My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 982

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 982

Sophia noticed that Alice had lost her balance momentarily when Sandra grabbed her.
Sandra was determined to embarrass Sophia since the latter had brought up her embarrassing past. Filled with anger and hatred, she subconsciously exerted too much strength while grabbing Alice, causing the unprepared Alice to nearly fall over.
Alice frowned as her body toppled for a moment. Despite her best efforts at exercising restraint, she still felt an excruciating pain in her waist.

Her wound had yet to heal, causing her to feel severe pain when Sandra tugged at her. She felt deeply unwell, and the color gradually drained from her face.

At this critical moment, a pair of large, warm hands suddenly reached out from behind and supported her back gently, saving her from further gaffes.

Alice didn’t look back, but she smelled the classically elegant scent of sandalwood. She had been helplessly intoxicated by the exact same scent six years ago while she was by River Seine that fateful night. When she woke up in a hotel bed after that, the person had left nothing behind in the room except for the lingering scent of sandalwood.

Just like that, he left without a trace.

Snapping out of her memories involving the sandalwood scent, she whispered to Daniel behind her and said, “Thank you.”

Daniel kept standing behind Alice while watching the situation in the hall without saying a word.

Sandra deliberately skirted the issue of apologizing as she wanted Alice to punish Sophia for using a knock-off cell phone. Seeing that Alice did not take action, she boiled over with rage and went so far as to reach her hand out again in an attempt to grab Alice.

After Sandra had grabbed her earlier on, several scratches appeared on Alice’s exposed arm. Being well-prepared this time, she cleverly dodged Sandra when the latter reached out to grab her again. Meanwhile, the bodyguard sensed that something was wrong and immediately stood between the two to keep Sandra away.

Sandra stared at Alice in utter surprise. She was mortified after Sophia teed her off just now, so she desperately needed Alice to save her from embarrassment by coming forward to give Sophia a hard time. However, she didn’t expect Alice to remain silent even after she had spoken so much.

“What’s wrong with you, Alice? This woman is using a Dragon Eye knock-off! You’re one of Dragon Eye’s developers—how can you let it slide? What the hell is going on with you?!”

Sandra’s questioning tone was filled with displeasure; it was as though Dragon Eye belonged to her and Alice was a mere worker.

Knowing that the Mitchell Family was finished, Sophia smiled gracefully.

As expected, Alice had lost her patience; she was displeased from the very beginning when Sandra overstepped her position. Now, Sandra had even took liberties with her and leveled such nonsensical and shameless accusations.

Feeling a dull ache in her wound, Alice looked a bit pale; the smile on her face had long since been replaced with an immeasurably commanding and impatient expression.

Sandra was waiting for Alice to give Sophia a slap in the face, but she didn’t expect to hear something else. “Miss Mitchell, the cell phone Miss Edwards is using is not a knock-off, but a genuine custom-made model produced by the Michel Group’s cell phone division. Only a pair of them are available across the globe!”

That was right—Sophia certainly wouldn’t use a knock-off cell phone. In reality, her cell phone was a customized Dragon Eye model made specially for her by Cooper and Linus.

The cell phone ran on Dragon Eye 7’s latest operating system, and it was equipped with the most advanced functions. Since it had the best quality, the materials used for this custom-build cost even more than Dragon Eye’s market price. Sophia thought that Dragon Eye cell phones looked ugly on the outside, so Linus redesigned the cell phone’s exterior just for her. Because of that, her cell phone looked different from the ordinary Dragon Eye cell phone models.

Cooper had given her a pair of these cell phones as a present, and she gave one of them to Michael. Therefore, the ‘knock-off cell phones’ they were using were actually custom-built models.

Upon hearing Alice’s words, everyone looked at the ‘knock-off’ cell phone in Sophia’s hand.

