My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 957

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 957

For them, marriage was a hair-pulling issue. They weren’t interested in weak men while outstanding men weren’t willing to marry into the women’s families. Besides, if they were to marry a man, they would have to give up their surname. Therefore, many of them would either get into a relationship but not get married, or give birth to a child with an anonymous father to inherit their family business. If the father of the child tried to stir trouble, the Michel Family’s legal team would fight for the child’s custody and his or her surname by all means.
For example, to the Michel Family, it was absolutely unacceptable for Carmen, who had the bloodline of the Michel Family, to inherit her father’s surname. Therefore, it was only a matter of time for the family members in Northern Europe to come and fight against Michael for the sake of Carmen’s surname. That was what Cooper worried about.
Ever since the family members in Northern Europe knew about the existence of Sophia and Carmen, they had been eagerly asking them to change their surnames, but Cooper kept rejecting them with all sorts of excuses. Now, they were starting to feel annoyed.

The Fletcher Family was also a huge family with a long history, so it was impossible for Michael to be married into the Michel Family, not to mention changing his surname to his wife’s surname. However, Sophia and Michael were deeply in love, which made things even more difficult for Cooper.

In the meantime, Daniel still frequently visited Edwards Residence to examine their feng shui. To be honest, Cooper didn’t understand how feng shui worked, but it must have its own logic so he might as well ask Daniel to examine it.

“Mr. Mitchell, the direction of your building is not right. It should be facing 15° to the East, where wealth and luck come from. Besides, you mustn’t use a wooden door. You should use an alloy door because metal attracts wealth. Although your house is fine, its placement and direction indicate the lack of wealth according to feng shui. Therefore, you should find a son-in-law with a strong soul to guard your wealth. I’m just going to put it out there—although your house has great feng shui, it’s actually built on where an ancient tomb once was, which later on was converted to a Yang house from a Yin house under the advice of a feng shui master. But even though it has become a Yang house, the negative energy in the ground hasn’t completely dissipated even after a few centuries. In fact, it’s only being temporarily suppressed and once the feng shui is disrupted, this house will return to a Yin house, which will harm the descendants of the people that live in this house. As time passes and the world changes, the feng shui of a particular place will also change. Did you realize that the downfall of the previous owner, the Harper Family, started when the subway was built a few years back? Due to the construction of the subway around this area, the feng shui was disrupted, which converted a Yang house to a Yin house. What’s worse is that the subway had dredged a ghost path, causing the area to be filled with negative energy. Your door faces the ghost path directly, attracting all the negative spirits and ghosts to this house.”

Holding a compass and wearing a Taoist robe, Daniel walked around the house to examine its feng shui while explaining what he found, which sounded like a ghost story. It made Cooper’s hair stand on end.

Daniel continued, “The previous owner, the Harper Family, didn’t find this out so his family died off. Therefore, the Harper Family either ended up with huge debts or was infected with malignant diseases. Suffering from a troubled home, unfilial descendants, invasion of ghosts and roaming evil spirits, the century-long family was destroyed and the culprit is poor feng shui. Since this is a Yin house now, it’s only suitable for the deceased to stay. If humans moved in… Pardon me for my unpleasant words, Mr. Mitchell, you’ll meet with a dreadful misfortune sooner or later. You’re safe now only because you and your family have just moved in and you have many dogs, so the evil energy is temporarily suppressed.”

Cooper followed behind Daniel, seemingly in deep thoughts. He was frowning and calculating the date, only to realize that what Daniel said was accurate.

When Sophia was harmed by the Harper Family, the Harper Family was still at the heights of their power. At that time, the construction of the subway nearby had started. When the subway was complete, Sophia had started to wreak revenge on the Harper Family and that was the time they gradually fell. It wasn’t right to say that it had nothing to do with that because it somehow seemed to be related. Otherwise, how could Sophia alone destroy a highly-respected family with centuries of history without effort?

Walking beside Daniel while listening to his nonsense, Cooper was convinced by him without him realizing.

