My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 940

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 940

Cooper looked down at Carmen who was hanging onto his thighs speechlessly. With no other choice, he could only watch Michael seduce his precious girl in front of him.

Sure enough, a daughter would always side with her father. It was obvious that Carmen sided with Michael, not Cooper.

Not only did Carmen not side with Cooper, but she even tried to help her father seduce Cooper’s precious daughter.

She’s a traitor!

Cooper had tried many times to be fierce to Carmen. However, every time Carmen stared at him adorably with her big, black eyes and pouted her mouth, Cooper’s heart would instantly soften.

He didn’t want to act tough anymore. His granddaughter was more important!

Although Michael had low academic qualifications, he was a visiting professor of performance at Bayside University. He occasionally would go to class to instruct the students. This time, under the leadership of Michael, the show rehearsal went well. Except for the childish nature of the play, it was almost perfect.

The plot of the play was nothing special. Doctor Invincible wanted to catch the goats in Goat Village for experimentation. The goats in the village fought back, but Slowy was caught. Weslie and Sparky must protect the whole village and rescue the village chief, so they fought against ‘Doctor Invincible’ for three hundred rounds, and finally rescued the village chief and the whole village.

When Cooper saw the script, he was shocked. How did Carmen come up with such a shameful plot?

How could Michael seriously act it out?

Cooper had very few lines, and he was just a background actor who was kept in a cage for the whole play. Nathan didn’t have much to do as Sparky as well. He just followed Weslie around with no expression on his face throughout the entire play. He didn’t even have a single line.

At least Cooper had a line—Weslie, help!

“Weslie, help—”

As soon as Cooper said the line, Carmen immediately looked disgusted and said, “Grandpa, you’re saying your lines with no emotion. You have to act anxious and afraid. When you see me come to rescue you, you have to be happy!”

The face of Cooper, who was locked in a cage, turned bitter.

I have to act afraid, and then happy?!

He was locked in a cage by Carmen, and he had said ‘Weslie, help!’ a dozen times, but Carmen was still not satisfied with his performance. She kept pointing out errors in his lines, totally dissatisfied.

Meanwhile, Sophia had brought the strawberry popsicles she made to share with everyone. Locked in a cage, Cooper watched Michael and Sophia share one popsicle. They took turns biting and licking it, making Cooper feel extremely disgusted!

He was so angry that he was about to rush out of the cage, but Carmen immediately said while licking her popsicle, “Grandpa, you are now locked in a cage by Doctor Invincible. You are not allowed to come out! You’ll ruin the play if you come out! Here, eat this popsicle.”

Ignoring the popsicle, Cooper sulked in the cage.

Carmen is a traitor!

She’s a darned traitor!

As Michael was a professional and Carmen also had many years of at-home directing and acting experience, their stage play rehearsal went very smoothly. Everything was fine except for Cooper’s hindrance.

Cooper felt that Carmen and Michael must have deliberately arranged for him to act in such an embarrassing role. He was locked in the cage from start to finish, and they even complained that he was dragging them down.

After the rehearsal was over on the last day, Carmen released Cooper from the cage. He quickly slipped away, and Carmen even complained loudly, “Grandpa, please don’t drag us down tomorrow!”

Cooper turned around and glared at Michael fiercely. Michael was lifting Carmen high up, his eyes full of love.

Carmen is indeed the apple of my eye!

I must have a few more children!

Carmen had embarrassed Cooper, but Cooper would definitely not lecture his little baby girl, so he vented all his anger on Michael. Ever since he moved in, Cooper had disconnected the wifi and blocked the mobile signal in his room. Plus, he would keep an eye on him 24 hours a day, and he was never allowed to contact Sophia in private.

The dog door was also sealed.

The kindergarten anniversary celebration arrived in the blink of an eye, and Carmen happily took her parents and grandfather to school.

In the past, when there were activities in the kindergarten that required parents to participate, Sophia or Cooper were the ones who attended. Michael would always be filming in other places. Today, Carmen finally took her father to her kindergarten, so she was ecstatic.

The security of the entire kindergarten today was tightened because this was a major event. Many parents had made time to attend this event, and there were many celebrities among them, like the handsome boy who Carmen was the most jealous of and his father, as well as Hope and his father, Harry. Lastly, there was Michael.

There were also a number of lesser-known stars and celebrities appearing one after another. The kindergarten was truly star-studded. After all, it was the first aristocratic kindergarten in the south of the city, so the parents of the children were from wealthy backgrounds.

Michael came here after changing into his costumes at home. He wore the original costume of Doctor Invincible, which he collected after he finished filming the movie.

When he came, there was a burst of exclamation at the scene.

Carmen brought a bunch of children to Michael. Standing up straight, she said with great pride, “This is my Daddy. My Daddy is Doctor Invincible. He’s a great hero who has fought aliens and monsters!”

The children raised their heads and looked at him with amazement. A dozen pairs of round eyes were filled with innocence and envy as they began to exclaim.

“Wow… Carmen’s dad is amazing!”

With a fake smile, Michael raised his hand to greet Carmen’s schoolmates.

This is so embarrassing. I want to leave.

Carmen raised her head and looked at Michael with pleading eyes. “Daddy, my classmates want to take a photo with you, the hero. Is that fine?”

Michael looked at the dozen or so children standing in line and nodded silently.

As a result, a dozen children lined up in an orderly manner for a photo. Hope took a Polaroid photo for them. After the photo came out, Ashton quickly handed a pen to Michael to sign the photo.

He did this all very proficiently.

Michael was surrounded by a group of kids, who regarded him as a tourist attraction. He had to take a photo with them and even sign the photo.

Sophia felt that Carmen would not be so kind as to let the children come to surround her Daddy. Later, she asked Fatty to inquire about it. Sure enough, Carmen had charged the kids.

She charged them 10 for a photo, and 15 for photos where Michael was hugging them. They had to pay 5 extra if they wanted Michael to sign it.

Not only did Carmen make money from her own father, but she did the same to her godfather, Harry, as well. However, she charged a cheaper fee for Harry. She charged only 5 for a photo with him, and 10 for a photo with him holding the kids.

She charged a cheaper fee for Michael than for the Bedlington Terrier. If they wanted to take a photo with the terrier, they would have to pay 20.

Can’t believe that she’s my daughter!

Michael cooperated very well with Carmen’s business. He took photos with the kids, even hugging them or signing the photos as requested. He had a fake smile on his face the whole time, but he generously let the group of parents take pictures of him and their kids.

Today, Carmen came in the full Weslie costume. On the furry headgear of the goat costume were two horns, and she looked adorable in it.

The children also found Cooper, who was sitting on the side with a gloomy face. He was also wearing a costume, and his whole body was wrapped in a sheep costume. Only his face was exposed, and he had also put on makeup. The makeup team hired by Michael were all very professional, and the makeup artists made them look exactly like the ones in the cartoon.

Nathan had been dealing with Carmen for many years, so he was already familiar with such things. Thus, he had no expression on his face.

Meanwhile, it was Cooper’s first time being tortured by Carmen, and he was so furious that there was no expression on his face at all.

The children exclaimed, “Wow… Its’ Slowy!”

Carmen was very proud. “Slowy is about to be taken away by Doctor Invincible and locked up!”

With a sullen face, Cooper kept quiet.

Of course the kids also lined up to take a photo with him.

Cooper would never know that it only cost 1 buck to take a photo with Snowy. Plus, his autograph was free.

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