My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 115

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 115

Oh oh oh! Mr. Nolan, your outbursts seemed to have taken a turn for the worse. Did you realized that?

Ms. Berry first used you and was abused by you. Then, she humiliated you by beating you up, and now she has gone to be with Jared.

You are already divorced. Let it go… it’s over. Have you forgotten you were the one who suggested getting the divorce in the first place?

He was spiteful and furious. The rage that had built up within him was like a caged beast that was bloody thirsty for revenge.

“Ashlyn you wretched woman. How dare you go against my orders.”

“Go! Bring her to me,” his voice boomed.

Spencer was taken aback by Lucas’s fit of rage and replied hastily, “Alright, alright. I will head on out right now.”

“Wait!” He erupted as he sprung up from his chair. His towering figure stood over with a downcast vibe. “I will do this personally!” he declared.

Shortly after, a black luxury car arrived and took off with him in a grandiose manner!

She was not someone to be trifled with. Spencer may not be her match!

As Lucas journeyed in his car, he shut his rage-filled eyes.

At that moment, the charity gala had begun. The first order of business was the typical charity auction.

The auctioneer stood on stage and peered at the audience below.

Dixon of the Haddock Group occupied the front seat.

Just behind him were the seats reserved for Jared’s and Jaquin’s families, as well as members of the other distinguished families.

Lucas’s seat was naturally positioned alongside the Huo family on the same aisle.

All eyes were on Dixon as he took his seat. He seemed lonely and withdrawn as he took his front-row seat.

Hushed whispers could be heard all around, “Mr. Nolan isn’t here.”

“He did not attend the past years gala too.”

“It would seem that Mr. Nolan had no interests in the charity gala whatsoever.”

Winsor had already taken his seat. He arrived ahead of time. He was not interested in the gossips and idle chit-chats out in the main hall.

Due to his family background, he loathed the unnecessary formalities and red tapes that sought to control his behaviors.

Shortly after he sat down, he overheard someone striking a conversation with Jared. “Hello, Mr. Quickton.”

“Good day to you Ms. Berry.”

Winsor chuckled under his breath. It was not too long ago when Jared’s post with his lover caused quite the uproar. And here they are out together in the public’s eye already? Who do they think they are? And who is this woman everyone’s talking about?

Jared was known in the industry to be a man of integrity and morals.

At this point he could not help but turned to take a look.

Ashlyn also happened to turn her attention in the direction of Winsor, and their eyes met momentarily.

Winsor was surprised. Ashlyn? What was she doing here?

He noticed sitting next to her was none other than Jared. In an instant, a sense of pending doom overcame him. “Is she… Jared’s goddess everyone’s talking about?”

You have got to be kidding me!

Jared that bastard, how did he get a jump on me?

Jared was soon done with his small talks and escorted Ashlyn to their seats next to Winsor.

Tinsor was also present at the event. He saw Ashlyn and exclaimed excitedly like a doll. “My dear goddess! What are you doing here? Ahhh, the gods must be smiling down at me and, as fate brought us here together…”

He jabbered uncontrollably to the point where Winsor jabbed him in the arm and interrupted him. “Shut up and keep quiet!”

“Brother…,” Tinsor protested in a whimper. He continued to gush over Ashlyn in a milder tone and extended his arm as he said, “My dear goddess, I would be honored to shake your hand.”

Ashlyn kept herself aloof as she replied coldly. “No.”

Crash! Tinsor’s fragile heart shattered into a million pieces.

Dixon sat in front, and he overheard the commotion between Tinsor and Ashlyn. When she rejected Tinsor, it put a smile on his face. Tinsor’s groans of disappointment were music to his ears.

So what if she was good-looking and had an attractive voice? She was only a woman who relied on another man’s fortunes to get ahead in life. She was not worth his attention.

Meanwhile, over at the hotel’s main entrance, bystanders stared in disbelief at the invitation that had been shredded and stuck back together. Their hearts filled with remorse.

Mr. Nolan, how much did you hate the Haddock Group that made you commit such an act? What good came out of humiliating them?

Ripping apart the invitation and piecing it together again… damn, that was just downright despicable!

Spencer was embarrassed beyond words as he handed over the invitation card.

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