My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 939

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 939

Carmen looked at Sophia helplessly, causing Sophia’s hair to stand on end. “Why are you looking at me? I don’t know how to act as Doctor Invincible!”

Carmen said pitifully, “Daddy knows. If you call him, he will come back immediately.”

Carmen knew that Michael was busy, so he might not necessarily come back. However, she knew for sure that he would definitely come back if Sophia gave an order!

As long as Michael could come and perform this stage play with herself, she would definitely become the most popular girl in kindergarten!

However, Sophia looked reluctant. Michael was already so busy with his film now, and it would take several days to prepare for the stage play. How could he leave the crew for so long?

However, Carmen looked at Sophia pitifully with her pair of big, black eyes while she grabbed her sleeves with her tiny fingers and pouted. “Mommy, I am not your favorite baby girl anymore, huh?”

This was Carmen’s ace in the hole! It was very useful in persuading Cooper and Sophia, who would not be able to say no to her after hearing that.

In the end, Sophia bit the bullet and called Michael to talk to him about Carmen’s kindergarten anniversary celebration.

After listening to her words, Michael’s face scrunched up.

“Um… I’m afraid I won’t be able to come back. I can’t ask for leave now as I have many scenes to film in the next few days.”

Sophia also knew that Michael was in a difficult position. He had already taken several days leave during the filming of this movie. This period of time was the most critical moment during the filming, so she didn’t want to insist that he come back just for Carmen’s kindergarten anniversary celebration.

Seeing that Carmen was on the verge of tears, Sophia couldn’t bear it any longer and gave the phone to Carmen, asking Michael to coax her.

When Carmen got the phone, she sobbed, “…Daddy, am I still your favorite baby girl?”

Michael was speechless.

Michael could not resist these words, and within a few days, Michael appeared at the gates of Edwards Residence.

“Why are you here again?!”

Cooper’s eyes widened, looking at the travel-stained Michael.

Although Michael came in a hurry, he was still well-dressed and looked neat. He was going to meet his wife, so he specially tidied up his hair.

He touched his head and said, “Carmen asked me to come back and help her prepare the show for her kindergarten anniversary celebration!”

Cooper was furious. “I was already planning to go to Carmen’s kindergarten anniversary celebration anyway, so you shouldn’t have worried about it!”

Carmen looked up at Cooper while holding Michael’s big hand, pouting. “Grandpa, are you going to act with me in the stage play?”

Cooper frowned as he obviously didn’t know how to act in stage plays. He hurriedly touched Carmen’s hair and said gently, “My dear baby girl, your dad is busy filming these days. I will find you a better actor to act with you in the stage play, okay?”

Carmen became even more upset. “Then will the actor you hire have better acting skills than Daddy?”

Cooper said confidently, “I guarantee that they’ll be better than Daddy!”

Carmen was not convinced and said with her hips akimbo, “My dad is an Oscar-winning actor. How can a random actor be better than him?!”

Cooper was speechless.

Carmen said, “Grandpa, so you won’t come to act with me in the stage play?”


Cooper fell silent again.

“But the other kids will be acting with their grandpa, daddy, or mommy… Are you sure that I am still your favorite baby girl?”


Cooper continued to keep mum.

Carmen and Sophia were Cooper’s precious babies and simply the bane of his existence. Everytime he saw Carmen pout her pink lips, he would give the whole world to her.

In the end, there were 4 roles in Carmen’s stage play—Weslie, Paddi, Slowy and Doctor Invincible.

Weslie was played by Carmen, Paddi by Nathan, Slowy by Cooper, and Doctor Invincible by Michael, of course.

Michael again dauntlessly lived in Cooper’s house.

The kindergarten anniversary celebration was approaching, and they only had five days to prepare. Cooper frowned as he read the ‘script’ written by Carmen.

What on earth is this?

Carmen’s vocabulary size had indeed increased, but writing scripts was still too difficult for her. Her spelling was a mess, and she drew symbols in the stead of the words which she didn’t know. Cooper couldn’t understand the script at all, but Carmen insisted that he act as Slowy. He didn’t know how to act as he didn’t understand the script, and he was afraid that he would embarrass Carmen.

Fortunately, the professional Michael came to the rescue. He initially worked as a drama and opera actor, and only later turned to acting in movies.

He took Carmen’s script and modified it, and then he showed it to Cooper. With that, Cooper actually understood it.

Michael then quickly sent someone to prepare the background music and stage background. Everyone’s costumes were prepared overnight as well and sent over.

Everything was ready, and they were just waiting for the arrival of the kindergarten anniversary celebration.

At this time, the difference between a professional actor and a non-professional actor was evident. Cooper really couldn’t perform well in this kind of childish stage play. He often couldn’t remember the lines.

Meanwhile, Carmen had many years of at-home performance experience. She remembered the lines after memorizing them once, and she was very confident on stage and did not have any stage fright at all. She was great at reciting the lines, and she had a professional actor dad to help her, so she had no issues with preparing for this small stage play.

This time, Carmen was determined to be the best. One of the boys in her kindergarten had participated in ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ and was very popular. All her peers liked him, and Carmen herself had fewer fans than him. She was jealous, so she was even more determined to act well during the play, striving to be the best actor in her school.

Sophia had prepared a large rehearsal room specially for Carmen. When she was four years old, she would hire a professional dancer to teach her dancing full-time, but now, they would use the room to prepare for the stage play.

Nathan was also forced to act as well, but fortunately, he had many years of awkward acting experience as a supporting role for Carmen, so he could cope with this occasion. The only person that dragged Carmen down was Cooper.

Cooper wanted to escape all the time, but he couldn’t leave because Carmen wouldn’t let him, so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and continue acting.

The kindergarten these days was truly torturing as they often held parent-child activities and events. It seemed that all the programs for this anniversary celebration were prepared by parents and their children together as well.

Truly, one could not become a parent if one didn’t have any skills these days.

Sophia couldn’t help much in this stage play either. She really didn’t have any talent for acting, but Carmen seemed to have inherited Michael’s skills perfectly. She would remember her lines after reciting them once, and she would even improvise on the spot.

The heater in the rehearsal room was turned on to the max, so Michael was sweating profusely. Thus, Sophia gave him some water and wiped off his sweat. Michael took the hem of his shirt and started fanning himself while talking to Sophia, revealing a bit of his abdominal muscles. When Sophia lowered her head and saw his well-defined muscles, her cheeks flushed red.

He was covered with sweat, and a strong scent that was unique to men emanated from him.

The older he got, the more handsome he was…

Michael looked down at her, and he looked as if he was talking to her. Then, Sophia lowered her head and pursed her lips before chuckling.

Cooper was furious. He was about to go forward to separate them, but Carmen grabbed him with her little hand. “Grandpa, are you going to sneak away?”

Cooper said hurriedly, “Of course not. I’m just going to talk to Mommy.”

Carmen continued hugging his thigh tightly while her big, black eyes widened and stared at Cooper vigilantly. “Grandpa, don’t leave!”

Everyone thought that she was just an ignorant child, but in fact, she knew everything. She knew that Cooper didn’t like Michael and wanted to separate her Daddy and Mommy!

She had worked so hard to create opportunities for Daddy and Mommy to reconcile. After all, her job was to unite the family!

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