My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 110

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 110

The fact that Madeline played the piano on stage in a traditional dress became a huge topic once.

The most important part was that she was famous throughout the globe and had fans all around the world.

Anyone who had witnessed her live performance would be enchanted by her music. It was pure bliss.

It was something that neither recordings nor videos could replicate.

Since Hera had requested Lucas to help her meet with Madeline, Lucas turned to Mrs. Field for help, who agreed immediately to Lucas’ request. Yet, Mrs. Field still warned Lucas on the hardship of winning Madeline’s favor and that he had to find something she was really fond of in return.

Lucas immediately thought of traditional clothing and accessories based on Madeline’s rumored preferences.

Spencer suddenly knocked on the door and entered. “Mr. Nolan, the meeting is about to begin.

When Lucas turned around, Spencer was shocked to see the pretty face was now covered in scratches and bruises.

“Sir, I think it’s better if you wear a face mask or a pair of sunglasses…”

“There’s no need for that,” Lucas smiled as he touched the bruise on his face.

This is the proof of happiness, not like you single people would understand.

The meeting room was relatively noisy until Lucas entered and the room turned it dead silent.

The executives dropped their jaws as they saw the bruises on Lucas’ face.

Everyone had the same thought in their head. Who dared to do that to our boss? Does he have a death wish or what?

“Let’s start the meeting!” Lucas ordered coldly and sat down.

Everyone regained their wits after hearing Lucas’ familiar cold tone.

It was then Joseph pushed the door open and screamed when he saw Lucas’ face. “Oh my God! What the hell happened? Which b*stard did this to you? Consider that person dead! How dare he hit my best friend! You better not show your face in front of my mom until it heals, or else she’s going to cry.”

Anger was written all over Joseph’s face.

Lucas opened the file in front of him and said, “So, you’re planning to kill my wife?”

“What did you say?” Joseph’s eyes widened. Didn’t this b*stard and his wife get a divorce?

Lucas raised his head to look at Joseph. “I’ve decided to send you to Africa on a business trip.”

“Wait, what? Why are you suddenly sending me there? Come on, man. That place is boring! And there are no chicks either! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Because I just decided on it a second ago.”

“Seriously?” Joseph rebuked as he could not believe Lucas would do that to him. “You.. you’re mean!”

Lucas lightly laughed at Joseph’s frustration. “You should leave soon. Your destination- Africa.”

Joseph cried as he left and the room returned to silence once again.

Every executive tensed up as the mood turned grim.

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