No wonder! Sophia’s ‘knock-off’ cell phone felt very high-class and expensive from the beginning—it’s completely different from other knock-off devices. It turns out that…

Ignoring Sandra’s profound shock and disbelief, Alice reproved angrily with a commanding look in her ocean-blue eyes and said, “Mr. Murray’s cell phone isn’t a knock-off either. Not only is he using a genuine one, but he is also the global spokesperson for the new Dragon Eye 7 which will be announced soon. Miss Mitchell, please show some respect to Dragon Eye’s spokesperson!”

Everyone was astounded.

It turned out that Taylor was also a spokesperson for Dragon Eye—in fact, he was the global spokesperson for the high-end version!

This revelation reminded them of previous online articles. Whenever Nicholas showed off his low-end version of the Dragon Eye cell phone, what immediately followed would be slanderous articles that accused Taylor of using a Dragon Eye knock-off. These articles accused Taylor of overrating his abilities by competing with Nicholas for the endorsement deal with Dragon Eye despite becoming less handsome due to his old age. According to these articles, Taylor issued press releases to show off even before he had landed the endorsement deal, but he was slapped in the face right away when Nicholas landed the endorsement deal with Dragon Eye once again.

In the eyes of any layman, this was an entertaining drama between two male celebrities in show business. A male celebrity who was past his prime put up a last-ditch struggle after being too confident, but he didn’t expect to lose face when he lost the fight against his junior in the entertainment industry over an endorsement deal.

However, those familiar with show business knew that this was actually a plot hatched up by somebody so that they could rise to fame by riding on Taylor’s popularity and even slandering him.

The identity of the person behind the plot was obvious; whoever benefited from this had to be the mastermind behind the plot.

“Ah, so this is Dragon Eye 7! I must’ve been blind earlier on. This looks so much better than Nicholas’s low-end version!”

“How could the low-end version be compared with the high-end one? They are totally different in terms of concept; the low-end version is significantly cheaper than the high-end one. There are big differences between the two models, and there are big differences between the respective spokespersons too.”

“The high-end version’s global spokesperson kept such a low profile, whereas the low-end version’s spokesperson in Cethos couldn’t wait to play up his endorsement deal with Dragon Eye every single day. Perhaps this is the difference between a low-class, attention-seeking idol versus a first-class artist!”

“He slandered someone else for more than a month and showered him with all kinds of abuses, slanderous remarks, and foul language just because of a cell phone. I wonder How Glory Entertainment is going to clear up this mess this time.”

The crowd whispered among themselves while looking at the cell phone in Sophia’s hand. Meanwhile, Sandra’s face grew darker as she listened to their comments.

Unwilling to stay out of the limelight, Stanley took out his Dragon Eye 7. “All of you have been mistaken, people. My aunt’s cell phone is custom-built, and there are only two of these cell phones in the world; my aunt has one of them, whereas my uncle has the other. Come and take a look at this—this is the Dragon Eye 7 that will soon be released to the market, and it’s quite pleasant to use. Its operating system runs more smoothly than before, and it responds to the user’s touch a lot more quickly. What’s more, it comes with portrait retouching functions…”

Everyone’s attention was drawn to Dragon Eye 7, but some people were still paying attention to the embarrassed Sandra. As Glory Entertainment’s actual controller, not only did Sandra mock people online for using knock-off cell phones, she even humiliated someone in person at the banquet organized by L/K today.

Sandra was absolutely shocked at this moment before she was consumed with towering rage.

Did Dragon Eye make Michael the global spokesperson for its high-end version?

She looked at Alice furiously, and her fingernails sank into her palms.

Alice had turned around and left while everyone was paying attention to the Dragon Eye. She didn’t want to see Sandra anymore.

As expected, someone who’s engaged in sports isn’t fit to do business. When Alice saw Sandra for the first time, several words which could be used to describe the latter came into her mind. There must be something wrong with her mind; she failed to recognize a great person, yet she’s so intoxicated by her success and acting like a d*mn snob.

She was so puffed up with pride only because one of the artists under her agency became a regional spokesperson for the low-end version of Dragon Eye cell phones. Judging by how confident she looked, was she absolutely certain that she’d become Dragon Eye’s agent? Who gave her the confidence to think that way?!

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