’t panic; just get me up to speed. I’m coming over right now.”

Celine had always been locked up in a secret research center established by the Fletchers in the suburbs, where there was a specific psychiatrist to diagnose her. Even though there hadn’t been any results in the past three years, the research center was heavily guarded, and so it was impossible for her to escape.

Michael also knew what it meant since Celine had escaped—Phantom Wolf’s number one assassin, Katrina, was on the loose in Bayside City. One could only imagine how many people would die.

He got into the car, and the driver started driving. On the other side, Justin reiterated everything to him over the phone clearly.

When I woke up today, I realized that Celine had cut her wrist to commit suicide.

Over the years, Celine’s mental state had been a torture for me, just as much as she was torturing herself. She had tried committing suicide countless times. This time, I rushed in to get her out and sent her to the infirmary.

However, just when the doctor was about to help Celine stop her bleeding not long after I brought her in, the knocked out Celine got up suddenly. Then, she held the doctor under duress to escape the research center.

“We found the doctor somewhere around the research center. He has been seriously injured, and they are still trying to rescue him. It seems like Celine has stolen a car, and she’s driving into the city. I managed to take a picture of the car’s number plate, which I’ve sent to you.”

Soon, Michael received the coordinates of Celine’s current location sent over by Justin. It turned out that it was none other than Carmen’s kindergarten!

Justin and some skilled masters from the Fletcher Family rushed to the site, whereas Michael desperately phoned the bodyguard who was in charge of sending and picking Carmen up from kindergarten. However, nobody answered the call.

In the meantime, classes had ended in the kindergarten. The kindergarten teacher held Carmen’s hand while they waited for her family’s bodyguards to pick her up from school.

Carmen’s bodyguards would send Carmen to and pick her up from kindergarten every day on time. Therefore, the teachers in the kindergarten were familiar with them. They would only let Carmen leave if it was somebody they recognized. However, the person who showed up today wasn’t somebody she expected.

“Eh? Mr. Michael, I saw the news reporting that you were filming out of town. Why do you have the time to pick Carmen up in person today?”

The teacher seemed confused.

A man clad in black suit got out of Carmen’s family car. He had a pair of sunglasses on, and he looked exactly like Michael.

Nevertheless, the person did not utter a word throughout the exchange, and they left the moment he picked Carmen up. The kindergarten teacher was suspicious, but she suddenly recalled that the news reported that Carmen’s mother had met with an accident. Therefore, it made sense for Michael to be in Bayside City for now.

The teacher had a feeling that Michael was different from his usual self today. Maybe it’s because there’s a stark difference between an actor’s appearance compared to when they are on screen and on television….

Hence, it was unexpected when seven to eight cars came to a halt in front of the kindergarten about a minute after Carmen had left. One of the car doors opened, and Michael got out of it. He asked the teacher hastily, “Where’s Carmen?”

The teacher was bewildered when she answered, “Didn’t you pick her up earlier?”

Michael did not answer her, and his eyes bulged in shock. It took him three to four seconds to snap back to his senses.

Celine picked Carmen up.

Michael didn’t even remember how he got back into the car. His mind was filled with the horrible state the psychiatrist was in.

Celine held the psychiatrist hostage to leave the center. Then, she demanded for the research center’s security guard to open the door for her by threatening the doctor’s life; she even brought the doctor along to escape, but she attempted to kill him cruelly in the end. Initially, she could have murdered him in one go, but she was wounded, and she didn’t have any weapons with her. She lacked strength, and so the doctor did not die.

The psychiatrist is a healthy and strong man, but he can’t even defeat Celine. My daughter, Carmen, is merely 3 years old; how could she possibly escape from her?!

Soon, they found the two bodyguards in charge of driving Carmen, whom Celine had wounded and hid in an alley. One of them was permanently disabled, whereas the other was unconscious and had to be sent to the emergency room.

Celine was currently under the control of the cold-blooded assassin, Katrina, and so it meant that she was a homicidal maniac. Her methods were extremely cruel.

The car continued chasing after Celine’s car, and they drove out of the city. Throughout the journey, Michael did not utter a word, whereas Justin, who was sitting on the front passenger seat, consoled him. “It will be fine. It will be fine.”

Michael maintained a calm façade, but his trembling hands revealed his anxiety.

He felt as if he was back to the day three years ago, when he was stuck at the stairway. His abdomen was stabbed with a knife, and he had lost consciousness. By the time he woke up, he was already lying in a hospital, and they told him that Sophia was gone…

During the time Sophia was gone, Carmen was his everything in life. He looked after her from the time she was a small bundle of joy, who was eager to move around, until she grew up into a child. Michael could not even begin to imagine how his life would be if he were to lose Carmen.

If I lose Carmen, all the joy in my life would be taken away.

Michael shut his eyes, while tears started streaming down his face.

The news of Carmen’s disappearance couldn’t be kept a secret. Once those in Villa No. 2 learned that Carmen didn’t come home, they reported the incident to Cooper and Sophia straight away.

Upon receiving the news, Sophia felt as if her world was crumbling down. Hence, she rushed to the scene as soon as she could.

Celine drove the car to a construction site outside of the city. She chased the workers out of the site before entering the building.

When Sophia arrived at the construction site, she saw a little girl standing on the balcony of the building’s tenth floor. Isn’t that my Carmen?

The balcony construction had yet to complete on the tenth floor of the building, whereas Carmen was standing on the balcony without a guardrail. She seemed as if she might fall off the balcony any time. Her small hands were tied together, while Celine held onto the other end of the rope.

She could hear Carmen’s cries from afar.

“Daddy, Mommy…”

Upon witnessing that, Sophia had a blackout, and she fainted on the spot…

When she regained consciousness, she found herself lying in a SUV. She opened her eyes abruptly, and she got up to get out of the car to look for Carmen.

She saw Carmen, who was still on the tenth floor’s balcony, when she looked up. Carmen was sitting on the edge of the balcony without the guardrail. It was apparent that she could slip and fall any time. She was still tied with a rope, and one couldn’t be sure if the rope might be able to protect her even if she were to fall off the building.

There was an inflated mattress on the ground floor. However, it wasn’t a sure thing if such a young child would fall on the inflatable mattress after falling off from the tenth floor. She might get stuck on one of the scaffolding and may very well die on the spot.

“My baby!” Sophia lost her mind, and she charged toward the entrance. Carmen, who was on the tenth floor, caught sight of Sophia, and so she stood up on wobbly legs while looking at Sophia pitifully.


She walked toward the edge of the balcony, as if she was prepared to continue moving forward. Carmen even looked over the edge to the ground, and it scared the living daylights out of everybody.

Linus rushed out suddenly while yelling at Carmen, “Carmen, my dear, go back in and sit down. Sit down properly, and your mommy will be there to pick you up soon. We are filming now, and you’ll have to act according to the script, Carmen. Please be an obedient girl. Go back in and sit still. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be paid!”

Carmen glanced at Sophia, and she pouted before sitting down again. Her skirt was dirty, and one of her shoes was missing. There was even a hole in her sock right now.

She choked back a sob while convincing herself that she was filming right now. Hence, she was only allowed to head down after the director yelled ‘cut’.

Sophia, who was on the ground floor, closed her mouth tightly because she was afraid that Carmen might just fall off the building if she were to make a sound.

Linus relaxed slightly when he saw Carmen walking back in, and he turned around to hug Sophia.

Sophia was trembling uncontrollably while staring at the building. She didn’t dare make a sound, and her tears kept streaming down her face.

“Please save my child; please rescue my Carmen…”

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