My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 989

alling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 989

The corners of Ian’s mouth spasmed as he looked at the stack of nude photos Sophia had pulled out. Indeed, they were his nudes—all sorts of poses and expressions were revealed in these photos.
If his guess was right, Lucile had taken those photos several nights before—no, the fake Lucile was the one who took them.
Things began to make sense; he hadn’t been able to successfully pursue the gorgeous woman, but she suddenly agreed to have dinner with him that day. In fact, she deliberately had some wine too. Once they were done with dinner, Lucile was clearly drunk since she had a low tolerance for alcohol. Of course, Ian did not send her back to the Mitchells like a gentleman; he booked a room at the hotel and carried her there instead. Entering the hotel room as a man and a woman, anyone could guess what came after that.

Furthermore, Lucile had been absolutely certain that he would be the one to win the management rights, assuring him that he would get it. Much to his surprise, she vanished without a trace the next day. All the things he gifted her had been sold off—even the Audistin’s gold member card.

He hadn’t been able to contact her since then, but he did not have the guts to openly look for her either.

She was a scammer, no doubt!

Prior to leaving, she even slept with him and enjoyed every last bit of pleasure.

Ian kicked himself out of regret as he stared at the stack of nude photos.

So that’s how it is—Sophia must be in league with that scammer!

However, Ian remained calm as his fingers languidly tapped away at the stack of photos, a condescending look on his face. “Oh? In that case, you must’ve seen these photos of mine too. Since you’ve had a look at it, I wonder what you think about them,” he said nonchalantly.

With that, Ian even closed his eyes and pretended that this wasn’t concerning to him at all; he seemed like a perverted flasher who feared nothing.

Sophia calmly pulled over one of his nudes; his face was clearly shown in the picture along with his privates on display. Looking straight at it without any embarrassment, Sophia appraised it with surety. “Hmm, my thoughts? I do have a lot to say about this. From what I can see, it’s only 10cm—what a huge difference compared to my husband’s.”

Ian’s flippant smile slowly stiffened.

“Not only is it thin and short, it’s not a pretty one either. It looks so ugly! Even the foreskin is a bit too long.”

Sophia went through each of the photos one by one, airing all her criticisms about his body and his private parts. Ian’s expression darkened as this went on, keeping silent all the while. At last, he smacked the table hard and stood up. “I won’t let you get those management rights, Sophia. You’d better give up on that notion! I will be the one to get it instead!”

Sophia didn’t continue speaking. She simply pulled out her elite, custom-made Dragon Eye 7 and began typing away after she unlocked the screen with the fingerprint scanner.

“What are you doing?”

Sophia continued typing. “I’m sending out those nudes of yours.”

The color instantly drained from Ian’s face; he instinctively grabbed her phone and realized that she was posting it on some forum with a burner account. With the caption typed up and the photos uploaded, his nudes were taking center stage. The post had already been uploaded; even if he tapped ‘cancel’, it wouldn’t be of any use now.

“Sophia, y-you…”

Ian was so furious that his entire being shook.

If those photos got out, he would never be able to live this down!

Sophia giggled as she retrieved her phone. “You’re done for. It’s an internationally renowned forum. Soon, socialites from all around the world are going to know about your thin, skinny and ugly d*ck with its long foreskin.”

Ian’s face immediately darkened in rage. “Y-You…”

Seeing how Ian looked like he was about to have an aneurysm any time soon, Sophia couldn’t bear teasing him further. She explained to him and said, “I’m joking. I wasn’t connected to the Wi-Fi earlier! Still, I won’t leak your nudes because of Master Sam.”

Ian finally relaxed and heaved a sigh of relief, but he continued to glare balefully at Sophia. “Don’t take things too far, Sophia. You…”

Sophia lowered her head and deleted the post that she had just drafted. Since there wasn’t any internet connection on her cell phone, the post was still in the midst of uploading.

