My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 925

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 925

That tortoise was brought back by Cooper during a camping trip with the other Fletchers when he was young, and he had since secretly kept it in the Fletcher Residence. Later on when he left, he didn’t bring that tortoise with him and left it and his cat with Mark, of which Mark took care of them for years on his behalf. The cat then bore a litter of kittens, whereas that tortoise was still that tortoise. After that, Sophia inherited that tortoise and took care of it for a few years. When she was captured by Phantom Wolf, Michael took over the responsibility and pampered it for another few years.

Now that Cooper had returned, he had taken back the tortoise.

It was a tortoise that had experienced all vicissitudes of life and was even older than Sophia!

Since the tortoise lived in the house, it never hibernated but now that it was out in the snow, it must have decided to hibernate and there was no trace of it. To make things more difficult, the water in the pond wasn’t stagnant and it was so cold that it could cut through the bone. In addition, it had almost frozen to ice.

This was bad. Once Cooper found that his precious darling was gone when he came home, he would surely make Judge into a stew.

Judge had lost his mind and tried to commit suicide by jumping into the pond, creating huge splashes of water. Everyone worked together to scoop him out of the water but as soon as he was out, he dashed into Sophia’s room like a bullet.

He even jumped up onto the bed, rolled under the blanket and shook out his fur in the room!

Words couldn’t describe how frustrated Sophia was.

After half a day of work, they managed to finally scoop out the tortoise and bathe the dog. They even cleaned the room and bed, as well as reignited the incense. After giving Judge a bath, he was locked in his dog house, whining and crying because Sophia couldn’t hold it in and smacked his butt. Judge was so upset that no one could cheer him up, not even his beloved kitten.

Worn out both physically and mentally, Sophia called Michael.

“Michael, where are you now?”

She thought that he must have reached the set by now but to her surprise, Michael muttered, “I was stuck in a massive traffic jam on the way to the airport once I left the city. When I finally reached the airport, I found out that flights are restricted today due to the snow, so our plane is not allowed to take off. Therefore, I’m now stuck in the traffic again, on my way back to the city. There are a few accidents along the way so the road is congested.”

Sophia gasped in astonishment and asked, “What will you do? Won’t it delay the shooting?”

Michael sighed. “The route that the plane applied for is banned so it’s impossible to take off today. Even the flights in the airport are restricted so most of them can’t depart. I’ve applied for leave from the film crew and they understand the situation. Besides, Celie is doing great lately, so everything’s fine.”

“If that’s the case, you should come back,” Sophia advised. “Judge made a ruckus at home because you forgot about him.”

Michael paused for a while before he murmured, “If I come back, will you allow me to have some fun? I promise I won’t take things too far!”

Instantly, Sophia’s face flushed bright red.

Damn it! He was flirting with her over a call.

Talking with Michael on the phone was like listening to the handsome male lead in a drama, his voice so magnetic it was rousing her desire.

“I hate you!”

Sophia hung up the phone immediately.

On the other end of the line, Michael ended the call with his face glowing radiantly. Looking at his phone’s wallpaper, he couldn’t help but smile.

Meanwhile, Daniel, who was sitting opposite him, was speechless.

In reality, Michael didn’t go to the airport. Instead, he went to Reverie Mountain.

The mountain was covered in a vast expanse of white snow and opposite him sat Daniel, whom Michael hadn’t met for a long time.

One third of a year, Daniel would be in Bayside City while another one third of a year, he would be travelling around the world. As for the remaining four months, he would stay on Reverie Mountain. When he heard that Cooper came back last year, he packed all his things and fled overnight.

Recently, there was a rumor that Cooper liked to chop up humans into minced meat to make eggplant with minced meat. That further forced Daniel to hide in fear. Lately, he felt that the incident was blown over so he finally had the guts to secretly appear. Even so, he only dared to hide himself in Reverie Mountain.

His master passed away last year, so he had come back to take over Reverie Mountain’s business and recently, the business was reopened secretly.

Yet, he didn’t dare to open it publicly and had his heart in his mouth the whole time, afraid that Cooper would rush up the mountain and chop him up into a thousand strips of meat.

