My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 916

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 916

This sudden turn of events startled those who were eating in the dining area. Sophia thought Michael was going to be beaten up by Cooper, but never did she think that Cooper would ask such an abrupt question.

Carmen was frightened by the scene and burst into tears. Sophia quickly carried her in her arms while Linus pulled Michael away from an agitated Cooper.

“What happened, Fass? Calm down! You’ve frightened Carmen!”

Cooper finally controlled himself as he took a few deep breaths and pulled out the ultrasound.

“Anna had another child; I still have a child! Where is he? Tell me, where’s my other child?”

Michael did not expect Cooper to have such a huge reaction. Nevertheless, his plan would not be affected. “Please calm down, Mr. Cooper. I was made aware of this by accident too and I’ve been sending people to look into it but have not heard any news yet,” Michael explained.

Staring blankly at him, Cooper was stunned for a moment before he turned around and grunted, “Mr. Michael, please come to my office and explain this matter in detail.”

Michael was thrilled deep down but he still turned around and said to Sophia, who was carrying their child in her arms. “I’ll be back soon. Take good care of Carmen.”

Frightened by the scene, Carmen was sobbing in Sophia’s arms. Worried, Sophia asked, “What’s going on? I have a sister?”

Michael replied in a hurry, “Yeah, I’ve mentioned this to you before and we’ve been searching for your twin this whole while.”

With that, he left with Cooper, leaving a startled Sophia behind.

She had a sibling?

Goodness, what an incredible surprise!

Meanwhile in Cooper’s office, Cooper was staring numbly at the two shadows on the ultrasound. The two fetuses which lay next to each other were both his and Anna’s children!

He still had another child!

“We found the nurse who was quite close with Ms. Anna back then. The nurse found a family with a good background to adopt the children and managed to send away the first child, but the second child didn’t make it.”

“Unfortunately, there has been no news about the couple since they left the country. I couldn’t trace them and the child’s whereabouts remained unknown.”

Cooper listened to Michael quietly as he explained in detail. After Michael finished speaking, Cooper asked, “Is the child a boy or a girl?”

Michael answered in all honesty, “It’s a boy.”

A boy… Upon hearing that, Cooper didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad.

He still had a son!

Cooper’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he forced his tears back and murmured, “I’d like to meet this nurse. Where is she now?”

Michael hesitated before answering, “She died in a car accident a year ago.”

The nurse passed away a year ago in an accident, so there was no witness left!

Instantly, a gloom fell upon Cooper as he stared blankly at the image.

Secretly observing Cooper’s expression, Michael had something brewing in his mind.

His plan was rather straightforward—Cooper would have to depend on him since he had on hand the information. It was a golden opportunity for him to develop a positive relationship with his father-in-law-to-be.

He would be making a great contribution if the son was found. By that time, Cooper would be pleased and thereafter agree to let him remarry Sophia.

However, it was a bold plan to be executed because Cooper would surely tear him into pieces if Michael accidentally exposed his true intentions.

Nevertheless, fortune favored the bold, so he had to make a bold move in order to pursue his lover too.

The higher the risk, the greater the reward!

Meanwhile, Cooper was completely flabbergasted at the news. He sent everyone out of the room and sat alone for a long while.

Upon knowing this news, it felt like he was brought back to the time when he first found out that he still had a daughter. He proceeded to send every one of his men out to search for the child and he had asked Michael for his child’s information so that he could go looking.

Back then, Michael had a hard time finding the child and it was by pure luck that he bumped into Linus. Who would have thought that Sophia’s biological twin brother was from a different race as her!

Cooper was so carried away in finding his son that he didn’t even realize Michael had been staying at his place for days.

Of course, Michael would gladly let Cooper search for his son as he knew Cooper’s effort would be in vain. The only lead was the nurse and even she had passed away in a car accident—Cooper would not be able to discover anything!

Cooper was completely focused on finding his second child. His feelings were indescribable when he found out the existence of his other child and was determined to find him no matter the cost.

On the other hand, Cooper and Sophia were busy preparing for the press conference too. The reporters had their days off over the weekends, so the press conference was set to take place on the following Monday. Meanwhile, Carmen too didn’t have to attend school and stayed at home to accompany her parents.

The main yard was a fun place to play at and Carmen was having a great time there.

Just then, Stanley and Sean brought Judge over to hang out.

In the previous kindergarten, Judge was bullied by Carmen. Though he was upset, Judge did not hold a grudge against the little girl. He stuck to Carmen as soon as he met her and accompanied her to watch Peppa Pig throughout the morning. Besides, Judge even groomed Sophia’s other orange cats by licking them. Truth was, he had been bored without the cats being around to play with him.

Sophia was having a barbecue in the yard and the savory aroma spread out and the sizzling sound could be heard. As for Carmen and Judge, the two were sitting next to each other watching Peppa Pig while waiting for the food to be served. The scene was extremely adorable as the lolita was surrounded by a few huge dogs.

Linus took out some ingredients from the house and prepared them carefully.

Although Harry was still outstation filming, Sarah came along with Hope as she was bored at home.

Staying at the Edwards Residence, Michael would go fishing by the pond whenever he was bored. The fish in the pond were all artificially bred and he could easily catch one in just a short while. He would let go of those which were beautiful and feed the cats with those which were unattractive.

Stroking Sophia’s alpaca, Stanley mumbled in a perplexed tone, “Uncle Michael, what’s going on between you two? What’s the point of getting a divorce then? You had better not get one in the first place since there’s so much hassle!”

Stanley simply couldn’t understand the couple—they were obviously deep in love with each other, yet they got divorced.

Even after getting a divorce, they were still interacting with each other on a daily basis as they didn’t want the others to know about their divorce. They even liked each other’s posts on Twitter. What’s the point?

Meanwhile, Michael caught another fish. Looking at how plump the fish was, he decided to not feed the cats with it. Putting the fish into a basket, he then said to Stanley, “Kids shouldn’t poke their noses in adults’ matters.”

Michael gutted the fish on his own and had even reluctantly killed the eel that he had kept for years, to be used in the barbecue.

Linus prepared the ingredients together with Michael, brushing the chicken with honey and marinating the fish.

As for Sarah and Sophia, they were secretly chatting at the side.

“So what’s going on between you guys?” Sarah asked. “Did you two really get a divorce or is it a fake one?”

Frowning, even Sophia did not know what state they were in.

Let’s take it one step at a time.

Sean, on the other hand, was silently observing Linus.

He somehow felt that the way Linus looked at Sophia was different.

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