My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 931

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 931

“Debt? What debt?” Cooper asked immediately.

With an unfathomable expression, Daniel frowned as he silently studied Cooper’s palm. “Mr. Mitchell, I have made it very clear. Someone has paid your debt, but she has not paid her own debt yet! I’m afraid you and her will both have to repay this debt.”

Looking at Daniel, Cooper was in complete shock for a long time.

He stared at him in a daze and couldn’t even speak.

His debt was repaid for him by his daughter and Annabel, but who was going to repay their debts?

After a few minutes, Cooper shot up. “Bullsh*t!”

He pulled his hand away, causing Sophia to jump up.

“Dad, what’s wrong? Dad—”

At that point, Cooper had already stormed out. Sophia hurriedly followed while bidding farewell to Daniel. “We’ll be going now; I’ll see you soon.”

Watching them depart, Daniel breathed a sigh of relief.

He was so close to being chopped up and made into eggplants with minced meat!

On the cable car going down the mountain, Sophia was holding her two dogs.

Since Michael was not home and Nathan had to go to school, Sophia had picked up Snowball, who went up the mountain with her and Bubbles. Bubbles was afraid of the cold, so it was dressed in a thick coat, it’s large body curled up and shivering in Cooper’s arms. Meanwhile, Snowball was not afraid of the cold at all and excitedly ran around ‘naked’ with its tongue out.

Snowball’s smile was so contagious that Sophia felt happy whenever she looked at its smiling face. In fact, she was smiling the whole way.

Stroking the dog’s head, Cooper couldn’t help but touch his daughter’s soft hair as well.

However, because Sophia’s hair follicles were dead, her hair was implanted at the cosmetic hospital. Cooper touched her hair, his heart aching unbearably.

All his sins were passed on to his daughter. He thought he had conquered the world, but ultimately he found himself unable to protect his very own daughter.

Looking at Cooper, Sophia couldn’t quite understand why he was unhappy. She smiled and comforted him, “Dad, everything’s going to be alright. We’ll find him.”

Upon hearing her words, Cooper forced a smile.

Sophia paid off his debts, but who was going to pay hers?

He understood very well what Daniel said.

Sophia had returned Quinton’s kindness, but what about Michael’s kindness to her?

In other words, it was just a way to get him to marry off his daughter to that son of a b*tch Michael!

Since he caught Michael crawling through the dog door, his hatred toward him deepened even more.

His son-in-law should be a person like himself—an excellent and fearless man. Someone who crawled through a dog door was clearly a low-life.

Cooper would repay her debt! However, Michael could forget about taking his daughter!

Since Michael had left town to film and would be away for a few months, Cooper took the opportunity to plan a matchmaking event for Sophia. He planned to gather Bayside City’s single and talented young men for her to choose from.

Although he did not really want Sophia to date anyone, he wanted to let her meet other men and set reasonable expectations for the man she would end up with.

After meeting them, she would learn what type of men would be the best match for her.

And so, Cooper began to secretly prepare the guest list of the matchmaking event. He was directly in charge of the list and was extremely strict with the selection process.

First, he eliminated the one who crawled through the dog door.

Then, he eliminated those who did not have a PhD.

Next, he eliminated those who were above the age of thirty-five.

Those who were divorced, had a criminal record, were ugly, and had a chaotic private life were all eliminated.

On top of that, he also made a list for those who earned extra points according to Sophia’s personal preferences and he would be lenient to those who met those requirements, such as those who had pets, liked playing games, and preferred daughters.

He wanted to take advantage of Michael’s absence and get him out of Sophia’s life forever.

However, he later realized that even if Michael was gone, Sophia would still be under his influence.

As the days got colder, Sophia finished work and went down to the store next door to look at hand creams and moisturizers.

“This hand cream is a century-old local brand and the first ever hand cream that was endorsed by Taylor Murray. It was all snatched up the moment this hand cream was made available. And now, it’s all sold out in the whole of Bayside City, but we saved this one specifically for you.

Taking the bottle from the shop assistant, she saw a picture of Michael holding the hand cream on the package.

“Huh? When did my Tay Tay take on a hand cream endorsement?”

Sophia was completely unaware about this. She sat there for a while when several people came into the shop looking to buy the hand cream.

The shop was an exclusive store that only sold that one specific brand of high-end cosmetics. The hand cream was worth thousands and a makeup set was worth tens of thousands. In fact, Sophia had always been using this brand. Meanwhile, Michael had endorsed the entire series of cosmetics. And so, she went home with the last set of cosmetics. When she reached home, she opened it up, only to find that everything had Michael’s face on its packaging. It even came with a limited edition poster of him.

After that, she put up the poster in her bedroom so that she would see him every morning when she woke up.

As a matter of fact, Michael even instructed Hale to send over a truck full of cosmetics for Sophia. When Cooper found out, he ruthlessly kicked Hale out and threw all the cosmetics into the garage—no one was allowed to use it.

Despite that, Sophia thought it would be a waste, so she secretly sneaked it out of the garage and had a giveaway event. She also gave some to her friends, while the rest were sent to her employees as part of the employee benefit.

On top of that, the supermarkets were having a sale on the twelfth of December, so Sophia and the housekeeper went to shop for sanitary pads and pet food.

The promoter highly recommended a brand of sanitary pads, as it was hygienic and prevented leakage. Also, it was endorsed by Taylor Murray.

Then, they also recommended an imported baked pet food endorsed by Taylor Murray.

Because it was endorsed by Michael, that brand of sanitary pads were not available online and they were only available in stores. Everything was on sale except the sanitary pads, which were in high demand. Sophia battled against a group of women and finally managed to grab two packs of the pads, going home happily with them.

Recently, she had been stocking up on a lot of stuff such as jewellery, accessories, and clothes that were endorsed by Michael. She also stocked up on Michael-endorsed sanitary pads, cosmetics, and face masks. On top of that, he also endorsed a feminine wash product, which Sophia had piled up at home and could last her a lifetime. Even in the food and beverage section, there were drinks, snacks, and Eight-Treasure Congee that were endorsed by Michael.

Meanwhile, Cooper had secretly been getting rid of those cosmetics, face masks, Eight-Treasure Congee, and sanitary pads. But then, Sophia would immediately bring back phones, laptops, as well as underwear, toothpaste, toothbrush, and stainless steel wash basins that were endorsed by Michael.

When Cooper saw Michael’s face on the new wash basin Sophia bought, he was instantly repulsed.

Without hesitation, he threw away the basin in anger. Let’s see what else Michael can endorse…

Cooper thought there was nothing else Michael could endorse but in reality, there was nothing that he couldn’t endorse.

Every time Cooper stepped out, he would see Michael’s endorsements everywhere. Michael was literally everywhere—from the big screen in the plaza to the television on the streets, even on the toilet lid in the public bathroom. On top of that, his endorsements and photos were all over the places Sophia often went. Even the bus stops and subway stations near the Edwards Residence were covered in advertisements of his endorsements. Michael would also occupy half of the advertisements that were broadcasted on television.

To pursue his future wife, Michael gave up his dignity. He even crawled through a dog door, so what else wouldn’t he do for her?

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