My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 996

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 996

Quinton found out about Carmen’s participation in this production crew as a cameo a while ago, and he wanted to kidnap the little girl so that he would be able to force Sophia to return to him! He had done such illegal acts a countless number of times, and he thought that he would be able to complete it without feeling the weight of guilt on his shoulders. However, after he saw Carmen’s sweet and innocent face, all he could think about was how Sophia had cried at the top of her lungs at him back then. “My little Carmen was only 4 pounds when she came out. She nearly died! And it was all your fault!!” He couldn’t forget how Carmen had been nothing more than a small ball of flesh when she was first born. The little child even stopped breathing for a while.
That was the most impactful and horrifying memory etched in Quinton’s mind. Now that Carmen was all grown up—now that she was healthy, cute, and able to run and fool around like a regular child—how could he have the heart to bring any harm upon her? After some hesitation, Quinton finally gave up as he simply couldn’t bear to harm Carmen. After texting his men to inform them of the aborted mission, Quinton sat himself on the ground dejectedly. All I want is for Sophia to stay with me. Why is that so hard? Why… I was the one that showed up in her life first; how could Michael just barge in and take my spot? How could he? How?! If it weren’t for him, I would have been the one receiving all the love and care. Sophia should’ve been in love with me, and Carmen should’ve been my daughter! It feels like Michael just invaded my entire life and snatched all of it away from me.
Right then, one of Quinton’s men rushed over to speak to him. “Boss, how are we supposed to inform those at Bayside City in Cethos about this if we’re aborting the mission?”

Quinton’s face darkened. “I refuse to lay hands on a child. Tell that person I’m not doing the job, and that I will not allow anyone else to take the job. Anyone who dares to lay a finger on that child would be going against my orders!”

Meanwhile, Sophia spent another whole night in her office at Bayside City. She only managed to get a short nap after the sun was up. At noon time, she scrambled out of her office to grab herself a meal. She then got Shae to make her a cup of coffee before she continued with her work. As it was the first time Dragon Eye was publicly selling their products in Cethos, there was no foundation set for the process. As long as they managed to put up a stable framework on their first launch, their job would be much easier in the future.

However, Sophia’s assistant entered her office and surprised her with the news that very afternoon—Stanley had called for a meeting. Something huge must have happened! Sophia finished the rest of her coffee before rushing over to the meeting room with her assistant. She listened to her assistant’s summary as they walked there. Apparently, Nicholas, the spokesperson of Dragon Eye in Cethos, posted a tweet that day itself. He wrote about how he smashed his two-month-old Dragon Eye handphone by accident, and there was a photo of the broken screen included in the tweet. His caption was a simple one. ‘It seems like all the statements of it being bulletproof is just an advertising strategy. I even got hacked by someone a few days ago, and I lost a lot of important data. Sigh.’

He had just denied the two greatest selling points of Dragon Eye phones: good quality and an impenetrable system. This was the first time a spokesperson had ever publicly questioned the quality of the products that he endorsed. Furthermore, since Nicholas was such a famous figure, there were soon a lot of netizens who expressed their suspicion about the low-end Dragon Eye phones. Most of the people had never used a high-end Dragon Eye phone or even seen one, so they were excited to see the low-end version. But now, the phone’s quality was being questioned by its own spokesperson. This was the first in history!

Nicholas’ company, Glory Entertainment, soon made a public statement. They wanted to breach their end of the contract to terminate Nicholas’ partnership with Dragon Eye. They stated that they would rather pay for the contract violation fees than endorse low-quality products that would only harm their own reputation. All of this happened so quickly that Sophia’s team didn’t even have the time to respond to it.

Nicholas’ tweet and Glory Entertainment’s statement came out almost at the same time. By the time Sophia’s team came to their senses, the Internet was already flooded with all the negative comments from ghostwriters. The entire series of events occurred all at once, as if it had all been well-schemed. It seemed like Glory Entertainment was getting a little more confident now that they had gathered enough funds. Hah. Why isn’t anyone talking about Sunny weight-loss tea anymore? Nicholas endorsed that drink, and someone died from consuming it. How dare they now talk about wanting to avoid endorsing products that would harm their reputation!

