My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 122

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 122

Dixon felt that what he said was extremely fitting.

He was a cold-looking person. Even when he smiled, there was a feeling of negativity; like a viper waiting for an opportunity to pounce. It made others incredibly uncomfortable.

Though Winsor’s family was involved in illegal businesses in the past, he was quite a big-hearted man.

On the other hand, Ashlyn was unimpressed by Dixon. He was handsome, yet lacking.

This level of attractiveness was not admirable.

“Thank you for that, Mr. Haddock,” Ashlyn said as she nodded.

Dixon did not know why, but when she thanked him, he felt a strange sense of comfort, as if he had been rewarded.

Damn it!

It’s not like I’m Ashlyn’s dog!

Although he looked down on Jared and Winsor, he had lowered himself to become her lapdog.

At the same time, the hashtag “Ms. Saunders’ A Hundred Birds Facing Phoenix Sold For An Insane Price” immediately overtook other searches and became the top search.

It was even weirder was that the topics that closely followed were “Ms. Saunders’ Painting Sold For 100 Million” and “100 Million Donated to Saunders Charity”.

“This is really something else. The auction was at the charity gala, but the money went to Saunders Charity.”

“Wow. Don’t you guys think that this girlfriend of Jared’s is really impressive?”

“I wonder if Haddock Group will get angry.”

“We won’t know. It’s a hundred million! I will never have that much money in my entire life.”

Hera swiped through Twitter, and her anger rose.

Originally, when she attended the charity gala and auctioned her most precious work, it was sold for half a million dollars.

She wanted to get some hype for it and round up some fans, and show that talent could come with beauty.

She wanted to please Mr. Chapman. Once he was happy, he would appoint her as his heir.

Her sale was seventh on the list of hot searches, and her fans continuously boasted in the comments.

Hera is truly a multi-talented, beautiful lady.

How I wish I could kneel before Hera’s art.

I’m a fan now. I knew she could play the piano. To think that she can draw well, too!

Five hundred thousand! Impressive!

There were several new fans who were unaware of the truth.

However, ever since Ms. Saunders’ search topic made its way up the list, it occupied the top three spots.

“Hera’s Painting 500k” suddenly seemed awkward and insignificant.

The official announcement of Haddock Charity read: At the charity gala at Oakleaf Hotel, Ms. Saunders’ A Hundred Birds Facing Phoenix was sold for a hundred million. The money will be donated to Saunders Charity, and we hope we will have the opportunity to work with Ms. Saunders in the future.

The comments section was instantly flooded.

Poverty has restricted my imagination. A painting at one hundred million… What kind of painting is it? It must be heavenly!

Just one painting is worth a hundred million? Is it a scam?

Ahhh! But that money really is wired to Saunders Charity.

These two foundations seem to get along well!

Right? Jared’s girlfriend is really impressive. She actually earned a hundred million from Haddock Charity, and Haddock Group didn’t mind either.

Is Haddock Group letting it go on account of Mr. Quickton’s behalf?

You’ll never know!

As they discussed, the online comments eventually focused entirely on Ashlyn.

Human morals are getting worse with each day! The rich can earn a hundred million just from auctioning a painting!

The rich can get away with anything!

Mr. Quickton’s girlfriend is really powerful! She could actually personally manipulate Ms. Saunders’ work. After today, won’t Ms. Saunders’ painting always be a hundred million and above?

No matter how I look at it, it feels like Jared is trying to market his own girlfriend.

Are you trying to say that the Quickton family and Haddock Group joined hands? Are you dumb? They donated the money to Saunders Charity, but Haddock Group had no say in this. This is already a difficult pill to swallow, and you’re still talking about joint marketing?

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