My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 971

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 971

As a grand ceremony for the cultural and entertainment industry in Cethos, the “Light of Cethos” not only had stars from the entertainment industry participate, but also seniors from the literacy world. In Cethos, the people were particular to the order of seniority, so even the entertainment industry followed this tradition. Only veteran seniors or people with outstanding achievements would dare to sit in the front, while juniors and newcomers could only sit in the back, no matter how excellent you were.
There were almost no young artists in the first row. The ones sitting in the first row were either the older generation of artists, or the senior leaders of relevant departments. Michael, Harry and Nicole’s seats had been added as an exception.
Today, the seats were divided into three zones—A, B and C. The B zone was in the middle, and should have been seated by the most authoritative and veteran seniors, but at this moment, the ones sitting there were Sandra, Nicholai and their group.

Among those people, the only familiar faces were Nicholai and Sandra. One was a rookie in the film industry and the other a former world champion.

Even those who were older and more accomplished than them were sitting at the back, so what right did they have to sit there?

The award ceremony had not yet started, and the scene was already becoming awkward and difficult to control. The ceremony was about to be broadcast live on television, but the first row of the most important zone B had a long row of empty seats, and sitting in the most critical position in the middle was Sandra and her party. They were so conspicuous that the cameraman didn’t even dare to pan his camera there.

It was going to be a prime time live broadcast, and someone was going to be held accountable for such a huge mistake!

The director went to the last row in a panic like his butt was on fire. He almost knelt down and begged the leaders and seniors to return to their seats.

The leaders and senior artists were also very proud. “The first row isn’t somewhere where old hasbeens like us can sit. Old hasbeens like us are more suited to sit here!”

“That’s right! We’ll sit right here and won’t go anywhere else!”

The director was about to cry. No matter how popular Nicholai was, he was just lucky to have made it, and he was far from being a real artist.

The director knew that he had messed up. He didn’t think these old artists would be so prideful.

He also knew where the problem was so he hurriedly said to Harry and Michael, “The two of you should sit in the first row! The last row is not suitable for you!”

Michael stayed aloof. He raised his eyes from the phone and said in a puzzled manner, “Wasn’t this seat arranged by you all?”

The director was now regretting his choice and continued, “No no, we made a mistake! Your seat is in the first row.”

He truly regretted it now. He thought it was just a matter of changing the arrangements of a few seats and he didn’t expect that this would escalate.

Michael was also a person who was considerate. Seeing that the live broadcast was about to begin, he put his mobile phone away and said, “Since it was a mistake, let’s quickly change our seats.”

As soon as he agreed, the director was relieved and hurried to the front row to pry Sandra and the others’ out of their seats.

At this moment, the guests and celebrities were all here, and the entire studio’s seats were full. Whether they be D-listers, A-listers, the iconic stars, and even the old generation artists, all had gathered here. Currently, half of the Cethos entertainment industry was watching the joke that was the first row.

Some people in the first row still had their pride to protect.

Ian had already secretly left long ago. Vincent could also tell this wasn’t a spot to continue to stay at, and he was persuading fake Lucile to leave with him.

Sandra, however, felt that she should sit in the first row as she was once a world champion. Since many politicians could sit here, why couldn’t she?

When she was invited to the Spring Festival Gala, she was always seated in the first row!

Also, she had the Michel Family’s backing, so why couldn’t she sit in the first row?

The director came to ask Sandra to change seats, but Sandra behaved very arrogantly. “I won’t change seats. I deserve this seat. What’s the matter with you? You can’t just change people’s seats when it has already been arranged!”

The director kept trying to persuade her till his mouth went dry, but Sandra still refused to change seats. Seeing that the live broadcast was about to start and after much persuasion from Michael and Harry, the older generation of artists and leaders all started to get up and moved to the first row. If Sandra and Nicholai were still there, it would be awkward.

The old artists had finally become amicable, and the director didn’t want to mess things up.

So, he called for a few security guards directly. If Sandra wouldn’t move, he would ask them to just pick her up and throw her out.

The rest of Sandra’s group had already scurried to the back, and Sandra was the only one who didn’t want to move.

Especially when she saw Michael and Sophia heading toward her from the back. She grew even more resolute not to budge.

“I won’t get up! With my qualifications and reputation, what’s wrong with me sitting in the first row?”

Sandra also gave herself a plausible reason. “I always sit in the first row when I am invited to the Spring Festival Gala. Why can’t I sit in the first row at ‘Light of Cethos’?”

“Miss Mitchell, it’s true you won the championship of the Universal Games once, but after that, you left the sports circle. Plus, it has already been three or four years, and the era that belonged to you has long passed!” Sophia walked up from behind, holding onto Michael’s arm. Her exquisite eyebrows revealed ruthlessness and loftiness, and she said this to Sandra coldly.

“If it was in the entertainment industry, an artist who did not produce new works for three or four years would have long been forgotten. Miss Mitchell, you are a sports star who has been over the hill for three or four years. You need to be self-aware. Today’s ceremony isn’t someplace where you can behave atrociously. Get up and sit in the back!”

As soon as this remark came out, chuckles came one after another.

Recently, Sandra had been doing what she could to tarnish Michael and Harry’s name. She accused the former of faking his death and the latter a star whose light had dimmed, but she didn’t look at herself. She had won a gold medal but it had already been four years, yet she kept bragging about it. The Universal Games already had a new gold medalist, but Sandra still thought that it was her age…

The term ‘a hasbeen sports star’ perfectly described her!

“What right do you have to criticize me? I am—” Sandra immediately shot back and was about to brag about winning a world championship.

“You were a world champion, I know.”

Sophia’s tone was calm, but it carried a very intimidating feel to it. “The latest Universal Games have ended. Many champions this year have already broken the records you set in the past, but you are still standing in place. Miss Mitchell, one day, you will lose what little bragging rights you have left!”

Sandra glanced at the second row. Last year’s Universal Games had just ended, and several Cethos Olympic champions had been invited to attend today’s event as well. They were all sitting in the second row watching Sandra making a fool of herself. Among them, there were even many with better records than Sandra.

Her authority as a former world champion was further weakened.

At times like this, there would definitely be one or two in the crowd who would boo.

“Go sit in the back! This is something to do with the cultural and entertainment industries! An obsolete sports star like you shouldn’t act like a boss! Get moving! The live broadcast is about to begin!” Stanley, who was in the second row, was waiting for this moment.

“Even those who have better results than you are sitting in the second row. Don’t be so thick-skinned and move!”

“The live broadcast is about to start! Miss Mitchell, just suck it up and go sit in the back! When the live broadcast is over, you can sit there as long as you want!”

A group of people followed Stanley’s lead. Sandra was so angry that her chest was violently heaving, and her face was dark.

Sophia looked at her coldly. “Miss Mitchell, are you going to leave or not? If you don’t leave, I’ll ask security to throw you out!”

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