My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 101

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 101

Hera was so angry that she gritted her teeth in silence. Nevertheless, she had no choice but to continue acting innocent while saying, “Sorry for bothering you, Mr. White.”

Meanwhile, Lucas got into his Bentley and drove off in a rush.

Spencer was speechless as he looked back.

Did Mr. Nolan abandon her just like that?

Ashlyn just got off the taxi and was about to step into Bayview Villa when she heard a screeching sound behind her.

A tall and mighty figure got down from the car and chased after her.

Without looking back, Ashlyn could tell who it was based on the sound of the person’s footsteps.

“Lucas, what are you doing here?” she asked.

“I want to see with my own eyes whether you’re actually living with another man,” said Lucas as he looked at the two men standing by the entrance of the villa. When they saw Ashlyn, they quickly bowed and addressed her, “Ms. Berry!”

Even Jared’s subordinates are so respectful towards her, Lucas thought to himself.

“We’re divorced. I have the freedom to choose whoever I want to live with,” Ashlyn snarled at him as she stood by the main gate of the villa. “Don’t you think you’re being a bit too controlling?”

Right after that, the iron gate slammed shut in Lucas’s face with a loud bang, and Ashlyn’s silhouette gradually disappeared before his eyes.

Hostility flashed across his eyes, and his mood turned cold and irritable.

That morning, just as Ashlyn finished her breakfast and was ready to go out, Jared swayed down the stairs and appeared in front of her, then said in a flattering tone, “Boss, help me out with something.”

“What is it?” Ashlyn replied. She really didn’t want to see him these two days, and if she could, she’d sent him to a faraway mine in Africa just to avoid him. Nonetheless, he got his act together in front of her.

Why is he so bold all of a sudden?

“There is a charity gala going on this Friday. Could you please come with me? All my followers on social media know that you’re my goddess,” he said as he observed her facial expression.

“You want me to be your date for the gala?” Ashlyn snapped. “Jared Quickton, what gave you the nerve to make such a request?”

“Boss, I was drunk that night. I was so wasted that I didn’t even know what stupid things I was doing. If I were sober, I wouldn’t dare to post that on social media! I beg you, please help me out this time. It’d be embarrassing if I went alone!” Lucas whined miserably. In front of Ashlyn, he didn’t act like a CEO of a big company at all.

“Let’s see how you behave these few days,” said Ashlyn, then she grabbed her handbag and left.

As she walked out, Jared started wailing behind her.

Ashlyn was going to perform surgery on Landon today.

His injuries were extremely severe, and she didn’t feel at ease letting other doctors treat him.

When she reached the hospital, she headed directly to Landon’s ward. His wife Cadence and two other senior citizens were also in the ward. Based on the senior citizens’ decrepit appearance, it was obvious that they had worked extremely hard in their younger years.

“Are you the doctor who is going to perform surgery on our son? Aren’t you a little young to handle such an operation?” Mrs. Davis asked as she looked at Ashlyn in disdain. The wrinkles on her face were as deep as craters on the moon.

Ashlyn had been doubted like this countless times before, so she did not pay much heed to Mrs. Davis’s remarks. She took a look at the consent letter signed by Cadence then passed it to the nurse before answering Mrs. Davis, “I can handle it.”

“Let me warn you, I’ll come after you if anything happens to my son,” Mrs. Davis retorted as she held Ashlyn in contempt. This was the first time she had come across such a pretty doctor, but threatening words just flowed out of her mouth subconsciously.

Ashlyn was certain of her own capabilities, so she wasn’t bothered by Mrs. Davis’s snide comments.

Yesterday it was Mrs. Chapman; today it’s Mrs. Davis…how exhausting dealing with such cynical old women.

She simply ignored Mrs. Davis and walked out of the ward.

When Mrs. Davis realized she was being ignored, she took out her anger on Cadence and yelled, “Don’t mess around with my son’s life just because you are after the free treatment. Mark my words, if he loses his life, I will come after you!”

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand and pinched Cadence’s arm.

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