My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 893

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 893

Michael, who had been given a fright, sweated profusely. Sweat trickled down his face as he explained, “Celie, this is your son. He is just here to see you. Don’t worry; we won’t do anything reckless.”

Seeing that Carmen was sobbing, Michael immediately coaxed her to prevent her from agitating Celine. “Carmen, we’ve started filming, so you have to be a good girl. You can’t cry now. I’m going to start saying my lines now.”

As a hardworking and diligent actor, Carmen tried her best to hold back her sobs, but tears kept streaming down her cheeks out of fear when she was in Celine’s arm.

The black gun was aimed at her messy little head, and one of the small flowers pinned on her hair had fallen off. Michael’s eyes widened, for fear that the gun would go off.

At that moment, Nathan suddenly took two steps forward. “Take me instead.”

Celine roared as she raised her hand. Bang! She shot at the floor inches away in front of Nathan’s feet, causing Carmen to tremble in fear, but she still forced herself to suppress her cries.

The gunshot alarmed the people downstairs. Cooper’s flustered voice was heard from the walkie-talkie brought by Justin. “What happened?”

Justin replied, “Nothing’s wrong. Don’t make any move. We can resolve this.”

Nathan looked at the bullet hole next to his feet in a daze, his expression still numb. Michael quickly pulled him back and said to Celine, “Stay calm! Stay calm! He’s just a child who doesn’t know what he’s doing! I’ll take him away now!”

He hurriedly dragged Nathan to the staircase and dashed down the stairs.

Wiping the sweat on his face, Micheal realized that his legs were trembling, as if every step he took landed on cotton.

Nathan, who was following behind him, suddenly asked, “Will you guys kill her?”

Michael’s footsteps came to a sudden halt. A second later, he quickened his pace down the stairs without replying.

On the tenth floor, Justin looked at Celine from afar, the tears in his eyes unconcealable. Why does fate refuse to leave us alone? Why do we have to be treated so cruelly?

Justin was petrified. He was terrified that Cooper would lose his patience and kill Celine, and at the same time, he was terrified that Celine would lose her patience and hurt Carmen.

Celine finally calmed down and put Carmen at one side. She treated her own wounds while being wary of Justin, who was coaxing Carmen lovingly. “Good girl, your daddy has gone to the neighboring film set, but he will be back in a while. You need to sit down obediently. I’ve brought you some lollipops.”

Celine’s kick earlier caused the things brought by Justin to spill everywhere, and a few lollipops were scattered all over the place. Carmen cautiously glanced at Celine before secretly picking up a lollipop from the corner and putting it into her mouth.

After Celine finished bandaging her wounds, she took some syrup and leaned against the balcony to rest while remaining vigilant.

Justin’s eyes were filled with pain as he looked at her. He sat down as well, holding a walkie-talkie in his hand to stay in contact with the people downstairs.

After Michael and Nathan reached the ground floor, the former was impassive when Cooper, Joel, and Linus approached him and asked, “How did it go? What did she say?”

Michael answered, “I managed to keep the situation under control for now. She wants to leave Cethos. She will release Carmen after she leaves the Cethos’ border.” He sounded especially helpless as he was speaking.

The astute Celine knew what bargaining chip she should get hold of in exchange for the things she wanted, and she had indeed selected the right one—having Carmen alone was enough to threaten everyone.

The group of people gathered to figure out a way.

Joel was the first to raise an objection. “No, we can’t do that. That was what she said when she was in the research center before this. She kidnapped the psychologist and escaped, but she still tried to kill the hostage after she managed to escape! I won’t fall for the same trick twice!”

Cooper cast a vicious look at the tenth floor before declaring, “Send drones to launch a precise attack now! I can’t wait any longer!” Carmen is all I care for. As for Celine… Although I feel sorry for Mark, no one is comparable to my grandchild! I don’t mind being selfish!

Currently, Michael just remained quiet without saying anything. He sat at one side in dejection. His eyes wandered around and found Sophia, who was also sitting at one side.

Sophia had a deadpan expression with fresh tears at the corner of her eyes as she was comforted by Sarah, who had rushed over for her.

The two of them looked at each other from a distance. Though they were separated by the busy and anxious crowd, they felt as if all the sound in the world had quietened down at that instant.

All they had in their eyes was each other as they communicated soundlessly with their soul.

The current Michael was like a helpless child, drowning in despair.

On one side, he had his sister, whom he had always depended on, while on the other side was his daughter, who was his whole world.

Now, he had to choose between the two of them—it was a choice that was too difficult to make.

He stared at Sophia impassively and finally moved away his gaze.

She looked blankly at him before raising her head to look at the tenth floor. Carmen was eating lollipops up there. She tore open the wrappings and threw it down.

She raised her head and lowered it while tears escaped her eyes.

She then saw Nathan sitting next to Michael with his head leaned against the latter while he soundlessly wiped away his tears.

Michael seemed to be consoling a sobbing Nathan in a low voice as the latter wiped away his tears and looked at everyone around with his eyes reddened. He not only had tears in his eyes, but also hatred and hope.

Sophia heard their arrangements—they were definitely not going to let Celine go because Carmen would not survive if she escaped.

Their priority now was to keep her under control to buy them time to arrange for more people to go and save Carmen.

However, it would not be easy to save Carmen from Celine!

The situation was intense. All sorts of weapons had been secretly moved to the scene.

Sophia stroked her face and realized that it had become cold and numb after her tear-soaked face was air-dried by wind. When she was taking a sip of water, an idea crossed her mind, which caused her to immediately stand up and hurry to the people who were planning for the rescue. “I have an idea!”

Everyone raised their heads and looked at her as she said to Linus, “Uncle Linus, you must still have Quinton’s contact details, right? If we are able to find him, he certainly will have a way, since Katrina listens to him!”

It suddenly dawned on them that Quinton would definitely have a way to resolve this since Katrina was a personality created by Quinton himself!

Everyone turned to Linus. As the ex-financial backer of Phantom Wolf, he must be able to contact Quinton.

Unfortunately, Linus frowned and shook his head. “I’ve severed all ties with Phantom Wolf… Besides, even if I were able to contact him, it wouldn’t bring any help. He is now far abroad, and everything would be too late when he’d come over. Moreover, he is not stupid, so he won’t walk right into the lion’s den. Even if he would come, who knows what he’d be here for? Who can guess what’s in Phantom Wolf’s mind?”

After listening to Linus’ analysis, Sophia, who had initially gotten her hopes a little high, felt as if a bucket of cold water was just poured on her, extinguishing all her hopes.

Quinton could not come over since he was too far away. The Fletcher Family hated him so much that they would kill him, so appearing now would be no different from throwing himself into a trap. Therefore, it would be impossible for him to appear for the sake of a child.

Even if he came, who could guarantee that he would be able to save Carmen?

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