My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 107

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 107

Ashlyn responded with a snort. Just because he said he hasn’t been bitten by any dogs before doesn’t mean it’s true. He really likes biting people.

“Really,” Lucas said displeasingly.

“Roger that, Captain Nolan,” Ashlyn said nonchalantly.

Lucas looked into her almond eyes and found traces of disdain, displeasure, and impatience.

Yet he found her fair facial features beautiful and captivating. Every now and then, she exuded a sense of confidence and independence, attracting the gaze of people around her.

Lucas was enchanted by her, but he held himself back.

His sexy thin lips curved upwards slightly, and his dark eyes gleamed with desire.

He slid his hand into her smooth hair again and said, “Good girl.”

He articulated those two words in a cold and serious tone, but there was also a hint of affection.

The corners of Ashlyn’s eyes twitched.

She looked at the neurotic man who had been staring at her all this while, and the frustration and annoyance in her heart started to melt. She saw pleasure on his almost perfect face.

As she stared at the corners of Lucas’s lips, she thought to herself, Damn it.

Since we got divorced, he has only been hostile and aggressive like a lunatic. Now, all of a sudden, he knows how to smile?

I’d rather call him a rabid dog!

Smiling doesn’t suit him.

Despite what Ashlyn thought, her heart started to race when she saw Lucas’s swelling cheeks.

I must have slapped him a little too hard just now.

Hehehe. He bit my face, and I slapped him back. Well, we’re even now!

Spencer, who was driving in the front seat, found the physical altercation between the two of them thrilling.

He stopped the car steadily then said, “Mr. Nolan, we’re here.”

When Ashlyn was in the car, her attention had been fixed on Lucas the whole time. It was only after she got out of the car that she realized she wasn’t at Bayview Villa.

Spencer had driven them to Whitland Villa instead.

What about his earlier promise to send me home?

The anger she had suppressed started to surface again. “Lucas, what the hell are you doing?” she asked furiously.

“It’s late, and Whitland Villa was closer to the bar,” Lucas answered coldly. “You lived here for four years. One more night wouldn’t kill, right?”

Ashlyn’s expression tensed up that instant.

“You don’t want to?” Lucas said with a frown as he stroked her face with his hand.

He carefully examined every trace of expression on Ashlyn’s face.

Her silence made him feel slightly uneasy.

This immature lunatic really likes to lose his temper, Ashlyn thought to herself.

She really felt like slapping him on the other side of his face!

“I don’t get what you’re saying, Lucas,” Ashlyn said while pursuing her lips tightly.

Lucas’s face darkened when he heard her answer, and he glared at her coldly.

The two of them stared at each other; neither party was willing to yield.

That moment, Spencer shuddered and said softly, “It’s already past midnight, Mr. Nolan…you have a meeting tomorrow morning.”

Don’t you want to rest?

I want to go home and sleep!

My heart can’t handle all this drama!

Lucas looked at Ashlyn and said, “If you don’t go in, I will stay outside with you for the night.”

Ashlyn rolled her eyes and blurted out, “Ughh! How annoying!”

I can’t beat him this time. Fine, whatever!

She then walked into the villa without saying a word.

As she was walking in, Lucas suddenly scooped her up by her waist and carried her into the villa.

Ashlyn let out a silent sigh.

Here he goes again.

We’re about to start bantering again.

In the villa, Ashlyn took a shower, then sat on the bed to blow-dry her hair.

When Lucas stepped out of the bathroom, he grabbed the hairdryer from her hand and started blow-drying her hair for her.

Ashlyn was stunned. It felt like the times before they got divorced.

Back then, although Lucas was equally cold towards her, his speech and mannerisms were gentle. On the contrary, he was now always bad-tempered, and his moods were unpredictable.

Who was faking it last time? Me or him?

She just couldn’t figure out why there was such a huge difference in his character before and after their divorce.

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