My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 102

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 102

Cadence grimaced and squirmed in pain. Her eyes turned red, but she lowered her head and remained silent.

I wouldn’t have chosen this young doctor if it weren’t for the fact that we cannot afford a better doctor.

On the other hand, if Landon doesn’t see a doctor, he would just be waiting for his death to come.

Despite the thoughts that were running through Cadence’s mind, she didn’t dare to say anything as she was fearful of her mother-in-law.

When it was time for Landon’s surgery, Ashlyn stepped into the operating theatre as usual. She was accompanied by a group of doctors and nurses. The battle that they were going to face was not an easy one.

“She’s so young yet so she has so many doctors and nurses accompanying her? She must be putting on an act,” Mrs. Davis said scornfully.

It was completely silent in the operating theatre, but there was a commotion brewing outside the theatre.

As time passed, Mrs. Davis became more and more grouchy.

From time to time, she would poke Candence and lament at her.

“Why is the surgery taking so long? What trash of a doctor did you find? If anything happens to my son, you can very well leave the Davis family,” she nagged.

After a while, she added, “Cadence, how could you be so heartless? You jinxed my son to death!” She then grabbed Cadence by her hair and slammed her head against the wall.

Bang! Cadence’s head hit the wall.

“Let go of me!” Cadence cried out in pain.

Mr. Davis, who was used to seeing such abusive episodes, just turned a blind eye.

Meanwhile, a nurse who had heard the loud bang quickly rushed over and said, “What are you guys doing? You shouldn’t be making noise!”

Unwilling to let go of Cadence, Mrs. Davis pouted and said, “This is my family’s affair. It’s none of your business!”

“This is a hospital. If you hit her again, I will call the police!” the nurse snapped back at Mrs. Davis while she looked at Cadence sympathetically. That very moment, Cadence’s face was flushed red as she curled up in the corner miserably. Her hair was in a mess and her clothes were crumpled.

Mrs. Davis didn’t say anything further but sat down next to Mr. Davis with a spiteful look on her face.

The nurse then left.

Meanwhile, Cadence wiped away her tears and didn’t dare to move a single inch.

After another half an hour, the door of the operating theatre finally opened.

Ashlyn walked out while Landon was pushed out on a hospital bed by several nurses.

She was slightly surprised when she saw what Cadence looked like. How did she suddenly become so messy and disheveled after the surgery?

Nevertheless, she walked over to the family and said, “The surgery was successful. We will monitor him closely for the next 24 hours and he should regain consciousness in about 48 hours. He will be sent to the ICU for observation right now.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Cadence said softly.

“You don’t need to thank me,” Ashlyn replied calmly, then she shifted her glance to Mrs. Davis who still had a nasty look on her face. “Sometimes, the best way to protect ourselves is to fight back. If not, we will only be bullied by others.”

Right after that, she turned and left.

When she walked past the nurses’ station, the head nurse called out to her, “Dr. Berry-”

“What is it?” she said as she looked at the head nurse with her hands in her pockets.

Under Ashlyn’s cold gaze, the head nurse suddenly felt defenseless, but she bit the bullet and expressed what she wanted to say.

“Erm, a few of us are having dinner together tonight. We’ve worked together for so long but you’ve never once joined us for a meal. Why don’t you join us tonight?” the head nurse said.

Ashlyn never attended such gatherings with colleagues simply because she only went to the hospital once a month. Hence, she wasn’t familiar with her colleagues at the hospital.

Since she didn’t have any plans for the night, she agreed to join them.

These colleagues worked well with her usually, so she feared she might come off as uptight and unfriendly if she refused their invitation.

She could tell that the head nurse in particular was feeling uneasy around her.

Am I really that unapproachable? Ashlyn reflected on her usual conduct.

“Dinner will be on me tonight,” she answered.

“Ah?” the head nurse responded in surprise. She had planned on hosting the gathering tonight and didn’t expect Ashlyn to treat them. Immediately, she said, “No no, it’s my treat tonight.”

After work that night, all the doctors and nurses from the surgical department headed to Twilight Bar together.

Twilight Bar was one of Lake City’s most popular entertainment outlets.

Hence, prices there were not cheap.

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