My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 116

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 116

When the manic Mr. Nolan changed his mood suddenly and unexpectedly, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

They stepped into the venue and walked towards the auction.

From a distance, Lucas saw Ashlyn sitting next to Jared. Her unparalleled face was lightly powdered and her makeup was clear and delicate. She was astonishingly beautiful.

He only had eyes for her!

At this moment Hera had just arrived and she was rather late. Seeing Lucas’ back from a distance, she quickly picked up her skirt to catch up with the man, “Lucas dear!”

The man turned a deaf ear as his mind was focused only on one thing, that is, to grab Ashlyn and bring her back!

“Ouch!” Hera wanted to hold Lucas’ arm but the man walked too fast and she was wearing heels more than ten cm high. The moment she stretched out her hand, the hem of her skirt fell to the ground and she stepped on it.


It was an embarrassing moment as she fell flat on the ground.

When the paparazzi present saw this scene, they took photos in a frenzy.

In their minds, the captions were already composed: Post Domestic Violence Mr. Nolan Avoids Third Party, Hera Falls Embarrassingly At Haddock Group Charity Gala.

Embarrassed and upset, Hera got up to her feet with the help of the waiters. Then she continued with her pursue of Lucas.

Lucas’ appearance attracted the attention of many.

“Mr. Nolan didn’t attend the previous galas, did he?”

“Why is he attending this one?”

“His expression on his face is terrifying… really scary!”

Jared carried a plate of strawberries in his hand and held it up to Ashlyn with puppy eyes, “They are imported from Italy. Give them a try.”

Ashlyn glanced at him, picked up the fork and put one in her mouth. Chewing gently, she said, “It tastes good.”

Not to be outdone, Winsor offered a plate of cantaloupe, “Ms. Berry, this cantaloupe was shipped from Xinjiang and it is very sweet.”

Ashlyn nodded and tasted one as she replied, “Thank you, it’s so kind of you.”

Those around were surprised!

What’s the story behind this woman?

Mr. Quickton and Winsor are vying with each other to please her. Even the son of the Jaquin family is addressing her as the goddess!

Lucas was piqued seeing Ashlyn surrounded by men. He was so furious that he could explode. How he wished that he could throw these stinking men into the Pacific Ocean to feed the sharks!

He sat down bitterly.

Suppressing his anger, he said coldly and irritably, “Sit down next to me.”

Ashlyn looked up as she heard the familiar raspy voice.

She saw Lucas’ gloomy yet handsome face and the glint of anger in his dark eyes.

“Oh, are you talking to me?” Ashlyn lowered her brows and looked at him with an innocent expression. “I’m sorry, Mr. Nolan. Mr. Quickton invited me to come with him. You’re too late.”

“Fine, that’s great,” Lucas suppressed the fury that was inside him. Everything around him seemed to infuriate him and he wished that he could destroy everything.

The crowd were surprised again!


Even Lucas is vying to sit with her. Who on earth is she? We want to know! We want to know!

Even Dixon was surprised by Lucas’ actions. This woman is just superb, twisting a few men around her little finger at one go. Starting with Jared, then Winsor and now Lucas. That is interesting.

At this exact moment, Hera arrived, panting because she had been running and her face was flushed.

If it were not for the presence of the glamourous, beautiful, and elegant Ashlyn, she could be considered pretty and lovable.

Nevertheless, Ashlyn was present and comparatively, she became just a face in the crowd.

This face in the crowd, Hera, deliberately reached out to wipe the sweat from her forehead, thinking that her actions were ‘poetry in motion’, and whispered, “Lucas dear, why are you walking so fast? I just stumbled and my legs hurt.”

As she spoke, she was about to sit down next to Lucas but he slammed his big palm on the seat and said in a cold voice, impatiently and irritably, “This is my wife’s place. Please, Ms. Chapman, sit down in your own seat.”

Hera blushed a deep red, “You… aren’t you…”

Aren’t you about to file for divorce?

However, facing the man’s ferocious gaze, she did not dare to finish her question.

Her eyes filled with tears for she had never been humiliated in this way before.

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