My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 903

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 903

Cooper did not reply to him, but continued with his words after a short pause. “I was holding her in my arms as we entered the car. Sitting inside, I looked at her—her entire body was rotten. I even felt that my hand was rubbing away her fragile skin and coming into contact with her bones. The parts of skin where I’ve touched melted away and amidst the pus, there were even maggots in it. Then, I sent her to the ward. When I lowered my head to look at myself, all I saw was blood. At that moment, I still couldn’t believe that I actually had a daughter. However, the truth was brutally in front of me—I have a daughter yet I’m about to watch her die.”

Quinton was surprisingly quiet at that moment. They had no idea when his disdainful smile disappeared to the point where he was numb.

Cooper did not stop there. “Just like that, I watched her lie on the bed in front of me. I wanted to touch her face, but her cheeks were rotten. I didn’t dare to do that. Hence, I touched her hair instead. However, after brushing it lightly, her hair fell off—strand by strand. I saw… my own daughter looking like a bunch of rotten meat and even her scalp was rotten. She was just waiting to die in pain. Yet, as her father, I could only watch helplessly. Everyone said that my daughter can’t survive this and some even suggested eusthanasia so that she wouldn’t have to suffer any more. I didn’t agree to that. Even if there was a one-in-a-million possibility that might save her, I will give it a shot! Looking at her, I didn’t even dare to blink. I’m afraid that she would be gone if I didn’t pay attention. Her internal organs had failed to work and her heart even stopped beating for a while. Both her eyes were damaged, rendering her blind. Even so, I refused to surrender. If I did, I would lose my only daughter.”

As Michael quietly listened to Cooper’s words in the monitoring room, he did not say anything, but tears streamed down his cheeks instead. Michael thought that he was emotionally strong enough to handle the situation, but realized in that moment that he was as weak as usual.

When Cooper’s words reached Michael’s ears, it seemed to carry magical powers that caused the latter to experience the pain again. Michael could not escape it even if he wanted to.

Cooper’s eyes burned with the fire of a flashlight. Even though his voice was calm, it carried a weird power as it influenced others to become more emotional.

“Throughout my entire life, I’ve treated people’s lives as if they were trash. I thought I was the king; I didn’t believe in karma or fate. However, after some time, I realized that life has its own arrangements indeed. My daughter was the recipient of all the karma—my poor daughter, who seems to be born to suffer for others. She’s still young, yet she has suffered a lot. The people pretended that they loved her, but they pushed her into the dark abyss again and again—her leg was broken, her face was ruined, and she even became blind—”

Quinton suddenly went berserk and broke the handcuffs that he had been restrained with. With reddened eyes, he fiercely looked at Cooper like a wild beast.

“Stop speaking! Shut up! Shut the f*ck up!”

Before that, Quinton was patient; even though he was in hot water, he played everyone around as if they were monkeys in a manner that hinted that he had everything under his control. However, he finally lost his composure today—he could not even suppress his beast-like nature within him, which surfaced after Cooper’s mere few sentences.

Quinton’s reaction had completely been out of everyone’s expectations as it differs from his cool composure. After they returned to their senses, around five bulky men charged into the discussion room and finally held him down after much effort, like ants trying to weigh a caterpillar down.

At that moment, Quinton seemed to have morphed into a beast as he howled two words. “Shut up! Shut the f*ck up!”

Cooper still remained indifferent. Even though he knew that he was facing a berserk assassin, he was as cool as a cucumber while looking at Quinton, who was pressed on the table. He walked forward and pulled Quinton’s hair to lift his face up so that the latter could look at him.

Quinton glared viciously, as if he was a wild animal.

“Quinon, my daughter owes you her life. But, she has already repaid you with her face, her eyes, and half of her life. From now onward, you and Michael are the ones who owe her!”

With that, he slammed Quinton’s head on the table and left.

Quinton continued to glare at him, but he remained silent.

The negotiation seemed to have failed, but Quinton’s sudden surge of strength had shocked everyone. They could not believe that he actually broke the handcuffs in such a short time!

An average person simply can’t break the handcuffs.

It was not arduous to deduce what had happened based on Justin’s earlier findings. The Phantom Wolf had used the super stimulant he invented to increase his strength and agility and yet they still underestimated his power.

However, he only revealed his true strength after being provoked by Cooper earlier.

After the negotiation failed, Quinton was locked in a cell with maximum security as there were many security guards around him.

However, he remained quiet for the entire night as he cowered in a corner—a completely different person compared to a few days ago.

Before that, he was like a patient fox who kept all the cards in his hands as he confidently toyed with the Fletcher Family.

However, his confidence today was completely destroyed.

The next day, when Michael went to talk to Quinton, he seemed to have changed into a completely different person. He was no longer the confident person that Michael knew.

Apart from that, Quinton even took the initiative to speak. “There’s only one way to save your sister—to wipe away her personality and her memories, rebooting her entire life.”

Michael froze when he heard that. After all, he never expected Quinton to really admit defeat, but asked, “Like how you treated Sophia?”

Quinton raised his head. In merely twenty four hours, he had looked more haggard. He nodded and gave a bitter smile. “Yes, erase all her memories. Otherwise, if and when she recalls what happened before, she would still have a nervous breakdown. Wiping away her memories is the only way.”

After a moment of silence, Michael nodded. “Okay, how do we do that?”

Quinton replied, “I have a set of apparatus in Cethos—it’s at the lecturer’s dorm in Bayside University. That area is sealed and the apparatus is confiscated, but you should be able to find it.”

Then, Michael quietly rose to his feet and walked outside. It turns out that the only cure for Celine is for her to lose her memories. That makes sense. If I am her, if I know that I almost killed Carmen, Nate, and Sophia, how can I stop myself from breaking down? How good it is to forget everything… Just like Sophia right now.

In no time, he found Quinton’s confiscated apparatus. No one knew what they were for, but the truth was finally out of the bag.

After the apparatus was sent to the research center, Quinton personally started the treatment for Celine.

Michael merely looked at everything in the ward through the glass screen. Next to him were Justin and Stanley, who looked worried.

“He’s not going to play any games, is he?” Stanley asked.

Michael shook his head. “He won’t. He cherishes his life a lot.”

Quinton had arrived for Sophia and Carmen. So, he probably expected that such a day would arrive and already held onto his trump card—the confidential information he held… and the method to cure Celine.

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