Today, Michael purposely traveled up the mountain to meet him and explained his objective.

“My friend, it’s not that I don’t want to help you but this is not an easy task!”

It turned out that Michael, that jerk, asked him to go down the mountain and fool Cooper into marrying her daughter to him!

He was already hated by Cooper for his whole life by selling his daughter for 80 thousand. Therefore, showing up in front of him would be equivalent to digging his own grave!

Taking a sip of the fragrant tea, Michael said, “I noticed that Cooper placed a statue of God of Wealth at home recently and he even burns incense every day. I think that he still believes in god and spirits. You’re great at this and you have the highest prestige in this matter. Besides, there’s history between the Levine Family and Cooper so if you take this matter into your hands, you’ll get twice the result for half the effort.”

Back when Cooper was born, he actually had a twin but that baby died prematurely. Afraid that the other baby wouldn’t survive, Woody went up the mountain overnight to find Daniel’s grandfather and requested for a safety amulet. He followed Old Master Levine’s instructions and found Cooper a godfather that could protect his life, which turned out to be Mark.

The ancestors of the Levine Family were distinguished people. During the former feudal era, they were the teachers of the states and imperial astronomers. Even after the former dynasty ended, they were still extraordinary people; even the founding ceremony date was set by Old Master Levine.

The Levine Family also peacefully weathered through the few superstition abolishing activities in Cethos.

If Daniel took charge of the matter, it was impossible for him to become a dish of eggplant and minced meat. After all, Cooper wore the amulet from the Levine Family in the past and he attached great importance to these superstitious matters now. Therefore, he wouldn’t harm Daniel.

However, Daniel rejected his request without even giving it a thought. “No way. I’m scared!”

Hence, Michael had to resort to both coercion and bribery. “I’ll renovate your temple. Plus, I’ll shoot my next movie here and advertise this place for free. I’ll also build another two cable cars up the mountain for you.”

Unfortunately, money wasn’t tempting to Daniel because he had countless sponsors for his temple. In fact, all the wealthy tycoons in Bayside City would kneel and beg him to accept their money.

In the end, Michael took out his phone and opened Judge’s Twitter. Then, he showed Daniel the video where Judge was ripping apart the house that was posted by Sophia.

Good gracious! That dog bit everything that was in its way and even chewed through the steel cage. He was so strong when he went berserk that even a few muscular men couldn’t control him. Everything in Sophia’s house was broken and torn to pieces. As expected from a husky, it was like a demolishing machine.

While Sophia was recording it, Judge destroyed another steel cage.

Michael threatened, “If you don’t agree, this dog will appear in your temple tomorrow.”

Daniel was speechless as he looked at his wooden temple, which would definitely not withstand Judge’s destruction, and agreed reluctantly.

After receiving Daniel’s answer, Michael left the mountain and headed toward the city center.

From the very beginning, he had come up with a bunch of excuses to go back and spend the night. Apparently, luck was on his side so he had a solid reason to go and spend the night, because he needed to get the dog.

After going down the mountain, he went back to Riverdale and spent some time at the company. As soon as he was done checking his endorsement progress, he went to fetch Carmen from the kindergarten and by the time he got home, it was just in time for dinner.

When he reached home, Judge howled and rushed up to him. As soon as Judge pounced on him, he whined as if he suffered from great indignation. Seeing that Michael was here again, Cooper knitted his eyebrows and asked, “Mr. Fletcher, why are you here again?”

Hugging Judge, Michael smiled politely and replied, “Sophia asked me to get the dog. Besides, my flight is restricted today so I can’t take off, hence my presence.”

Cooper threw an icy look at that stupid whining dog. He knew that Michael did that on purpose just to have an excuse to come back again!

Michael could leave his dog behind today and tomorrow, he would forget his ID card, wallet or even himself! Regardless of anything, he wouldn’t leave.

When it was dinner, Michael rolled his eyes and asked calmly, “Mr. Mitchell, how is the progress of finding your son?”

Before Cooper could answer, Carmen, who was in Linus’ arms, corrected him sternly, “Why are you calling him Mr. Mitchell? You should call him Daddy!”

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