My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 993

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 993

Sean and Sarah’s expressions immediately shifted the moment they spotted Dana, and they instinctively took a step back.
No one in Bayside City dared to talk business with Dana. She was too much of an abnormality—in fact, she was practically an oddity among Bayside City’s socialites.
Dana’s grubby hands had barely reached out before she drew them back with lightning speed as soon as she spotted Stanley.

Last time, Stanley had broken her nose because she flirted with Sean; half a year ago, she got her leg broken by him because she had groped Sean’s butt. A year ago, she took the advantage of working together and sent Sean a lewd picture to hit on him, but Stanley had hopped onto a plane and flew overnight to break her arm when he caught wind of this. After that, he got onto another overnight flight and continued attending to his business deals. Two years prior, she had wolf-whistled at Sean at a dinner party, causing Stanley to trap her in the washroom before smashing her face into the cover of the toilet bowl. This incident had caused shock to ripple through Bayside City.

The trio had been in the same class in kindergarten. Back then, Stanley and Sean were playing house; Stanley was the father, Sean was the mother, and they gave Dana the role of their daughter. Dana refused and insisted on being the mistress, culminating in an intense beating from Stanley.

During their dance lessons in kindergarten, everyone needed a partner. Naturally, Stanley’s dance partner was Sean, but Dana wanted Sean to be her partner instead. Stanley ended up cornering her in the kindergarten’s mini garden to beat her up.

Talking with Sean? A beating. Giving Sean some flowers or snacks? Another beating. Kissing Sean secretly? Yet another beating.

In the end, Dana ended up studying abroad. It wasn’t until she returned a few years ago to take over her duties at the Winstons that she saw Sean. Yet, she still couldn’t control her grubby hands.

Similarly, Stanley couldn’t stop his own grubby hands when he saw her. One offending hand landed right by Dana’s neck as he grabbed her by the collar and reflexively lifted her up.

Dana’s toes were a few inches above the ground as she stared fearfully into the terrifying eyes of Stanley.

“I’ve never hit a woman, Dana. Congratulations on being the first woman I want to beat up!”

Dana was fearful to no end. “My bad, Stan! It’s my bad! I won’t dare to do this ever again!”

Stanley flung Dana hard to the ground and stepped over her body. “I’m here to discuss business today, so I won’t hit you. You’d better watch yourself next time!”

Dana scrambled back to her own seat, but she continued to sneak glances at Sean every now and then.

Eventually, Sean and Stanley found their seats and sat down. At the thought of Stanley’s enraged glare earlier, Sean couldn’t help but cover his mouth and grin. “She’s a girl, Stan. You’ve got to treat girls more gently.”

Stanley looked at the back of Dana’s head, his hands reflexively getting the urge as he did so. He gritted his teeth and replied, “I would have already had her head if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s a woman.”

Sophia had taken a seat as well. The moment she did so, she heard Dana’s flirtatious whistles. She lifted her gaze to look at the woman who was as handsome as a man. Sophia was forced to rethink her views; with that short hair and men’s suit, she couldn’t see any signs indicating that Dana was a woman. The only thing she lacked was an Adam’s apple. Like Sean, Dana was andrgynous.

She simply retracted her gaze after a glance and continued to look at her phone.

While Dana didn’t seem like an especially reliable person, she had been young when she took on the duty of running the Winston Group—she had even become Harry’s rival. Naturally, she was not to be underestimated.

Everyone else soon arrived. Stanley glared at Dana, and the latter shivered as she kept whistling at handsome men and gorgeous ladies in the hall. Lucy was an enigma; Sandra kept glaring hard at Vincent and Derek, and Sophia’s head was lowered with her eyes glued to her phone. From time to time, she would chat with Sarah. None of them were getting along with each other.

Alice arrived on the dot. As she stood in the center of the platform, the competing vendors and reporters all turned their gazes to her.

Alice didn’t waste any time as she gave a brief explanation about the Dragon Eye budget and the high-end ranges’ launch in Cethos, explaining her requests for the vendors at the same time.

At last, it was time for the most important part. “Dragon Eye is one of the oldest and most successful cell phone brands in the world. Ever since I took over, our market share has been on the rise. This will be our first time selling our phones in the Cethosian market, and we’ve received many love calls from so many retailers. In just a short time, over a hundred vendors from Cethos have been in contact with us. I hereby express my sincerest thanks to all those who have such trust and faith in Dragon Eye. After several rounds of decision-making, my team and I have chosen the best-suited vendor for Dragon Eye. With that, we have chosen…”

She deliberately paused in the middle of her announcement; with her eyes glittering as she looked down the platform, Alice’s gaze swept over the group of people below. Everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

With Dragon Eye entering the giant playing field that was the Cethosian market and its unreal purchasing power backed by their billion-strong population, initial calculations indicated that they could pull in annual revenues reaching billions. Whichever vendor got the deal would be rewarded handsomely. Now, who would be getting their hands on this lovely piece of pie?

Everyone including Sophia held their breaths; even she herself didn’t know if she would be able to secure the managing rights. After all, Lucy was about neck-and-neck with her. Sophia had swallowed Vincent’s assets and was in a slightly more advantageous position than Lucy, but when she factored in Alice herself, Sophia actually didn’t have much of an advantage.

Alice’s gaze roved over the crowd. She spoke at last, continuing from where she left off. “I hereby announce that the sole Cethosian retailer for Dragon Eye shall be Plum Technology!”

Plum Technology!

Upon hearing those words, Sophia finally let out the breath she had been holding; there was a hint of a smile on her face.

This was a prize deal, but if Sophia wanted to keep it, she would have to rely on her skills. If she didn’t manage this well, Alice could cancel the management rights at any moment. After heaving a sigh of relief, Sophia’s tenseness returned.

Alice immediately left after her announcement, uncaring of the reporters’ numerous requests for an interview.

The staff of Plum Technology were mad with excitement, and they all stood up to congratulate themselves.

Let’s eat at Crimson House until they’re out of food tonight!

Meanwhile, Lucy only got up when the Plum Technology staff and Alice had left. Her eyes were still filled with disbelief.

She had actually lost to a bunch of hacks who just slap screen protectors on phones!

Does Alice not have eyes at all?

Lucy had managed several internationally known cell phone brands and other luxury goods before. Reasonably, she was the best choice. What edge did Plum Technology have over her?

Sandra hadn’t expected Sophia to snag the management rights either. Didn’t Alice say that she’d never pick Sophia previously?

It must’ve been because of Vincent.

Her gaze flickered over to Lucy, whose eyes were shooting streams of fire. The gears in her mind whirred, and she deliberately added a biting touch to her voice. “I really have no idea how she got it. Clearly, she doesn’t measure up to you. She must have used some underhanded methods…”

In her eyes, Plum Technology was more or less being hard carried by Sophia alone. However, she failed to see that Sophia had Stanley of the Fletchers; Sarah of the Winstons; Vincent of the Mitchells; as well as Cooper and Michael behind her. Sophia had it all—be it skill, connections, or channels.

Without a word, Lucy stomped off. She had used her own power to compete, but she still lost to those measures.

Huh, let’s just see how Sophia is going to choke on this slice of pie!

Lucy left huffily, her expression just as distant as ever. The reporters surrounded her and promptly bombarded Lucy with a load of questions.

“What are your thoughts on your loss, Miss Edwards?”

“Are you feeling resentful because Plum Technology has been announced as the retailer for Dragon Eye in Cethos?”

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