My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 972

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 972

If Sandra really didn’t move, Sophia really would have her thrown out. Of course, she wouldn’t do it herself.
Michael had already brought a large group of old artists over. All of them surrounded Sandra, staring at her unfriendly. At this time, she didn’t have any qualifications or seniority to back her up, and she was far from qualified to sit in the first row.
The live broadcast was going to start any second now. The dancers on the stage were ready. The opening song and dance was about to begin, and the backstage was in turmoil. The director became so anxious that his eyes grew bloodshot. Seeing that Sandra was still motionless, he directly ordered, “Take Miss Mitchell out!”

They gave her a way out, but she was ungrateful!

Sandra furiously stood up and viciously spat, “I’ll leave, but all of the artists from Glory Entertainment will be leaving with me!”

After tossing out these words, she carried her bag and was about to leave. Her eyes swept across the group of artists from Glory Entertainment viciously.

Now, it was the artists’ turn to be in a dilemma.

If they left, they would feel it was a huge loss! Not just anyone could come to this award ceremony!

But if they didn’t leave, they would be offending their boss!

In the end, the group of artists from Glory Entertainment really got up in twos and threes and were about to follow Sandra out. In fact, a lot of artists were from Glory Entertainment. If they left, it would really open up a lot of empty seats.

Nicholai also stood up and said, “I feel that the ‘Light of Cethos’ award ceremony is not very friendly to us. I have no need to stay as well.”

After saying this, Nicholas also left with Sandra and the group of artists.

The director grew even more panicked. Nicholai was the winner of the Best Artist and Best Male Artist awards for ‘Light of Cethos’ this year! If he left, how would this award go on?

The director hurried to catch up with Sandra, while Sophia had already sat down in the first row with Michael and the group of old artists.

Although he was a junior with commendable achievements, Michael was still very sincere and courteous toward his seniors. After letting his seniors take their seats first, it was finally his and Harry’s turn to sit down with their respective wives.

As for whether Sandra and Nicholai would stay or not, that was not something Sophia had to worry about. It was the director’s problem as it was his fault for being a fence-sitter.

That director was a complete fence-sitter. When he saw that Michael and Sophia didn’t get the endorsement for Dragon Eye, that his backer had died, and that Michael’s name was tarnished and he was old news, he immediately arranged for Michael to sit in the last row.

However, he never expected that Michael would have such good relations with the leaders and senior artists, and that he could also lead the group of seniors to protest, which almost caused a big mistake.

Mark faking his death really made Sophia see a few things this time. As expected, the entertainment industry was all about stepping on those on the bottom and lifting those who made it. If you became old news today, they would have you sitting in the last row tomorrow.

In the end, using some unknown means and promises to Sandra, the Glory Entertainment artists finally came back. Of course, Sandra and Nicholai couldn’t sit in the first row and were arranged to sit in the second row.

Sandra sat down with a dark face. Of course she didn’t want to leave as today was Glory Entertainment’s big day. Several artists under her company had won several awards, so why should she leave? The so-called leaving was just to force the director to show some sincerity and to show off her style.

The director also agreed to their conditions, such as giving their artist more camera shots and deliberately filming some ugly shots of some hasbeen male celebrity.

To offend the director was to offend the entire crew, including the photographer.

And the consequences of offending the photographer were very severe.

Sandra sat in the second row, looking bitterly at Sophia and Michael in the front row.

So what if they sat in the first row? Today, she would let Sophia know who was the boss in the Cethos entertainment industry!

Because this was a very important occasion, Sophia and Michael, who were usually all lovey-dovey at home, did a rare thing and behaved themselves. They sat properly and in a dignified manner, and they occasionally conversed softly with the people sitting next to them.

Michael was having a great conversation with a bunch of senior artists. He was very proactive in inviting these artists to make guest star appearances in the upcoming ‘Doctor Invincible 2’ movie. This movie had a large number of scenes in Cethos and needed some Cethosian actors to make a cameo appearance.

The old artists were naturally very willing to make an appearance in the film. Nowadays, even if those international blockbusters came to Cethos to look for guest actors, they would look for actors and actresses whose fame were on the rise and didn’t want old guys like them. It was rare for someone to remember them.

It was not easy for Cethosians celebrities to develop their career abroad. At most, they would make it into a blockbuster film but had no prominent role. Nicholai Gates was one example. He had made a cameo appearance in one of Hollywood’s blockbuster films that was part of a series, where he played a faceless corpse and only had two or three lines. His agency had actually credited the box office sales for the entire series of blockbuster films to him, but people were unconvinced even after several years.

In contrast, not only had Michael starred in a few international mainstream blockbusters, but he had also entered the core circle of the international film industry and participated in the production of many blockbusters. He had even openly fought against racial discrimination and gained more opportunities for Cethosian actors.

Before Nicholai had even made it big internationally, he thought that the entertainment industry already belonged to him. He wished the world would know that he already had one foot in the door, while Michael was extremely low-key.

Sophia didn’t know when, but Stanley had already sat behind her.

“Do you want some melon seeds, Sophia?”

“Would you like to drink some juice, Uncle?”

“I have biscuits and Eight-Treasure Congee here.”

As Stanley spoke while munching on some melon seeds, the award ceremony finally began. The first act was a lively dance.

The host’s remarks were witty and he was very cool, which drove the atmosphere of the audience to a fever pitch. The singing and dancing were also very exciting, and the guest performers were all popular, elite artists.

In between the performances, the winners of awards were announced.

They started awarding the least anticipated award first. For example, they announced the winner of the award for ‘Most Positive Artist of the Year’ first, which was Nicholai.

He won this award for donating 1 million and supplies at a disaster relief charity party this year.

Amidst the applause, Nicholai went on stage to accept the award. When awarding the award, the big screen on the stage also showed some videos of blessings from family members and fans, and then it was the artist’s turn to give his acceptance speech. All of this was routine.

Videos from fans of Nicholas offering their congratulations were shown in perfect shot. They were all just short one-minute videos, but there were more than a dozen of them in the background. There were fans from America who sent congratulatory messages, fans from France cheering for him, and even fans from Antarctica and the Arctic giving their idol their congratulations for winning the award. There were even some international celebrities who wished him congratulations. It seemed like he had fans all over the world.

As soon as this video came out, the congratulatory videos of other stars that came later seemed dull and stingy.

Sandra heard everyone’s exclamation and raised her chin very contentedly.

Nicholai completely showed what a superstar was right at this moment!

Even if it was just videos from fans giving their congratulations, she wanted to be able to dominate the entire scene! !

The second award was for the Best Supporting Actor, and the winner was Taylor Murray.

“Congratulations to Mr. Murray for winning the award for Best Supporting Actor with his role as Miles in ‘I Am a Village Chief’!”

Amidst the applause, the big screen began to play Taylor Murray’s congratulatory video.

With Nicholai’s shocking and domineering video from his fans from before, everyone was very interested in Taylor’s video and they opened their eyes wide in anticipation.

If the video was not as exciting as Nicholai’s, Taylor was going to be embarrassed!

These videos were also an important part of these celebrities’ battles with one another.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the video began, they saw a cute little girl wearing a mask and a bunny onesie standing in front of the camera, speaking in her prepubescent voice.

“Daddy, I heard that you won an award today. Can I do an old rabbit dance for you?”

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