Stanley quickly gathered them for a meeting, where they all began to talk over one another to formulate a plan.

“We should get the after-sales department to contact Nicholas and take his phone for a quality check,” someone suggested.

“That’s useless. He did it on purpose. It’d be no use even if we took the phone in,” someone else said.

“We should get someone to boost the good comments first!” another one uttered.

“Contact Mr. Fields. We have to be prepared to go to court for the violation of our endorsement agreement and sue them for their act of slander,” someone added.

Going to court was a lengthy process, and the time spent on it would provide Glory Entertainment with sufficient opportunity to utterly tarnish Dragon Eye’s reputation. They really gave it their all—they had successfully forced Sophia’s team into a corner. In the end, Sophia’s team came up with two sets of emergency measures. Plan A, they would skip the legal procedures and instead, privately contact Nicholas to convince him to restore the reputation of Dragon Eye. Otherwise, they would use their Plan B, which was a lot more brutal…

But Sophia immediately rejected their Plan A. Nicholas was clearly acting the way he did because of Sandra and Lucy’s orders. If they actually approached him privately, it would be giving him leverage against them—he could choose to magnify and complicate the entire issue to worsen the situation. Now that the phone’s quality was being questioned even before it was sold on the market, this was indeed a disaster to Dragon Eye, but it was also an opportunity in disguise. If they managed to seize this opportunity, it would become nothing but a free publicity act, which would further increase Dragon Eye’s fame. “I have an idea to deal with this. First, we’ll let the bullets come to us…”

Finally, Plum Technology made a statement and took legal action, but they didn’t do anything else. Lawyers from both parties met up, and the agreement was dissolved. Plum Technology didn’t make a fuss out of it; they simply ended the contract after they received the violation fees. Both parties didn’t show any further disagreements on the matter; they didn’t even go to court. Nicholas’ company probably wouldn’t be able to afford it if they had to go to court.

As expected, Nicholas had already accepted the offer to be the spokesperson of Serpent, and he was just waiting for his contract with Dragon Eye to be ended. He proceeded to become the spokesperson for Serpent right after he posted all the negative reviews about Dragon Eye phones’ quality. What a typical example of someone who uses others to his own benefit, Sophia thought. I’d never fancied Nicholas as an individual, and I’d always wanted to cut him off and get a new spokesperson. That was the perfect chance for us to do it.

Both the Serpent and Dragon Eye phones were placed together for side-by-side comparisons once again. Serpent was known to be the best on the market, and Dragon Eye was a brand-new competitor. However, Dragon Eye was utterly defeated by Serpent before it could even be sold on the market—all the ghostwriters flooded the comment and review sections with their negative criticisms. 10 marks was the full score for the products, and Dragon Eye phones received so many negative reviews that it went down to a score of 1.

Both Serpent and its spokesperson took the opportunity to advance themselves by stepping on Dragon Eye’s reputation. Right then, Serpent had already begun their pre-order sales. Within 5 hours, there were already 6 million pre-orders made. This broke the record of Serpent’s—or any other phone’s—sales in Cethos.

6 million pre-orders within 5 hours was an impressive number that had left the industry stunned. Dragon Eye, on the other hand… didn’t even have a spokesperson. The bulletproof mechanisms and the impenetrable systems that they had been so proud of were now denied by the public, and they hadn’t even released their date for pre-orders to begin with. Plum Technology was a mess, and the office was panicking. Chaos was everywhere, and the workers didn’t even have time to clean up their tables after finishing their lunch. This was the exact scene that Michael was greeted with once he got back to the country and visited the company.

Once the workers saw Michael, they all quickly spread the news. “Come and take a look, guys. The boss’ ‘wife’ is here!”

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