My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 979

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 979

Recently, Nicole had come in contact with a production crew that was looking for a child celebrity to fill the role, so Nicholas brought his son for the audition. Since Sandra had already pulled a few strings here and there, she wouldn’t be surprised if Nicholas’ son got the role. After spending a huge chunk of money, Sandra finally secured her role as Lucile’s best friend. Now, they were close enough to sleep on the same bed! Although Lucile hadn’t offered to put in a word for Sandra, Sandra was certain that she would become the agent for Dragon Eye. All she needed now was for Lucile to say the magic words.
Alice was simply one of Lucile’s employees, after all.

Sandra’s car had been parked outside the Michel Group’s building for a long while before she finally saw Lucile and Abbie walking out of the building. Sandra threw in another fortune just to convince Lucile and Abbie to pay the Michel Group a visit, so that Lucile could put in a good word for her. As they walked out, Sandra saw that the four of them—Lucile, Abbie, Alice, and Linus—were walking in a group while they laughed and giggled. They seemed pretty close. Perfect! It looks like I’m definitely going to become the agent this time!

If it weren’t for the fact that Lucile had prohibited Sandra from telling Alice that they had met, Sandra might’ve just walked over right then to talk to Alice about the agreement. Instead, she patiently waited and watched as Alice and Linus left the company in different cars. She then went up to Lucile and Abbie once the other two left. “Well? Did Alice agree to it?” Sandra asked anxiously.

Lucile flashed her a rather disappointed glance. “Although we’re all part of the Michel Family, Alice has always been the one to handle anything related to the phone business. I can’t secure a solid confirmation for you, but I heard that there’s a piece of jewelry that Alice took a liking to recently. Perhaps you can find a way from there,” she hinted.

Sandra immediately understood what Lucile meant, and she drove Lucile and Abbie to the jewelry store to purchase the piece of jewelry that Alice had shown interest in. She then got Lucile and Abbie to pass the gift to Alice. After taking the jewelry with them, Lucile and Abbie informed Sandra that they would be meeting Alice for coffee the next day.

In a private room in one of the cafés in Bayside City, Lucile and Abbie sat on the table with the jewelry placed in front of them, while their bodyguards kept watch outside the room. They had been staying in the Mitchell Residence for a while now, and there were a number of things that they couldn’t discuss when they were there. They therefore had to bring their conversations to a café. Abbie picked the jewelry up and tried it on. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it. She happily kept the jewelry into her own bag.

The Mitchells were simply too easy to fool. All Lucile and Abbie had to do was arrange for a meet-up with Alice and Linus; their simple acts were enough to fool all of the Mitchells. They then used the excuse of maintaining privacy in order to get the Mitchells to zip their mouths shut. Just by doing so, Lucile and Abbie had already managed to con a few feasts and presents out of them.

Both Lucile and Abbie had successfully conned other families in Bayside City in the past, and those families were still unaware of what had happened. Even if they had realized anything, they probably didn’t want to make it a big deal. Although Lucile wasn’t the actual Princess Lucile, she was still a part of the Michel Family. Anyone who started a fight against Lucile and Abbie would just be making themselves look bad, and they might even offend the Michel Family.

Abbie was familiar with Bayside City, and the fake Lucile was familiar with the Michel Group; together, they were a perfect match. Abbie went through all the properties, jewelries, yachts, money, and cars that now belonged to her… It wasn’t just the Mitchells and the Edwards that they had fooled—there were other families as well. They benefited greatly from these people, and Abbie gradually realized that she had enough to take off to someplace far away now. The fake Lucile took more than she did, and the two of them calculated the amounts that they had scammed before splitting it between the two of them.

Abbie was elated as she looked at all the wealth she had. She wouldn’t be able to finish all of it even in a few lifetimes! With the money, she could travel overseas, settle somewhere, and enjoy the rest of her life. She could sleep with a different man every night! After they split the money between them, Abbie spoke in a rather concerned tone. “We’ve taken quite a lot from these few families in Bayside City. For safety purposes, I think we should leave soon.” She felt like she had earned enough from these families; she wanted to leave before they were exposed. They could travel to another country and enjoy their lives for a while before they would target the money of another wealthy family.

Lucy, on the other hand, had bigger plans. She wanted to have a baby with Ian or Vincent, and she wanted to get married to a rich family. She’d then be able to leave the Michel Family and stay in Cethos as the grand wife of a wealthy man. Wouldn’t that be better than whatever she had in the past? She had nothing to lose!

Although Lucile was still part of the Michel Family, she was nothing like the actual Lucile. Through a few vague exchanges with Linus and Alice, she had gathered that Fass once had a daughter called Lucile. They were from the same family; they had the same surname and name, yet one lived the life of royalty while the other lived the life of a slave. This conflict left the fake Lucile dissatisfied, so she went out to scam others for money. She initially thought that she would use this money for her own business, but her ego only inflated the more she went around fooling others. She had more than enough capital, but she had never bothered to build her own business. After all, why would she put in the effort to start a business when she was so used to getting money with easier methods?

Abbie, on the other hand, was more aware of what was going on. Lucile hadn’t just fooled all the people around her—she even fooled herself. Right after Abbie finished speaking, the doors to their private room unexpectedly flung open. The two ladies stared at the door to see their bodyguard being restrained by someone else, looking as helpless as a baby. A Northern European man with blonde hair and blue eyes stood outside as he shot the two ladies a cold glare.

“Roger? What are you doing here?” Abbie didn’t know who the man was, but Lucile, who had grown up in the Michel Family, quickly recognized him. Isn’t he the leader of the main security team that always follows Fass around?

Roger simply addressed them with an empty look on his face. “Miss Lucile would like to meet you guys.” There was only one ‘Miss Lucile’ that Roger would refer to. Both Abbie and the fake Lucile’s faces went pale as they realized that they had finally been exposed. They had never seen Lucile in their whole lives; they had never interacted with her, and they didn’t even know that Fass had a daughter for the past 20 years. They couldn’t imagine any other reason the real Lucile would wish to meet them apart from the fact that they had been using her name to scam others.

The two ladies shifted over to another private room in the café, their limbs trembling in fear as they moved. There were already a number of Michel Family’s bodyguards located outside the entrance of the room. The fake Lucile recognized all of them, and it only emphasized the identity of the person waiting for them in the room.

Abbie hung her head low as her eyes darted all over her surroundings, trying to find a way to escape. I could shove all of the blame onto Lucile. If anything, I can just return some of the money to them. I’m not part of the Michel Family, so they can’t do anything to me, she thought.

When they stepped into the other private room in the café, there was already a woman waiting for them inside. She had her back turned toward them. Her long, black hair reached down to her waist, concealing her slim waistline. The room was oddly quiet, and the smell of coffee penetrated the air around them. It only made the atmosphere more tense than ever. Both Abbie and Lucile didn’t even dare to lift their heads—they knew the sort of person that they were dealing with.

However, Abbie then began shouting out of nowhere. “It’s all her! It’s all Lucile’s idea. She’s the one that suggested using your identity to scam others. I’m just her partner; she’s the mastermind!”

Lucile glared at Abbie in disbelief. She hadn’t expected Abbie to betray her during a crucial moment like this! But Abbie was now determined to shove all of the blame onto Lucile, so she continued with her speech. “Miss Lucile, she even tried to use your name to get herself married to a rich man! How shameless of her!”

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