My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 947

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 947

Michael instantly retweeted her post and wrote, ‘Sleep well.’

However, Sophia did not reply. He thought she had forgiven him, but as usual, she did not pick up his call nor reply to his messages. It was shown on Twitter that she had already read the message, but she refused to text him back.

Michael too scrolled through Twitter all night and saw numerous netizens exposing their dispute in the afternoon as he searched for the keywords. To his surprise, Sophia had left a comment on every post and asked the user to delete their groundless allegations.

Michael thought to himself, Indeed, I can’t comprehend a young girl’s mind. Sophie had multiple facets of personalities and he couldn’t even grasp one of them. What on earth is in her mind?

The next morning, Michael lingered around the hotel lobby but did not see Sophia. Due to the packed shooting schedule, he could not afford to be late, so he quickly left to the mountain. Everyone was expecting to starve on that day and had brought along some snacks from their hotel in case they would not get lunch in the afternoon.

The filming spot was located at a peculiar area on the mountain as neither vehicles nor donkey carts could reach the place. On top of that, because the filming crew had insufficient manpower, they were unable to send any staff to carry the food. As a result, many of them were frustrated.

Meanwhile, Stanley was angrily confronting Sophia over the phone. “Sophia, what do you think you were posting last night? Aren’t you having a fight with Uncle Michael? How could you still interact with each other on Twitter? Can you take the fight in a more serious and solemn manner? He abused my baby Judge! Do you still remember what you said when you adopted Tater and Tots? Now your ex-husband is abusing them, so you have to stand up against him! Buck up, Sophia!”

Tater and Tots were the nicknames of the two Husky pups, and their names were registered as Cash Edwards and Penny Edwards on the dog licenses. Both of the pups too had suffered this time. Nevertheless, they were in good spirits again after the sleep and started fooling around again.

Sophia did not answer Stanley. She was having a headache as she had not slept well the previous night. The cold weather had somehow helped to cool her down that night, and her frustration had subsided.

Though she was mad at Michael for disrespecting her, disposing of his cigarette butts in her pots of plants, and even nipping off her flowers for his own convenience, she started wavering as she recalled images of Michael in her mind. His handsome face, his beautiful abs, the half-naked body standing in front of the French window… Lowering his head, he held a cigarette between his slender fingers and breathed out a swirl of alluring yet mysterious smoke as he gently lifted his sexy chin.

She was very perturbed at that moment as she instantly regretted being in a cold war with Michael, even if it was just for one night. She was bad at arguing and having a cold war because she was too soft-hearted, capricious and easily shifted her ground.

Stanley knew it would turn out like this. Damn it! They are actually acting all lovey-dovey on Twitter even amidst a fight! “I don’t care! I’m leaving right now anyway! I’m going to bring my baby Judge back to Bayside City. Suit yourself!”

Stanley dragged the dog away and was ready to leave with the bus. Pissed, Judge howled at Stanley as if he was saying, Don’t hold me up from earning money, you idiot! Let go of me! I want to make big money!

At the same time, Sean came to help Sophia with her luggages. Sophia had not been in her best state for the whole morning. With her dark circles and bleary eyes, she dragged her feet following Sean.

Sean seemed to have read her mind and he said, “Why don’t you make a call to him now?”

Sophia refused unhesitantly. “Nope, I’ll never forgive him.”

Resigned, Sean then got ready to leave the snowy town with Sophia. Initially, they could have left the place, but Judge and his pups ran away all of a sudden.

Stanley was in despair when he realized that his dogs looked slimmer not because they had starved, but because they had gained muscles. The three muscular, aggressive sled dogs were invincible in the snow. The few servants of Stanley could not even control them, and they had disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye.

Dumbfounded, Stanley quickly went after the dogs and finally caught them when it was close to noon. Everyone was hungry after such a huge hassle, so they went to a restaurant in the town to have lunch. However, just as they were about to leave, the weather forecast reported that there would be a blizzard that night, and the highways that were closed due to icy conditions would only be open the next day. Besides, the buses in the town had ceased operation given the severe weather conditions. With that, they could only return to the hotel and wait for further announcements.

In the afternoon, the sky was getting increasingly gloomy as the blizzard was approaching. Worriedly, Sophia looked in the direction of the mountain where the filming crew were at, wondering if they were doing fine.

The sky went dark extremely early on that day. It was only three o’clock in the afternoon, but the sky was already shrouded in black, and nobody was to be seen on the street.

The hotel in which the crews were staying was not too far away from Sophia’s. Later on, she saw the crew members coming back one after another as it started snowing lightly outside. They entered the hotel in brisk steps while carrying all sorts of equipment. Standing by her room window, she stalked them for some time but still did not see Michael and his gang.

Finally, she could not sit back anymore and walked out from her hotel to the filming crew’s hotel. There she saw Justin and Celine, whose eyes were red, sitting in the lobby as if they were waiting for someone.

“Where’s Michael? Why isn’t he back yet?” Sophia asked worriedly at once.

Pursing her lips, Celine wiped away her tears and said, “One of the staff went missing in the mountain. Mikey and the others went searching for him, but they have not returned yet.”

They have not returned yet? Staring at the snow that was falling heavily by the minute, Sophia trembled as her mind went blank.

Michael did not return that night. The other staff who went searching for the missing person had all come back, but they said they had been separated from Michael because of the heavy snow. Both Michael and the man that went missing were still somewhere out there.

Sophia regretted fighting with Michael, and she dialed his number crazily but to no avail. Her heart sank each time she called him as she became increasingly perturbed.

At that moment, everyone gathered in her room. Sean comforted her, “Everything will be fine. He might be back real soon.”

Though Stanley was mad at Michael for asking Judge to fetch the goods for two months which had even caused his dog to gain muscles, his anger had vanished now that such a situation occurred. Anxiously, he questioned Harry, “Why did you let Uncle Michael go find the missing person? He is the leading actor. What if something happened to him?”

Harry looked glum too. At first, he was with Michael, but they came across a blizzard which reduced their visibility, and Michael had disappeared in the blink of an eye. He had trudged through the thick snow for some time to search for Michael, but he still couldn’t find him. When the snow got so heavy that one could hardly totter through it anymore, he left the mountain, thinking Michael could have gone down the mountain too. Never did he expect that Michael still had not returned.

Glancing at Sophia, Harry then told her the truth. “The person who went missing was Alice Michel from the Michel Family. Mikey was worried that she was sent by Cooper on purpose, so he went in person to search for her…”

Things would get out of hand if Alice was indeed sent by Cooper on purpose. Now that a member of the Michels went missing in Michael’s filming crew, Cooper would have a reason to put Michael in a difficult position. That was why Michael anxiously went to look for Alice up in the mountain.

There were so many people in the filming crew, but Alice was the one who went missing. I smell something fishy!

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