My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 118

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 118

Hera was a well-known talent in the elite circle.

At that moment, they were eagerly and impatiently waiting to catch a glimpse of Ashlyn’s precious item.

“Are you not going to bid higher for your lover?” Ashlyn kicked Lucas, who was seated in front of her.

The audience cheered at her arrogance and boldness.

Among the crowd, there were people who assumed Hera to be Lucas’ mistress, but not a single one of them dared to say so to his face.

Even Dixon would not dare to say so.

However, Ashlyn did!

Everyone broke out in a cold sweat as Lucas seemed agitated. His anger was not something she could deal with.

Jared and Winsor, who looked as if they were enjoying the show, were the exceptions. They did not seem to worry about the woman beside them.

Both of them had the same thought.

Ashlyn, my goddess, my big boss! Why would she need to exercise restraint?

Lucas turned around as he glared at Ashlyn with a malicious gaze. This woman just wanted to irritate and anger him!

Hera stood on the stage and thought, This woman has a really horrible temper. She dares to make a move at Lucas. He’ll definitely teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.

At the thought of that, she especially anticipated seeing Lucas. She hoped he would bid higher and put that reckless woman in her place.

However, the man’s thin lips only slightly parted as he spat out four words, “Don’t make a fuss.”

Don’t make a fuss?

Everyone thought they misheard.

No matter how they looked at it, those four words sounded tender. What was that about?

Ashlyn smacked her lips with disdain and retorted, “You are so boring!”

Hera was exasperated. Which planet did this woman come from?

She looked at Ashlyn with hidden hatred, but she suddenly froze.

Isn’t that Dr. Berry?

What is she doing here?

She was too focused on Lucas before and did not notice anyone else in the surroundings.

Dumbfounded, she took a second look.

Isn’t she just an insignificant doctor? Why would she appear at this gathering?

Hera scrutinized the two men beside Ashlyn, who were nodding and fawning over the latter.

How did she manage to get associated with those two big shots? They seem to know each other well.

Slut! Hera cursed in her heart.

In the end, they sold her artwork for five hundred thousand.

A big round of applause erupted from the audience.

“This piece of work is not even worth a hundred thousand,” Ashlyn spoke harshly.

Upon hearing this, Hera’s expression changed into one of stubborn humiliation. As if she had been severely wronged, she said, “Ms. Berry, there is no need to speak so crudely. I really wonder what your precious item is.”

Ashlyn raised her eyebrows. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Is it something that can’t be shown to the public, which is why you can’t present it?” Hera asked sarcastically.

“You can present something that’s worth less than a hundred thousand. Why can’t I show mine?” Ashlyn said. Her ability to push someone into a corner was immaculate.

Jared and Winsor knew about this ability of hers a long time ago, and thus, they were not surprised.

Dixon, however, could not tolerate Ashlyn’s arrogance. Before, he thought her methods were superlative, but now, she was just unbearably tawdry.

Hera blushed a bright red and clenched her teeth hard. She looked at Lucas for help. “Look at what she’s doing!”

Lucas kept his head bowed. Without even looking at Hera, he said, “She’s right. Your grandpa’s calligraphy has its achievements and can be compared to everyone else’s. Do you think this insignificant piece of yours is worth displaying?”

Hera became dizzy with anger and her clenched fists trembled. She almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

She glared scornfully at Ashlyn as she returned to her seat.

Joseph Field, who sat beside Lucas, coughed softly. “Don’t you think this situation is a little odd?”

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