My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 900

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 900

Carmen was extremely disappointed after she could not hear her father’s voice. After she chatted with Cooper for a bit, she hung up on the call, but still could not call Michael after testing with different settings.

Sophia knew that Cooper had changed the settings of the watch when Carmen was asleep. The only number that she could call now was his number.

Sophia quickly calmed her down. “Darling, you should sleep earlier. We can talk about it tomorrow.”

Tears flowed out of Carmen’s eyes instead. “But, I can’t sleep if I don’t talk to Daddy.”

Sopphia hugged her and asked in a low voice, “Not even when Mommy is here?”

Carmen was still saddened. “I want Daddy…”

Sophia’s eyes swam with tears as she took her phone. As she looked at the nickname that she set in her list of contacts—‘Carmen’s dad’—she did not have the courage to call him. However, Carmen was still sobbing next to her, making her feel that she should not be selfish.

She knew that it was cruel for Cooper to have separated Carmen and Michael.

After Michael brought Carmen home from Africa, the little girl was on the brink of death and often fell sick. He would accompany her in the hospital for the entire year as she was irreplaceable to him. How could he possibly accept the fact that they had to be separated?

Carmen has been close to her father since she was born. How could she not have him?

Hence, Sophia opened Messenger and found Michael—his profile picture was a photograph of her from three years ago, so it made it easier to spot him.

She sent a word. ‘Here?’

He instantly replied, ‘Yes.’

She quickly video-called him and passed the phone to Carmen, who wiped her tears away and looked at the phone. As soon as Michael appeared, she immediately smiled and greeted in her baby voice, “Daddy!”

Michael was in a bright room, looking rather busy.

After seeing the face that he was thinking about the entire day, he smiled and asked gently, “Baby, did you behave yourself today?”

Carmen replied, “Yes, I was obedient. I moved into a big house with Mommy. It’s very big! You have to come over to visit me soon!”

He said, “Sure. You are a good baby. Sleep soon, alright? I still have some work to do.”

She replied, “Goodnight, Daddy! I love you!”

Carmen gladly went to bed after chatting with her father. She tucked herself to sleep and said goodnight to Sophia for Michael. “Good night, missus.”

Sophia bent over to kiss her as she replied, “Goodnight to you too, baby.”

With that, she switched off the light but left the night lamp on. However, as she was not sleepy, she merely looked at Carmen.

It was already midnight in the research center. After Michael hung up, he looked at his phone and stared at the wallpaper he chose in a daze—it was a picture of the three of them.

They took the picture at the film studio—he was filming and Carmen was one of the extras at another set. In the afternoon, Sophia took her home for lunch. He donned a military outfit during the war period while Carmen wore a traditional outfit and Sophia had a loose T-shirt with a baseball cap. The three of them looked very different from each other.

Carmen tried her hardest to eat as Sophia fed her while Michael lowered his head to look at them with a mellow expression. Danny had perfectly captured the entire scene.

After looking at the picture for ages, Michael finally kept his phone away and brought a bunch of documents to the place where Quinton was locked up. Then, he placed the documents in front of Quinton with a loud thud.

“This is a special pardon by the military and ZF organization. You can use it in all of Cethos as long as you promise not to cause any more trouble. After you sign it, we’ll arrange for you to head abroad.”

After glancing at the special pardon, Quinton looked away coldly. “It’s obvious that it’s fake. I don’t believe you.”

Michael did not want to beat around the bush. “I can guarantee you with the Fletcher Family’s name that if you can cure my sister, you can leave anytime you want.”

Receiving the special pardon was beyond his expectation as he could not believe that the military would pardon a killing maniac like Quinton.

Apart from the Fletcher Family interfering with the matter, there were also elements of competition among the powerful nations.

Many huge powers outside the country had bribed terrorists to carry out attacks in Cethos and once they successfully did so, they were able to escape to other countries and openly gain protection. Apart from that, those former terrorists could easily earn more money by giving speeches on their experience all around the world and publishing books on the ‘tough experience’ of being oppressed by Cethos. Some of them could even receive the Nobel Peace Prize, a very influential achievement, and become an ambassador for peace as well.

How ironic and unbelievable!

Although Phantom Wolf killed many people on an international spectrum, he never committed his crime in schools or in Cethos. To be precise, he had landed himself in hot water thrice—one was at Time Square years ago when he received an order from Kayla to assassinate Sophia, but before he could do so, two people from his side had already been killed. His second time was when he tried to kidnap Mark and Sophia to bring them away, but his plans were foiled. The third time was when Phantom Wolf tried to kidnap Sophia again.

Every crime that he committed in Cethos was all related to the grudge that he bore against the Fletcher Family. When Celine and Justin were ambushed, it was at the time of an anti-terrorist movement by the United Nations in other countries. So, the Fletcher Family did not pursue that matter and the military adopted the same approach.

Since the powers abroad could openly provide sanctuary to those terrorists who killed the citizens of Cethos, the Cethos government could do the same as well.

Even though Phantom Wolf was cruel, he was an assassin who would not murder innocent people as his victims only consisted of politicians and big shots. All in all, he was merely an assassin who accepted money in exchange for lives. He was a tool—a dog whom anyone could purchase. The people who had blood on their hands also included the politicians and big shots who wanted to use illegal methods to gain advantage. Since they were afraid of staining their hands, they thought of Phantom Wolf.

The details were extremely complicated to be discussed and Quinton had something that the Cethosian military was interested in. Phantom Wolf’s crimes paled in comparison with what the advantages that the country could gain.

However, Quinton never cared about the special pardon. After looking away, he answered, “I’ve already regretted it. The special pardon is not enough. I want to see her. I want to bring my wife, Sophia, away with me.”

All was good until he brought up that name. At the mention of Sophia, a cool and collected Michael completely lost control. He went berserk like an awakened beast and grabbed Quinton by his collar and threatened in a menacing manner, “Don’t even think about seeing her again!”

Upon looking at the irate Michael, Quinton chuckled in a low voice before saying, “Brother, you are still less patient than me.”

Gritting his teeth, Michael looked at Quinton before releasing his grap. Then, he placed the special pardon in front of Quinton again.

“Ten days later, both the military and the Fletcher Family will announce that you have been captured and hold a public trial. At that time, even the special pardon is useless. This is your only chance. Treasure it.”

With that, Michael quickly left.

Upon looking at the seemingly warm special pardon with the military stamp on it, Quinton suddenly raised his head and looked at Michael’s direction.

“Actually—” Quinton deliberately dragged his tone.

Michael’s flurrying steps came to an immediate stop.

Then, Quinton continued, “I can’t recover her memories anymore. They have been completely erased by me.”

Michael did not turn around. After stopping for a few seconds, he continued to head off.

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