Casper seemed to be interested in feng shui as well so he walked beside Daniel and quietly listened to him. At this moment, they arrived at the subway and Daniel sniffed the cold wind that was blowing from the direction of the subway. Then, he seriously explained, “There’s a tinge of blood smell in the wind so this route is undoubtedly a ghost path. Your house door is facing the ghost path directly, so the ghost will enter your house once they exit the ghost path. On top of that, your house is a Yin house and with the door facing the ghost path, your house is now haunted. It’s pointless even if you rear countless black dogs.”

Looking at the bustling subway entrance, Daniel added, “Ghosts will come out from the subway station and harm humans. Therefore, this route has many accidents.”

Cooper became even more convinced by him because this subway route indeed took many lives every year. Last year, a working adult pried open the safety door and tried to enter the train because he was in a rush. Unexpectedly, the train door closed and he was caught in between the train and the safety door. Tragically, he died on the spot. Another accident happened in the year before the last, where a passenger died due to a heart attack right after he got off the train. There had also been an incident where someone died on the escalator.

Other than casualties, the subway often broke down because of all kinds of reasons. Therefore, many people believed that this area had poor feng shui. It seemed that he should believe it rather than not. Cooper started to panic. “How do I change feng shui?”

In a serious tone, Daniel replied, “Firstly, you must change the direction of the door and move it away from the ghost path. Secondly, you should give the mythical beast guardian at the entrance a face-lift since it has lost its power to protect the house after placing it there for more than ten years. Then, you should adjust the structure of the house. Lastly, you should find a son-in-law that has a strong soul to move in and suppress the negativity. The best candidate would be someone who was a soldier and killed people before. It’s even better if his ancestors are soldiers. If you can find a general who has held command of an army, or a descendant of generals, that would be the best because this kind of man has a spirit of righteousness, which can suppress evil and malevolence.”

Cooper was speechless. After so much talking, Michael was the one who fit the description. The ancestors of the Fletcher Family were all soldiers and many generals were from this family as well. In addition, Michael’s father was a general with outstanding military exploits. In this peaceful era, not many soldiers fought in a war before, but Michael had taken lives when he participated in joint military operations abroad during his time as a soldier. In fact, he had killed many. According to Daniel’s description, Michael fulfilled every criteria.

Seeing that Cooper was silent, Daniel continued, “Deaths happened every year consecutively for a few years in this subway, but after I examined the feng shui here this year, it has been peaceful because the ghost didn’t dare to make trouble. It’s up to you to trust me, but don’t blame me for not warning you if something happens.”

Cooper knew about that incident too. After numerous deaths happened, the leaders of the subway company became as anxious as ants on a hot pan. But no matter how flawless their safety measures were, there would always be a few death cases every year. Even the subway would break down frequently. Therefore, at the beginning of this year, they hired Daniel at a high price. After they employed a group of retired soldiers as their security guards according to Daniel’s advice, the accidents significantly decreased because soldiers were able to suppress negativity and evil.

Daniel shocked Cooper with his nonsense, luring Cooper into believing him beyond a shadow of doubt from being sceptical in the beginning. On the other hand, Casper looked up at Daniel and his eyes were filled with amazement and admiration, exclaiming inwardly, Mom, this man is so impressive. He knows everything including astronomy and geography. Is he a god?

Holding Casper’s hand, Cooper followed Daniel and roamed further. After all, feng shui had to be examined slowly and detailly.

Meanwhile, a man, who was selling roasted sweet potatoes at the subway entrance, stared blankly at them. He had overheard their conversation. Is that the reason for the Harper Family’s fall? Just because the construction of the subway disrupted the feng shui in this area, which converted a Yang house to a Yin house that was supposedly inhabited by dead people? He laughed bitterly at the sky while tears flowed from the corner of his eyes.

That man was none other than the former young master of the Harper Family, Richard Harper. Now, he was selling roasted sweet potatoes by the roadside.

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