My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 963

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 963

“Make sure Mark never finds out about this. Also, I’d like an invite. I want to attend this award ceremony with Taylor and see who would dare to disrespect my man in front of me!” Sophia said grimly.
Upon hearing this, Maddie was impressed!
How domineering!

Then, she nodded hastily.

Nicholai Gates’s team was too nasty this time round!

Not long after, Sarah came by, followed by Harry who looked helpless.

“Sofie, did you see? It’s outrageous! How dare they say my husband was ugly?”

Sarah huffed and puffed. Her dark eye circles were prominent and it was clear that she didn’t have a good night’s rest.

It wasn’t just Michael who was dragged through the mud, but Harry too. Originally, he was in the lead in the Best Actor category, but he lost by about a hundred thousand votes in the span of a day afterward. They were saying that Harry was riding on Michael’s success, and that he flattered and buttered him up. Now that Michael was losing his popularity, Harry’s popularity would go down as well.

At this point, Sarah was furious. “I’m ready to egg some of the hater’s houses!”

The new year was coming, and this incident was attracting a lot of attention.

Even Cooper thought it was a bit too much when he saw the news. In fact, Michael was accused of being gay, and that he tried to seduce his handsome father-in-law who was only a few years older than him. The newspaper also wrote that when his father-in-law found out, he forced Michael and Sophia to get a divorce.

Meanwhile, some accused him of being a woman.

Even though this son-in-law of his was a fool, these rumors were unnecessarily vicious.

When Daniel saw the well-off Nicholai Gates in the news, he said, “I remember him. He was a washed-up celebrity back then, and he came to see me for a fortune-telling session. He wanted to change his name so that his luck would increase. When I examined his bones, I could only feel fillers and implants all over his face. I could hardly feel any of his bones.”

Hearing everyone discussing among themselves, Sophia remained silent. She looked up Nicholai’s team on the web and found that he was under an agency called Glory Entertainment Agency.

Glory Entertainment was currently owned by the Mitchell Group, which was partially managed by Sandra.

Not long after Sandra made a fool of herself at King’s new product launch last summer, she took over Glory Entertainment that managed a few successful artists, including Nicholai.

It was Sandra again!

It seemed that Sandra had been informed of Mark’s ‘death’ and anticipated Michael’s fall from stardom. As such, she orchestrated this series of events.

All this while, Sophia had been busy with her relationship and had not been dealing with the reports from her spies she planted in Mitchell Group. Today, when she caught up with them, she realized that Sandra had been busy.

As a matter of fact, she was still being cheated by fake Lucile and Abbie. Not only did the fake Lucile cheat her family, but lots of other families too. She took the money she had cheated from Sandra and used it as capital at another family, and took the money she’d cheated there and used it to gain Sandra’s trust.

Moreover, fake Lucile had gotten a lot of resources dishonestly for Glory Entertainment, and Sandra even gave 10% of the company shares to her and Abbie.

Upon seeing the news, Sophia’s face became fierce and stern…

The ground work was done, and all she had to do now was wait for the perfect opportunity.

Looking at Sophia who was worried for him, Michael was moved and couldn’t help but kiss her cheek.

It was as if they had gone back in time, when she was still a fanatic teenage girl who would be mad the whole day about any negative comments about him.

At that moment, he held her hand as he joined her in her online arguments and analysed the situation. “Based on our previous experience, this is just the beginning. They must have other tricks up their sleeves.”

Judging from how diligently they were in insulting Michael and Harry, there must be something else that was coming.

Meanwhile, Sophia kept an eye on them as she slowly laid out her plans.

On New Year’s Eve, everyone gathered at Edwards residence to watch the New Year Dinner Gala.

This year, Nicholai was performing at the Dinner Gala with his son, who were both among the five pairs of father-daughter and father-son duos that had become famous because of their appearance in ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’.

Meanwhile, Carmen was full of envy as she watched their performance, while Hope scoffed at her and the adults who were playing mahjong.

Alice and Casper were at the Edwards residence too. However, Alice and Daniel didn’t even greet each other and acted like they didn’t know each other. She thought that speaking to that liar would be a waste of energy.

On the other hand, Casper was trying hard to tell Corrado’s fortune. He examined its head, paws, and its nipples. Unfortunately, Corrado was a male and Casper struggled to find its nipples. After he was done examining Corrado and reading all the signs, he came up with the prediction that Corrado’s love life would blossom next year!

Who would have thought that on the first day of the new year, which was the next day, Corrado would be given three pure black Labradors to be his wives. He was a happy dog!

Upon learning this, Casper was amazed and even more convinced that he was on the right path.

Sophia was also shocked to see Cooper walking four black Labradors in the garden in the morning. “Dad, where did you find so many black dogs?”

Cooper reached down to pat the dog. “Black dogs are able to ward off evil. Since we have a big house, Corrado alone isn’t enough to do that. So, I got three more black dogs. This ought to do it.”

Just then, Sophia wanted to say something but stopped herself.

What was up with Cooper lately?

She brought Daniel over just to give some suggestions and evaluate their house using feng shui, but now, Cooper was convinced that this was a haunted house and became superstitious. Even when Sophia’s succulent plant died, he believed it was because of negative energy from the house.

Meanwhile, Michael beside her looked deep in thought on the surface, but inside, he wanted very badly to throw his head back and laugh.

No, don’t laugh. Be serious, come on…

As for Michael’s scandal, Sophia didn’t go anywhere during the new year’s holiday as she was busy preparing for the award ceremony. Now that Michael was known as a washed-up celebrity who was abandoned by his rich and beautiful wife and had to resort to endorsing stainless steel basins, Sophia must look her best to support him at the ceremony!

Meanwhile, she was observing Nicholai to catch any signs of activities, but he had been quiet. Instead, Michael and Harry caused a stir a few days later. Someone had been spreading the news that Harry and Taylor were joining forces to endorse an international high-end mobile phone brand—Michel Group’s new mobile phone. There were rumors that Michel mobile phones were officially entering the Cethosian market, and that they were releasing a special edition for Cethos. Thus, they were looking for ambassadors for the first time in the country.

However, this was an extremely high-end endorsement. In an instant, the news blew up and since the negative news of Michael and Harry had been causing a wave, everyone was saying that they were too cheap and were not suited to bring out the quality and value of Michel mobile phones. They also said that their endorsements would only cause Michel mobile phones to lose their value!

At once, Sophia figured out their ultimate plan.

It turned out that their motive was to get Michel Group to suspend Michael and Harry’s endorsements for the mobile phone!

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