As she looked at her phone, she whipped her free hand out and held it in front of Ian’s face. “Stop! Let me delete that post first before you speak to me. If my fingers slip and that post accidentally gets out, it’s all over for you.”

Ian shut his mouth, deeply afraid that Sophia would actually upload his nudes. Hence, he sat there with his mouth sealed and a frosty expression on his face as he watched her delete all the photos. He only dared to speak once she put her phone down.

“Turns out that everything was part of your plan; you arranged for that scammer to get close to me!” Ian exclaimed, his eyes on the table.

Sophia none-too-hurriedly took a sip of coffee before she spoke. “I arranged for that scammer, you say? Mr. Edwards, have you forgotten how you came into contact with that scammer?”

That scammer had originally wanted to trick the Mitchells, but as the former head of the Mitchell Family, Ian still had loyalists inside; he only found out that Lucile had been in contact with Vincent when they leaked the information to him. At that point in time, he decided to get closer with Lucile so that he could compete with Vincent.

Ian was rendered speechless by this. He dug his own grave by claiming that Sophia had arranged for the scammer to trick him, but he continued to question her anyway. “Regardless, you’re still the one who arranged for that scammer. Your initial target was the Mitchell Family, and I just happened to walk into your trap. Am I right?”

Even though he knew that he couldn’t get his money back, he had to get to the bottom of this!

Sophia shrugged, unsure how to answer. She knew that the woman was a scammer from the very beginning, but she tolerated her the entire time. In reality, Sophia had been waiting for the scammer to finish up her antics before catching her as she escaped. That way, she could squeeze every last bit of value out of that woman.

She had instructed the fake Lucile and Abbie to speak badly of Alice in front of Sandra; Sophia even got them to help her sneak some top-secret information out of the Mitchells so that she could pass it on to Cooper. If those women didn’t follow her instructions, Sophia would’ve exposed them.

However, Sophia never thought that Cooper wouldn’t care for the confidential information she had obtained from the Mitchells.

Cooper simply hadn’t started his war against the Mitchell Family. If he had actually decided to make a move, the Mitchells would’ve long since been decimated. Mitchell International Energy and Technology achieved a meteoric rise this year, outgrowing Alex ages ago.

Meanwhile, the Mitchells would be swallowed up by the Michel Group sooner or later, which was their rival.

Still, Sophia felt indignation over the fact that the Mitchells had divided up Cooper and Woody’s possessions back then; she kept that indignation close to her heart all this time.

Ian was the one who ran into this himself. She wasn’t duty-bound to warn him about that!

With Ian questioning her now, she gave him a vague answer. “I guess you could say that. I realized that you were being tricked earlier on, but I just didn’t call her out.”

Ian was so furious that his eyes rolled back into his head. What difference was there between this and outright joining hands to scam him?!

Seeing how he was about to speak, Sophia suddenly asked him in curiosity, “Do you want to marry Lucile that much? You do know that Lucile wouldn’t lower herself to marry you, right? You’ll have to marry into her family instead. However, do you know the price of marrying into the Mitchells?”

Ian’s ears pricked up upon hearing that. He couldn’t help paying attention to this, but he still feigned an uninterested expression on his face.

“I don’t care about such things.”

Sophia shrugged. “To be honest, it’s not that high of a price—you’d only have to change your family name. When you die, you won’t be buried in the Edwards’ ancestral graveyard; you’ll have to be buried with the Mitchells.”

Just as she expected, Ian hesitated after hearing this. An elite family that spanned generations like the Edwards had strong feelings about blood ties. Obviously, they wouldn’t agree to one of their male descendants marrying into another family.

Besides, women in Cethos never changed their family names upon marriage, let alone a man.

To top it off, Ian stood at the top of the Edwards’ hierarchy. If he changed his family name and married into the Mitchells, he would definitely anger the Edwards; they would strip everything away from him. Even if he really did marry Lucile, he would just be a son-in-law who brought nothing material to his new family.

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