My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 117

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 117

It hurt especially because this was an important public function.

She felt as if her face had been battered swollen by Lucas.

Crying, she ran to the back row where the seats for the Chapman family were.

Fortunately, she was the only one from the Chapman family today for the rest were in the hospital to accompany Mr. Chapman. The reason why she came was because Mr. Chapman had entrusted her to auction off his calligraphy works on behalf of the Chapman family. Besides Mr. Cheng’s calligraphy works, there were also her own paintings.

As a celebrity one needed to have one or two talents that one must cultivate and hone. Born into a family of pianists, Hera majored in piano and minored in painting.

Her paintings were considered good, not the topmost of inborn gifting but still acceptable as average. Nevertheless, paintings of this standard in this circle were highly sought after.

After all, there are just a handful of painters who are gifted with rare talent!

Hera was also popular on Twitter, perhaps not like those internet stars who have gone viral but no less than sixty thousand followers

She had already contacted the internet ghostwriters and some reporters. As soon as her paintings were photographed, they would immediately conduct publicity and hype on Twitter.

Regarding Lucas’ ways, the public just observed as onlookers.

Just a few days ago on Twitter, photographs of Mr. Nolan’s domestic violence had gone viral.

Apparently from his facial expression, his injuries must have healed. He remembered the pain of his injuries and therefore obediently distanced himself from the third party.

Besides making a good impression, this move had other effects.

A lot of wives of the wealthy were present and their families were plagued with mistresses who were kept secretly by husbands.

Seeing Lucas’ change in behavior after being assaulted, many were envious of Mrs. Nolan.

Sadly, our own rascals will not change no matter how many times we beat them up.

The men, on the other hand, had other views. Lucas is just putting on a show. He’s only keeping a distance in public. In private, he’s still the same.

The host on the stage just ignored these turbulent undercurrents among the audience.

When the time arrived, the auction was announced in accordance with the order of the program agenda.

“Next, I announce that the auction has officially started. The first lot is the pearl earrings handed down by the ancestors of President Wood, head of the Wood Group.”

There were many business leaders present at the function, some of whom had a good relationship with the Haddock Group, some with the Nolan Group of South Star Airlines and some of them were close with the Jaquin family.

After Dixon had greeted Lucas, he sat down on a front seat, watching the auction on the stage.

This was the tenth time the Charity Gala was being held and the items to be auctioned off were the best from the various families. If anything were less, it would be an embarrassment for the Haddock family.

Therefore, the items sent by these leaders of society who participated in the banquet had been authenticated in advance.

The auction proceeded in an orderly manner. After Mr. Chapman’s calligraphy works were sold for the high price of 3 million, the host of the auction exclaimed in an emotional voice, “The following lot is a rare painting by our Ms. Hera.”

After the host had finished speaking, a graceful lady brought a landscape painting up onto the stage.

“This is a painting by Ms. Hera. As we all know, Ms. Chapman was born into a family of pianists. Just now Mr. Chapman’s calligraphy was sold at a price of three million. As for Ms. Chapman’s painting, looking at this mountain and this waterfall, I seem to hear the sound of spring water splashing.”

“Our Ms. Chapman is not only beautiful but also kind and she wants to do her part for charity. Look at the little child carrying a basket in this painting. He is a hard-working child in this mountainous area. This scene is so apt, echoing the theme of our charity dinner, which is ‘Sending warmth to children in the mountains!’ The starting price is eighty thousand.”

Ashlyn sized up the painting, quite surprised that Hera could paint.

She watched as Hera stepped onto the stage, standing beside the host, smiling shyly and humbly, like a demure little white lotus blossom, “Thank you, everyone, for showing me your love.”

Jared bent towards Ashlyn’s ear and asked her, “What do you think of this painting?”

Ashlyn sneered, “Nothing special.”

Those nearby, who heard her words nearly choked. Isn’t this woman just too arrogant?

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