My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 935

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 935

As soon as they came in, they chased the customers out and drove off the staff into the office at the back.

As a result, the lobby became Sandra’s territory.

Raising her chin, she was arrogant beyond comparison as she commanded, “Come here, Scarlet. I want to introduce you to a guest of honor.”

Sandra was so respectful of that foreign woman that she did not even dare to look straight at her.

“This is Princess Lucile of the Michel Family.”

At a loss for words, Sophia thought she had heard wrongly. “What the hell?”

As soon as she said that, Sandra immediately shot up and her appearance became commanding, much like a Tibetan Mastiff. “How dare you? You better watch your mouth, Sophia Edwards! How dare you disrespect Miss Lucile?”

At that moment, Sophia was startled by Sandra’s sudden shout. She flinched and looked at ‘Lucile’ incredulously with wide eyes.

The woman looked to be in her twenties and about the same age as her. She had a pair of blue eyes that looked as elegant and bright as gemstones, shiny blonde hair and defined facial features. She was indeed graceful as she sat there silently. Even just slightly looking up, she was giving out a powerful aura.

The moments her eyes were focused on someone, they would immediately feel the pressure of someone superior. It made breathing difficult and they would instantly be respectful.

This is… Princess Lucile… of the Michel Family?

After a long moment of eyeing her up and down, Sophia suddenly smiled.

Sandra really had the guts to have someone impersonate Lucile.

No—it wasn’t necessarily her.

Sophia’s sharp eyes looked at the boastful Sandra and then at Abbie before she seemed to understand something.

A burst of laughter was creeping up but Sophia held it back and said in a serious and respectful manner, “You must have come a long way; please make yourself at home.”

In fact, Sophia rarely visited the store. The day she came was when Sandra coincidentally dropped by too, so this must have been planned in advance. She was interested to see what they had planned.

Were they going to provoke her alpaca to spit on them again and then get rid of her using the Michel Family’s name?

This time, Sophia was not going to sit back; she wanted to know what these little crooks were up to.

It seemed like they were taking advantage of her concealed identity. When she was in Africa, she often tagged along with Cooper to see the Michel Family’s properties but because her face was ruined at that time, she was either covered with gauze or she was wearing a mask. To this day, there weren’t many people who knew what she looked like.

When the trio entered the shop, they just sat there and chatted with a dozen bodyguards standing behind them. Looking at the bodyguards’ clothes, Sophia saw that half of them carried the Mitchell’s Family crest, while others carried the Michel’s Family crest.

Taking a look at ‘Lucile Michel’ sitting in the middle, Sophia wondered if she was really someone from the Michel Family.

In fact, with her aura, she looked more like Lucile than the real Lucile.

Since the store was focused on pets, it was inevitable that there would be a few pets roaming around. Just then, an Alaskan Malamute wandered before Sophia before she casually instructed someone to lead the dog away. She gazed at Sandra and the others and spoke respectfully. “Is there anything specific you’re looking for? We offer a series of luxury goods for pets.”

However, the trio ignored her and spoke among themselves. They casually chatted in French, thinking Sophia would not understand and made up stories about her right in front of her.

“This b*tch is the daughter of an outsider. They’re shamelessly committing fraud using the Mitchell Family’s name and they are extremely disrespectful to the Michel Family too,” Sandra commented. “It’s outrageous; don’t be fooled by her appearance. She looks respectful but she will curse you as soon as you turn around!”

At that moment, Sophia looked nonchalant, as if she hadn’t heard them bad-mouthing her.

While Lucile did not speak, she looked at Sophia with an unfriendly gaze.

Glancing at the guards, Sophia saw that they were all carrying bags. This was a high-end consumer area and there were many luxury flagship stores located nearby. It seemed like they had just gone shopping before dropping by her store.

They bought a lot of things—jewellery, accessories, and clothes. They were all famous brands too… Sophia guessed that Sandra had paid for everything.

It looked like she must have spent a fortune just to trick ‘Lucile’ into coming here to show off.

Surely they did not plan to just sit around in her store?

Finally, she heard Abbie gloating, “We should teach her a lesson!”

Upon hearing this, Sandra snickered discreetly.

She had spent millions to bring Lucile around today just so she could come to Sophia’s store and show off her strong connections.

Of course, it would be best if Lucile could teach her a lesson!

Just then, Abbie suddenly changed her tone and spoke in Cethosian. “This store of yours is filthy. Look—Miss Lucile’s shoes are all stained.”

Glancing at Lucile Michel’s pointed diamond high heels, Sophia saw that her shoes were indeed stained. “Cheryl, come and clean our guest’s shoes.”

Cheryl was an employee in the store who was responsible for assisting their guests in cleaning their shoes, carrying their bags, holding their umbrellas and the like. When she heard the call, she immediately came over with a warm smile. “Leave it to me.”

However, Abbie hissed, “Miss Lucile is a highly respectable person. Her shoes are not to be touched by just anyone!”

Wearing a pair of coloured contacts, her faux blue eyes glanced at Sophia repeatedly.

Obviously, she was implying that Sophia should be cleaning Lucile’s shoes!

Smiling, Sophia nodded. “You’re right; not just anyone should be touching Miss Lucile’s shoes.”

Then, she patted the Alaskan Malamute’s head. “Go on! Lick it clean for her.”

Understanding the command, the Malamute leapt forward and licked Lucile’s shoes before coming back to Sophia’s side for its reward.

Looking at her shoes that were covered in dog saliva, Lucile’s eyes went wide before she could react. Then, she let out a piercing scream. “Ah!”

As soon as she screamed, Abbie and Sandra instantly stood while the bodyguards tensed up.

Sandra was furious as she roared, “How dare you disrespect Miss Lucile? Guards, destroy this shop!”

Here we go again!

Calmly, Sophia pressed the emergency alarm button and three patrolling officers from next door came in. They came to investigate just as Sandra’s men were smashing up the store. The lot of them did not even acknowledge the officers and hit anyone that was in their way.

Things were getting out of hand.

The officers made a call and dozens of police officers from the special forces were called in. When they arrived, the entire neighbourhood was barricaded and the girls from the Mitchell and Michel Family were all arrested and detained in the Public Security Bureau.

As the victim in this incident, Sophia followed the police officers to the station to give a statement.

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