My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 100

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 100

She had purposely shown off her busty figure by leaning over because the dress she had on had a very low cut in front.

Hera did a great job concealing her intention because she behaved naturally and put on a great show in front of Lucas while trying to seduce the man with her busty figure.

Nonetheless, Lucas stared at her with a poker face.

All of a sudden, the man’s eyes gleamed.

Hera was delighted and thought she had achieved the goal she had in mind. Did he see it? I knew it! No man has ever turned me down before whenever I showed them my attractive figure!

The man finally opened the door of the car and stepped out of his ride. Consequently, his slender pair of legs could be seen.

Hera placed her hands in front of the bag she had in an anticipation of the man inviting her into his ride, but Lucas walked past her.

She turned around and looked at the man’s departing figure in disbelief because the man sprinted over to another woman’s side.

“Ashlyn, I’ll give you a ride home.” The man’s hoarse voice could be heard as he invited the woman who had just made her way out of the hospital.

“Lucas, don’t you have anything else to tend to on your busy schedule?” Ashlyn knitted her eyebrows, smirking as she looked at the man in the eyes. Eventually, she turned around, casting a contemptuous gaze at Hera who was by the side of Lucas’ Bentley.

Hera felt embarrassed and infuriated. In an attempt to return the favor in a similar manner, she glared at Ashlyn furiously and stopped concealing her jealousy.

“Lucas!” Hera rushed over to Lucas’ side immediately. Suddenly, she staggered and fell to the ground, yelling, “Ouch!”

Lucas turned around and noticed Hera placed her hand on her ankle, pouting her lips in a pitiable manner, yelling, “Lucas, my leg hurts!”

“Lucas, it seems like your girlfriend has accidentally hurt her ankle. I’m sure she needs you…” Ashlyn found the scene hilarious and burst into laughter, stating, “I can’t believe she actually resorts to such a low trick. I’m out.”

Once Ashlyn finished her sentence, she walked past the woman who had collapsed in the middle of the road.

“Dr. Berry, I think I have accidentally hurt my ankle! Can you please check on my condition?” Hera pretended she didn’t hear Ashlyn’s remark, asking for help in return.

“Ms. Chapman, are you sure you can afford my consultation fee?” Ashlyn stood right where she was, asking callously.

“Lucas, I…” Hera looked at Lucas with an aggrieved look on her face, pursing her lips.

Her eyes brimmed with tears, reprimanding, “Do you really consider yourself as a doctor? How could you leave an injured patient alone? I don’t think you deserve to be a doctor!”

Upon hearing Hera’s words, Lucas recalled Ashlyn’s principles as a fellow surgeon. His pupils dilated, exuding a menacing aura.

Lucas rebuked Hera’s statement, “You have merely twisted your ankle, but doing that would make her go against the principles she has in life.”

What the hell does that supposed to mean? Does that mean the woman’s so-called principles in life are more important as compared to my ankle?

Hera got increasingly frustrated the more she thought about it, but she dared not to throw a tantrum in front of Lucas because she didn’t want to expose her true colors.

Therefore, she put on a pitiable front, begging, “Lucas, my leg hurts! Can you please bring me to the doctor?”

Lucas glanced at Spencer, who was in the car, and with a grim expression, he instructed, “Get Ms. Chapman an ambulance immediately.”

Spencer was rendered speechless by Lucas’ instruction because they were right in front of the hospital.

Mr. Nolan, are you serious? We’re outside of the freaking hospital. I think the doctor will take things out on me before tending to Ms. Chapman’s injured leg if I get an ambulance as instructed.

Similarly, Hera’s expression changed as she looked at Lucas in disbelief. I’m the childhood playmate he has been searching for over the past ten years, right? I thought I was the one who had rescued him back in the day? Is that how he’s going to return the favor to me?

Although Spencer had his reservations, he had to carry out Lucas’ instruction. Eventually, he approached Hera, suggesting, “Ms. Chapman, allow me to bring you to the doctor instead.”

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