My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 11

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 11

Ashlyn recalled her duty as a wife and forced out a smile. “Sure. Don’t worry about me.”

“Spencer will take the flight with you,” Lucas told her lightly.

“Okay.” Ashlyn nodded.

Deep down, she was extremely reluctant because she was really busy. There was no need for him to act as if they were in love right before their divorce!

However, to get an amicable divorce, she had to stay calm and bear with his actions for a couple more days.

Both of them stayed silent after that. Ashlyn whipped out her phone and sent a few texts to Jared Quickton on WhatsApp.

She told Jared she was boarding the plane later and would be back in the country by tomorrow night. Jared would have to take care of everything himself for now.

Jared: I thought you’re getting a divorce? Why are you going to London with him?

Ashlyn: I have no choice. I don’t want to cause any conflict and fall out with him. You know how much I hate conflicts.

Jared: Yeah, got it 🙁

Ashlyn turned off her phone without sending a reply, utterly irritated.

The car reached South Star Airlines half an hour later.

Spencer remained with Ashlyn as she waved to Lucas. “Bye, honey!”

Lucas nodded and left.

In the conference room at South Star Airlines, Lucas sat at the head of the table after going through the pre-flight physical inspection.

He flipped through the weather report, which his co-pilot had handed him earlier.

The purser started going through the pre-flight briefing with the other flight attendants.

Jenny Holt—one of the flight attendants—kept stealing glances at Lucas.

The purser on this flight, Nancy Jesson, couldn’t help but frown. What’s wrong with Jenny? Captain Nolan had already announced that he got married. Why won’t she give up?

In the airport lounge, Spencer handed a ticket to Ashlyn. “Mr. Nolan told me to reserve your ticket two days ago. We’re sitting next to each other. You’re getting the window seat.”

He reserved the ticket two days ago? Why did he inform me right before the flight, then? Ashlyn mused.

She took the ticket with a winning smile. “London must be gorgeous in this season.”

Right then, Spencer glanced at his watch and got to his feet. “Mrs. Nolan, please come with me.”

Ashlyn didn’t know what he wanted to do. “Where are we going?”

Spencer whipped out a pair of binoculars from his briefcase and gave it to her. “Mrs. Nolan, look south. You’ll see Mr. Nolan there.”

Oh, he wants me to look at Lucas? What is there to see? He might be hot, but I’ve gotten bored with his looks after four years, Ashlyn thought in resignation.

Nevertheless, she picked up the binoculars and looked at the south side of the airport.

A tall figure in an immaculately pressed captain uniform appeared in her sight.

Lucas seemed strict and serious. Even when his wife was on his flight, he didn’t request any special arrangements. Well, he doesn’t love me, anyway. There’s no way he’ll make special arrangements for me, she thought. I have to wait at the terminal and board the plane just like every other passenger.

After the pre-flight inspection, a sweet voice rang from the speakers, informing everyone to board the plane as soon as possible and to take note regarding the necessary precautions.

Spencer and Ashlyn headed to the boarding gate.

In the cockpit, Lucas was checking all the controls and flight software himself. “Altimeter, set. Directional gyro, set. Variometer, check.”

He sat in the cockpit and started going through the details with his co-pilot.

Fred Langsley—the co-pilot—had only been working in this position for six months. He was two years younger than Lucas and had been working alongside Lucas ever since his promotion. Even though he had seen Lucas at work so many times, he couldn’t help but feel amazed at how hot he was.

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