My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 10

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 10

“You’ve never been on my flight since we got married.” Lucas reached out to hug her slender waist from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder, suddenly feeling the urge to do many things that they had never done together before.

In the four years of marriage, they had never traveled together before, never ate out together before, nor did they go shopping or watch movies like an ordinary couple.

The place where they hung out the most was this villa and…

“So I’ll fly with you tonight.” Ashlyn put down her phone and nudged him. “Let me pick out a dress. Say honey, what should I wear?”

“My wife looks good in anything. Whatever you like, honey,” Lucas said without thinking as he buttoned his shirt.

Those weren’t flattering words. Ashlyn had a nice figure and was beautiful, much more beautiful than the air stewardesses of South Star Airlines and more dazzling than the celebrities of Nolan Entertainment.

“Where are you flying tonight?” Ashlyn asked, suddenly remembering that Cindy was wearing a light yellow dress when she saw her from the stairs just now, so when she saw a light yellow dress in her wardrobe, her hands stiffened. Then she heard the man say, “London.”


“Which means you’re only flying back tomorrow night?” Ashlyn took out the light yellow dress.

Lucas nodded. “Yes. We’ll have to stay there for one night.”

Ashlyn was annoyed at the fact that she would have to take a suitcase, but she hid her emotions well.

She put the dress on her body and made a twirl, smiling brightly at Lucas. “Honey, how do I look?”

“Great.” The man bent over and gave her a kiss. “You look great, honey.”

“Greater than Cindy Wynn?”

“Of course,” Lucas said honestly.

Cindy was pretty, but she was soulless; there was something missing about her, unlike Ashlyn, who was perfect in every way.

The light yellow dress, in particular, accentuated her perfect figure to the fullest, setting off her snowy white skin.

Ashlyn couldn’t help chuckling.

“Are you jealous of Cindy?” Lucas smirked. Over the past four years, Ashlyn would neither make a fuss nor be jealous, no matter the women who showed up by his side. She was very accommodating, which was also what he liked about her.

“Well, if Ms. Wynn is interested in you, I think it’s not too bad. Once we get a divorce, you can easily take her as your wife.”

Lucas’ hands on the buttons froze.

This woman is still so accommodating and sensible.

Saying that, Ashlyn turned around and started packing.

She really didn’t want to go to London, but she had to go. The man had yet to sign the divorce agreement. If she pisses him off and he refused to sign, she will have to rack her brain for ideas to make the divorce happen.

After she was done packing, she heard him say, “Put my daily necessities in too.”

“Okay,” Ashlyn said, trying to govern her temper.

How she wished to smash these things in front of her.

After packing up, she turned around and saw that the man had already put on the captain’s uniform. Compared to the man’s usual cold appearance, he looked a little more austere and solemn, especially with the four bars on his shoulders.

The two went out together and got into the car. Lucas sat beside her and habitually held her hand. “I’ll be in the conference room later.”

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