My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 917

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 917

He was hesitating if he should spill the beans. Now that Michael had exposed the existence of Cooper’s other son, Linus’ true identity would soon be revealed too. They would soon acknowledge their true relationship and they might be left awkward if he took the lid off now. Hence, Sean did not mention this matter to Michael.

Meanwhile, Michael and Sophia were having a sweet time over the barbecue. Looking worried, Sophia mumbled, “I wonder if Dad has found my brother.” How amazing that she still had a brother!

From now on, she would have a brother and she wondered what his appearance would be like. If they were twins… would he have a similar appearance to her, just like how Celine resembled Michael? Thinking someone resembling her would soon appear, Sophia became excited.

“I wonder where my brother has been all these years. Has he been living a good life?” Sophia sighed.

Busy marinating the fish, Michael comforted her, “Everything’s going to be fine. We’re living in an era of advanced communications technology and I’m sure we’ll be able to reach your brother soon.”

Sighing, Sophia shifted her focus back to the barbecue. Just as she was grilling the food, someone called from the guardhouse. “There’s a group of people at the entrance stirring up trouble.”

“Who are they?” Sophia asked curiously.

The voice on the other end replied, “I’m not sure, but they’re cursing vulgarly outside the gate. It’d be better if you came and took a look.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia took off her apron and headed to the main entrance.

The bungalow was as huge as a park and the distance between its North and South Gate was similar to that of two train stations. It was as if Sophia had walked the distance from one train station to another and as she reached the main entrance, she could hear the uproar from outside the gate coming from a distance.

“Ask the b*tch Sophia to come out!”

“Shameless b*tch, show yourself!”

“The wh*re must be having an affair with another guy in this house. Show yourself!”

Hearing the noise, Sophia frowned and peeked through the gate. There was a mob gathering outside and leading them were a few malicious-looking old ladies who were cursing all sorts of vulgar words. Besides the paparazzi, those at the nearby bus station were all staring at the scene too.

The old ladies were slandering Sophia in an extremely spiteful manner, as if she had ruined their ancestors’ tomb. People nowadays loved to gossip, especially about stories that had to do with divorced young women. They would surge in immediately like sharks attracted to blood.

Sophia just got divorced and here there were people who wanted to slander her, thinking she was a pushover. In their loud voices, the old ladies cursed Sophia usings all sorts of swear words, as if she was a lonely whore who lived a promiscuous life. Even the security guards couldn’t do anything to them.

Obviously, these old ladies were hired to stir up trouble in groups and were paid by the hour. With an average age of seventy, they scammed people out of their money by pretending to be injured if they were knocked down in a fight that could possibly occur. Given the high commodity price in Bayside City, a few million could easily be their checkup fees at the hospital. Moreover, the mastermind had not shown up yet and since the motives remained unrevealed, the security guards had to first ask for Sophia’s instructions before they could take further action.

Sophia wasn’t sure what the trap was. The bunch of silver-haired old ladies were swearing at her while using crutches to support themselves. She had never even seen them before and there couldn’t be any grudges between them, yet they were cursing her in such a malicious way. She knew there must be something fishy going on.

Just as Sophia was standing by the entrance observing the scene through CCTV, Sandra called and announced arrogantly down the line, “Sophia Edwards, I’ll let you off if you kneel before me right now. Otherwise, I’ll ensure your reputation is ruined in Bayside City.” With that, she hung up immediately.

Dumbfounded, Sophia stared at the phone while Michael rushed over to her, his hands stained with chilli. “What’s going on?”

Even before Sophia replied, he could roughly tell what was going on just by seeing through the gates and the footage on the CCTV. How despicable it was to hire some old ladies to slander others and make groundless accusations outside the residence! How could they bully a divorced woman just like that? Sandra, the mastermind, must be hiding somewhere nearby to watch the show!

Expression turning dark, Michael’s ruthless personality surfaced. This woman needs to be shattered into pieces!

Gathering around, the others trembled in anger too after learning what had happened. What a despicable attempt, trying to slander a divorced woman in front of her house! Was it enjoyable to bully a divorcee? Nevertheless, once they went out and accidentally injured the old women amidst the chaos, things would get complicated.

Brushing off the chilli on his hand, Michael was ready to go confront them. “Sean and I will go and drive them away. These old women are best at bullying ladies and they’ll be scared once men enter the equation.”

Everyone thought what Michael said was reasonable, except Sophia and Linus. They thought they should report it to the police since they were the ones being insulted. Linus still did not quite understand certain feudal cultures in Cethos while Sophia had been learning everything from scratch since she lost her memory, and did not have a firm grasp on such matters yet.

It was only after Sarah’s explanation then Sophia understood what was actually going on. In Cethos, gossip could be a scary thing. Slandering a divorced woman like what the old ladies were doing now could cause great damage to the victim.

Widows were usually the weak and marginalized community. Not only would they be stressed out financially, they would also be harmed by all kinds of rumors as the gossipers could be very hostile toward them. Depending on the situation, they could either be continuously cursed or to be extorted for money. If it was the latter, the mob would definitely stir up more trouble following that. Making a police report would not be a solution either, since even the police might be extorted if they come. That was how ridiculous these old women were!

Just as Michael was about to step forward, Sophia stopped him. “Roger, Markee, Thomson, bring a few men and throw these people out on the streets!”

Following her command, a few two-meter, sturdy bodyguards who were hired by the Michels showed up. They were a mix of black and white and they headed out in a threatening manner to disperse the mob.

There were two teams of security guards in the residence; one was brought over by Cooper from the Michels while the other one was dispatched from the Edwards, because Cooper thought foreign bodyguards might not be the most suitable choice. While the security guards from the Edwards were aware of the tricks and did not dare make a reckless move, the foreign guards were fearless.

Meanwhile, Sophia stood by the gates as she silently observed the scene. The few old ladies had attracted many spectators and a large crowd was forming at the entrance. Now that the bodyguards went out to disperse them, the old ladies displayed their professional acting skills and looked aggressive as if they were ready to fight against the guards. Nevertheless, they fell down on the ground even before the guards laid their hands on them.

Moments later, all the old ladies had collapsed on the ground and they put on miserable looks. Unaware of their tricks, the bodyguards threw the trouble seekers out onto the streets now that they were defeated.

Before this, there were already groups of paparazzi outside the residence stalking the family. Now that such a big scene had been caused, they had gotten enough materials for a breaking news tomorrow. Taylor Murray’s ex-wife condoned guards to beat up old women!

The paparazzi snapped photographs of every detail they could. In their opinion, the news of Taylor’s ex-wife letting her guards beat up people was far more attractive than news of her being insulted. Once the footage was released the next day, it would surely become trending news.

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