My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 933

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 933

It was the last boat to the city and the captain, who had gold teeth, grinned at him. “Hey kid, are you coming?”

Miles mumbled sullenly, “Y-Yes.”

As he wiped his tears, he willed his stiff legs to move forward as he boarded the boat. With that, the boat slowly sailed away.

However, what he didn’t know was that May had been standing behind the little commissary at the dock. In fact, she had been waiting there the entire day. She watched Miles get on the boat and silently cried as she walked along the dock, following the boat that Miles was on…

Watching the TV, Sophia sobbed and constantly pulled out napkins that were endorsed by Michael, wiping her tears and snot.

“That is so sad! Why didn’t May go with Miles? Why? How can they act so well?”

Sophia huffed and puffed. After watching three episodes, almost all of the napkins were used up by her.

Hurriedly, Cooper handed her another box of napkins. “There, there. It’s all fiction; nothing is real.”

As Sophia cried, Carmen cried too. She was wailing miserably when Cooper wiped away her tears as he grimaced. “Why are you crying? You don’t even understand the series.”

Pouting, Carmen sobbed pitifully, “I’m learning from Daddy on how to act in a crying scene!”

Upon hearing this, Cooper was speechless.

Undeniably, Michael’s acting skills were superb. He had embodied the desperation and hopelessness that Miles was feeling as he waited for his lover that never came. He did not need to cry hysterically nor did he need artificial tears; his longing gaze was enough to touch the hearts of the viewers.

He could have been extremely noble, but he was getting more and more creepy instead! Shame on him! Cooper thought.

Although Cooper strongly disliked him, Michael made sure that he would always be with Sophia in a cheeky way. Even if he was away from Bayside City, Sophia was still surrounded by his presence.

Initially, Cooper thought Michael’s reputation would drop after his role as Miles. He had even hoped that Sophia would be reminded of Miles every time she thought of Michael and she would stop liking him. However, he did not expect she would still talk on the phone with him every single day.

Not only that, she would either be on voice call or video call with him for an hour or two.

During their calls, they would talk about Carmen, the dogs, the plot from ‘I Am The Village Chief’, and they would be analysing Miles’ tragic past. Their topics of conversation were endless.

Eventually, the news of Michael’s appearance on the local TV drama blew up and the ratings for the series soared. The series went from the local station’s entertainment channel to satellite TV. Not only that, it was also introduced on several other TV stations, causing a sensation.

Michael’s fans were all stunned. He really was the best actor, perfectly embodying every role he took on.

On top of that, there was even a reporter who went up to the snow mountain to interview Michael, asking him the questions the fans had been dying to know.

“Mr. Taylor Murray, in ‘I Am The Village Chief’, how much did the producers pay you for your appearance in those three episodes?”

At that moment, Michael had just finished filming an action scene and still had makeup on. He had transformed from Miles to Mark Fletcher and was clad in a military coat for the interview. “I did it for a friend for free.”

The reporter was even more curious. “So what made you try out such a role? Were you aware of the role you were casted for?”

At that moment, Michael faintly smiled at the camera. His smile was as simple as Miles’, as if he had immediately turned into Miles who loved May deeply. “Because my wife likes this kind of drama!”

Upon hearing that, the reporter was speechless.

When this was broadcasted, Michael’s public display of affection was spread all across the country.

This couple had just returned from years of absence from the public eye. Even if the times had changed, their love still remained. While they took advantage of every moment to display their affection to each other, they were constantly rubbing it in the faces of all the singles out there!

When Cooper saw the interview, he was at a loss of words. He took the TV remote and angrily switched from the entertainment channel to the movie channel, which was playing Michael’s film ‘War Dragon’. Seeing Michael’s face on the screen, Sophia happily chirped, “This is a good movie; let’s watch this!”

However, Cooper pressed the remote forcefully again and changed it to the opera channel, where a female actor was singing.

Finally, something that was unrelated to Michael!

Holding tightly onto the remote, Cooper said sternly, “I want to watch this!”

Displeased, Sophia pouted and munched on a mouthful of snacks as she was forced to watch the play.

At that moment, the opera channel was playing the classic traditional opera excerpt ‘The Drunken Concubine’. The female singer sang beautifully with a graceful posture and a melodious voice. Her performance was incredible.

Coincidentally, this opera was Cooper’s favourite.

Back then, he used to watch this with Woody. In fact, he would constantly reminisce about it during his years abroad.

As Cooper was enjoying the music, he casually clapped along to the beat. Meanwhile, Sophia and Carmen were staring intently with their eyes wide open at the screen.

With his eyes closed, Cooper was immersed in the song.

Only the experts could tell real talent from the fake.

Although Cooper could not sing, he was a connoisseur. The singer was clearly familiar with opera so she must have been in the field for a long time.

“This actor is really good!” he praised as he listened. Then, he turned to Linus, who was also listening with fascination. “Linus, do you know who this actor is?”

Linus enjoyed traditional opera, so he knew which actor from Bayside City was good.

In fact, he knew who the actor was, but he did not dare to say it. “The makeup is too thick so I can’t recognize her.”

Meanwhile, Sophia munched on her snacks. “The credits will be shown after the performance.”

Carefully, Cooper watched the credits roll when the play ended. He wanted to get acquainted with this actor so that he could invite her over to perform for his birthday or something in the future. Finally, he saw the credits.

Taylor Murray as Concubine Yang.

Upon seeing this, Cooper almost had a heart attack.

Before Cooper exploded, Sophia snatched the remote control from him and switched it back to the movie channel, and continued watching Michael’s film.

The fact was that she had seen this movie about twenty to thirty times, but it always left her amazed.

On the other hand, Carmen went to Cooper and said shyly, “Grandpa, can I sing ‘The Drunken Concubine’ for you? I promise I can sing better than Daddy.”

With an icy expression, Cooper remained silent. He was afraid he would explode if he spoke.

Are we done with him yet?

He really wanted Michael’s face to disappear from his and Sophia’s lives forever!

However, was it possible?

Could he stop Sophia from using the sanitary pads that were endorsed by Michael? Or the stainless steel wash basin? Could he stop her from eating the snacks that he endorsed?

The simple answer was no, he couldn’t. He couldn’t stop her at all!

As soon as he got rid of the stainless steel basin, she would immediately bring home a brand new ceramic basin that Michael endorsed and it even came with a face wash with his face on it!

In fact, Sophia knew Cooper hated Michael. Since he caught Michael crawling through the dog door, Cooper hated him even more.

She wanted to think of a way to make them warm up to each other…

Meanwhile at the Mitchell Residence, Sandra Mitchell was watching the news and saw that Michael had starred in a local TV drama and also displayed his affection publicly during the interview. Being a gossipmonger, she invoked more mockery and trolling.

After watching the news, Sandra panicked a little.

It seemed like she had received the wrong information—they never actually divorced!

The defamation lawsuit was still ongoing and she had to win this case. Otherwise, her image would be ruined! Sophia and her ghostwriters would not rest until she was completely destroyed!

And so, Sandra called Abby again. In order to be in Abby’s circle, she had been paying her tens of millions. As long as Abby was willing to take a shot, everything would be fine.

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