My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 973

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 973

Both Michael and Sophia were shocked once they saw the video. When… did Carmen film this video? They had no idea at all! The crowd exclaimed in surprise the moment the video was played. It was the first time Taylor’s daughter had appeared in the public eye! In the past, the most they saw was a picture of the girl’s back view with her braided hair, uploaded onto Sophia or Judge’s Twitter. Taylor had never publicly revealed any news about his daughter, so the crowd naturally gasped in astonishment as it was the first time they had seen her.
Amidst the crowd’s cries of surprise, Carmen began to dance and sing without a hint of shyness. Her gaze followed wherever the camera went, and she appeared confident and casual despite performing for a recording. She gave a natural and expressive performance, as if she was born to perform!
“I’m a little rabbit, a little rabbit. I’m a cute rabbit, the cutest rabbit in the world. With a little shake of my tail, and a little waggle of my limbs, I’ll easily catch you…” Carmen was extremely talented in dancing; her movements captured the hearts of the crowd and gave her audience a joyful sensation. She was like an angel that had descended upon Earth to bring happiness to all the sad people. It felt like any negative emotions could be erased as they listened to her sweet voice and watched her cute little dance.

Carmen ended the video with a short and sweet speech. “Let’s go, Dad! Hurry up and bring me to go on the show, ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’! I’ll always be your favorite little girl!” The crowd erupted into a thunderous applause the moment the video ended. All of them could still hear the cute song ringing in their ears—it was simply too comforting to listen to it. At the same time, the breaking news was announced: ‘Taylor is going to bring his daughter to go on ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’!’

When Michael went up on stage to retrieve his award, Sophia could see tears forming in the corner of his eyes. She felt rather emotional herself—she hadn’t expected such a surprise. My Carmen is an angel indeed! It was the first time Taylor had ever stepped on the podium of ‘Light of Cethos’, and tears streamed down his cheeks as he was too emotional. Of course, it wasn’t because of the award—it was because of his daughter.

After receiving his award, Michael finally calmed himself down before giving an acceptance speech. The words were all scripted, but the excitement he felt in him was real. To him, everything he went through that day was worth it. Just watching the video and the dance that Carmen had prepared for him was the largest surprise and award he had received that day.

Once Michael finished his speech and got off the stage, Sandra’s lips curled into a cold grin. She pulled her Dragon Eye 6 out before sending a message. Soon enough, harsh and negative comments began to surface in the comment section of the ‘Light of Cethos’ livestream, as if all the haters had started to take action right then.

‘He’s just a has-been; does he have to get so emotional after receiving a minor award?!’

‘That old man totally can’t handle the livestream; it’s no wonder he has never dared to appear on the ‘Light of Cethos’ livestream all these years!’

Of course, the majority of these negative comments eventually disappeared as they were drowned by all of the comments that praised how adorable Carmen was.

‘It’s out, it’s out! That Internet child celebrity, Carmen, is Taylor’s daughter indeed! Ahhh! I’m so excited! I can’t wait for the second season of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’!’

‘Carmen is so adorable!’

‘She’s such an angel!’

Carmen wore a mask without revealing her actual looks throughout the performance, but she managed to attract everyone’s attention just with her skills. Everyone at the award ceremony was talking about Carmen, the young girl who stole the spotlight from everyone else. Season 2 of ‘Where Are We Going, Dad?’ was a hit even before it started filming. The award ceremony went on, and it was utterly dominated by artists from Glory Entertainment. The best actor, best actress, best artist, best male artist, and best female artist awards all went to artists from Glory Entertainment.

Nicholas Yates won the most number of awards that night. He proudly received three awards, where he defeated two other Oscar-winning actors who had been nominated for ‘Best Artist’ and ‘Best Male Artist’ awards. Sandra felt extremely delighted herself; she glanced toward Michael and Sophia every now and then in hopes that their expressions would reveal a hint of disappointment or anger. After all, Sophia had been gathering votes for Michael every single day before this just to help him get the award! They’re probably really disappointed right now, but what can they do about it? We’ve already snatched the endorsement for Fass’ handphone, so they can only pick the crumbs that Glory Entertainment left behind!

After all the awards were handed out, it was evident that Nicholas had received the most number of prizes. He also got the most amount of screen-time on the livestream, and he knew how to position himself so that he looked perfect in every single shot. On the other hand, Sophia and Michael barely appeared in front of the camera; their presence was about as strong as Carmen’s, or some unpopular rookie model’s.

Since the award-giving session was over, the audience and guests all waited for the final performance. After that, they’d go on stage for a group photo before parting ways with everyone. However, to their surprise, the emcee returned to the stage after the final ‘Best Artist’ award was given out and the singing performance ended. The emcee then gave everyone a secretive and mysterious look. “To all our guests, audiences, and livestream viewers, do calm down as the show isn’t over yet! In fact, the most exciting moment of the entire award ceremony is about to happen right now!”

The crowd exchanged puzzled glances. Didn’t all the excitement end already? Could there be a lucky draw at the end of the show? The emcee continued with his captivating speech. “The ‘Light of Cethos’ event has been hosted annually for more than 10 years now. Apart from our usual 3 main categories and 15 awards, we also have another special prize. I wonder if you guys remember what it is!”

All the younger generations in the audience continued to look at each other confusedly, while the seniors knew what the emcee was referring to. It was the most important and highly-valued award amongst all the awards an artist could receive at the ‘Light of Cethos’ event—it was the ‘Light of Cethos’ award itself! This was an extremely special award which the regular artist wouldn’t stand a chance of getting. One had to be good in acting and singing, and must be popular and outstanding enough, to ever receive this award!

Furthermore, the president and the board of directors had to go through a discussion before they came up with a list of names for this award. They would consider the political, social, and global success of the artist, as well as the artist’s morality and other individual aspects. It was no longer just a simple award within the entertainment industry. This award was handed out by the president himself, and the trophy contained a higher percentage of gold than the regular awards. The award truly lived up to its own name—the ‘Light of Cethos’! Unfortunately, they hadn’t given out this award for nearly 10 years now, and most of the audience had completely forgotten about its existence.

The last time this award was given out about 10 years ago, it went to an international actor known for his martial arts movies. The reason he got the prize was because he expanded his talents in acting beyond the borders of Cethos all the way to Hollywood—he became the first Cethosian face that frequently appeared in a large number of international films. It stirred the international audience’s hype for Cethos.

In the past, Elizabeth was another artist who had received the same award. She was one of the first original soundtrack singers that made it on a global level. Until today, her songs continued to trend across the world—her songs were practically the anthem of Cethos whenever a foreigner thought about Cethosian songs.

There were only a few artists who had ever received this award ever since the establishment of the ‘Light of Cethos’. Each of them would make history for receiving it as it only happened every 10 years or so.

Does that mean that we’ll be witnessing a historically significant moment tonight? The crowd was more hyped than ever. The emcee beamed as he stood in front of the anticipating crowd. “That’s right, everyone. Today, all of you will be witnessing a moment in history. Now, let’s get our president to come on stage for the ‘Light of Cethos’ award!”

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