My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 937

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 937

Now that he knew that Ian was being cheated on, as the 9th Old Master Edwards, he could not just sit back and let it happen! It was a lot of money! Besides, the money was not as important as the reputation of the Edward Family! Compared to being cheated of money and a ruined reputation, it was worse to be cheated of sex!

Although Ian and Sandra had broken off the engagement, he was still an unmarried young man. He was a popular, handsome and wealthy man, not to mention an eligible bachelor in Bayside City. If he really was cheated by that fake Lucile, then he would lose his value! Plus, this was about the reputation of the Edward Family!

Clearly, Sam was very hesitant. After a whole day of having tea and chatting with Sophia only did he relent. “I’ll think about it when I get home. Don’t worry; I won’t say anything for now.”

With that, Sam left. Sophia kept thinking about it and was afraid that he would accidentally reveal their secret, so she would often go to his shop and have lunch with him, brainstorming and coming up with ideas. Coincidentally, his company had opened a new shop next door and Sam was there almost every day. And so, Sophia would eat with him daily and chat with him while she was there.

When Cooper finally found out, he personally went to the shop and ruthlessly threatened Sam. He knew that this was just a trick to coax Sophia to go to Sam, or that Sam was taking the opportunity to come to Sophia. This way, there would be many opportunities to talk to Sophia! They were overused tactics by Michael, so Cooper could see through it at a glance!

Meanwhile, Sam did not expect Cooper to see through him, so he hastily obliged Sophia. Anyway, the Edwards Family were divided into factions and Ian was in Jordan’s branch. His embarrassment would bring happiness to Sam. So, he watched as Ian was cheated of his money and sex.

Meanwhile, Cooper took the opportunity to take away his dog. In fact, Sam was always away from Bayside City and was all over the world, so Corrado would be bored at home alone. It was more fun at Sophia’s—there were cats, dogs, and a lolita there. Hence, it followed Cooper back without resisting.

During this period of time, Sophia watched Sandra’s movements closely and hired more spies along the way. She specifically chose those who were not good looking, in case Abbie wanted to sleep with them again. The spies then brought back a stream of news which was simply entertaining!

Vincent and Ian were pursuing Lucile feverously, while Lucile was also very tactful. She had the two of them wrapped around her little finger as they willingly fought for her favor.

December came and Maddie dropped by all of a sudden.

Recently, Sophia would always tip Maddie off with exclusive news. As such, their company was earning a lot. “Every year, our company has to work with dozens of other influential media agencies in the country to organize the ‘Light of Cethos’ star selection event. This is the largest competition in our country and it’s very influential.”

Sophia looked at the promotional materials uncertainly, not knowing what Maddie was up to. Then, Maddie added quickly, “Taylor was disqualified due to his lack of work in these three or four years. Back then, he and Ethan would always be in the top one and two spots but even if they won, they would never attend the award ceremony. So, I was hoping you could convince Taylor to attend the ceremony this time.”

Skimming through the data, the award was the most influential artist competition in Cethos and even in the Cethosian language world, involving many aspects of film, television and music. A few years ago, the best actor and best male actor awards were always swapped between Michael and Harry. However, ever since Sophia’s accident, Michael had withdrawn from the entertainment industry, along with Harry. And so, the award was passed on to others. It was good enough that they were in the top ten spots every year. With no recent works, they were not as popular anymore.

This year, they both returned to the industry together and their appeal had risen again. This time, they would surely take first place! What Maddie meant was to let the two of them take part in the competition and convince Michael and Harry to attend the award ceremony to increase the two over-the-hill actors’ popularity.

“It’s all been settled at Sarah’s end. Now, it’s just you!” Maddie’s eyes lit up as she spoke. She knew that talking to the idols themselves would be of no use and it would be more useful to speak to their wives. In fact, she grew up watching their movies so she was a super huge fan!

However, Sophia did not immediately agree. Instead, she called Michael to ask for his opinion. Their current relationship was a mess. To call them divorced would be untrue, since they occasionally slept in the same bed and would chat intimately on the phone every day. Yet, they were clearly divorced and the divorce certificate was still relatively fresh…

Before she slept, Sophia video called Michael. He was staying at a small town at the foot of the snowy mountain, which was an hour’s drive from the film set. The hotel condition he stayed at was not bad but was not as good as those in Bayside City. Also, it must be freezing at night too.

As soon as the video call connected, Michael excitedly said, “Where’s my daughter? Where’s my little Carmen? Carmen Fletcher, let Daddy see you!”

As soon as Carmen heard Michael’s voice, she darted into view. “Hi, Daddy!” Carmen leaped onto the bed and snuggled into Sophia’s arms as she looked at Michael through the screen.

Upon seeing his baby, Michael beamed with joy. Back then when Celine and Justin had an accident, Nathan’s presence saved him but when Sophia’s accident happened, it was Carmen who gave him the courage to live.

Excitedly, Carmen told Michael about every little thing that happened at home.

“Corrady is here again! Grandpa even gave it a big kennel!”

“A boy from class wrote me a love letter! I got a rose from my teacher last week too!”

“Stan came to visit again!”

After reporting everything, Carmen went to get her beauty sleep. Then, Sophia took her phone to the study and continued talking to Michael.

After seeing his beloved daughter, Sophia wanted to see her three fur babies too. Hence, Michael flipped the camera and angled it at the dog kennel. In the kennel were three dogs that were all sleeping like logs. If they weren’t snoring, Sophia would have thought they were dead. That’s odd. In the past, they would never sleep before eleven. It was only nine right now, yet they were sleeping so soundly.

Just then, Michael explained, “Filming is tiring; everyone’s exhausted, the dogs too. As soon as they come home, they would not even be able to open their eyes. Sometimes, they would even fall asleep while eating.”

Sophia was having a hard time believing this and she kept thinking that something was off. However, she just could not pinpoint it. Then, she told him what Maddie had said. Michael was a regular winner on the show, yet he never attended the award ceremony. This was making things difficult for the organizing committee. If she could convince him to attend the ceremony, then the influence of ‘Light of Cethos’ would definitely shoot up.

Shamelessly, Michael said, “You were the one who always canvassed for me in the past. You’re the reason I’ve always had the highest vote. When you were gone, I was disqualified. As for this year, if you can canvas for me, I’ll give it a go.”

Sophia laughed, knowing that he would never agree so easily. “Don’t worry; I’ll definitely canvas for you. If you win, you’ll have to attend the ceremony. I already said yes to Maddie.”

Thinking about it, Michael still refused. “No…. Not unless you let me into bed.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia was speechless.

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