My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 128

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 128

Meanwhile, Spencer had reached the entrance of the hotel.

Lucas threw Ashlyn into the cars with burning greed in his eyes.

The engine of the car slowly started up, and when Jared drove over, he witnessed the scene.

He was at a loss for words.

Boss, I can’t do anything about this kind of thing. You’re on your own.

In the Bentley, the man’s burning gaze would have set the entire car alight.

Ashlyn climbed to a seating position on her seat and stared at Lucas, who had an unusual expression on his face. She pursed her red lips and repeated, “Lucas, did you eat something that was spiked earlier?”

What’s wrong with this man?

It’s obvious that something has triggered his primitive desires.

“Ms. Berry, did something happen?” Spencer worriedly looked at Lucas.

However, Lucas stared at her with eyes that seemed to get brighter with every second.

He reached out to pull Ashlyn toward him as he snaked his other hand around her waist to pull her into his arms.

“Alcohol. I drank a glass of whiskey.”

Before he came out, he had grabbed a glass of whiskey to drink because he was frustrated.

What they did not know was that two servers were trembling in fear at the dinner.

“What now? I served the spiked drink to the wrong person,” one server said.

“Who did you give it to?”

“I think it was Mr. Nolan who drank it.”

“Are you stupid? The drink was meant for Ms. Berry. You… What do we do now?”

“Let’s run.”

Right after their conversation, the two took off their server uniforms and ran off into the night.

Meanwhile, in the Bentley, Ashlyn was struggling in Lucas’ arms. The heat of the man’s palms shocked her.

“Don’t move!” Lucas growled.

His large hand grabbed her chin and lifted her head. The woman had a tensed look as her hazel eyes glared at him.

On the other hand, the man’s eyes were gleaming frighteningly, and his face was flushed.

When Ashlyn saw Lucas’ face, she scoffed coldly.

It was obvious that the whiskey Lucas drank earlier was spiked.

Furthermore, from the way he was acting, it was something potent.

“Lucas, you’ve been drugged,” Ashlyn hissed at the man.

Lucas scowled. Despite the overwhelming desire, he didn’t lose his rationality.

Upon hearing her words, his eyes dimmed, and he frowned at Ashlyn. His tightening throat made his voice hoarse. “Hot… I’m so hot.”

He grabbed the woman’s cold hands and covered them on his bare neck.

He sighed in relief at the cooling sensation.

The man’s head was slightly tilted upward, and his Adam’s apple bobbed. In other words, he looked seductive.

Moreover, his wild eyes were narrowed, his long lashes were fluttering, and his sharp nose had beads of sweat on them. The masculine energy he exuded filled every spot of the car. The very look of him sent hearts pounding.

He’s too enchanting! He’s too alluring!

He’s the epitome of masculine beauty!

Ashlyn gulped.

Until now, she had never known that a man could be as sexy and tempting as this.

“Lucas, soon-” Before she could finish her sentence, Lucas pressed her down on the seat with a loud thud.

He was rough. She ended up knocking her head on the seat.

Hence, the strong man pounced on the defenseless Ashlyn.

A throbbing pain came from the back of her head, and Ashlyn now had a terrified look on her face.

She stared at Lucas, who was pinning her down, as the man stared back at her. His dark eyes were like those of a panther watching its prey.

“Lucas Nolan, get up this instant!” The woman bellowed with controlled fury.

Lucas, who had an indifferent look on his face but was on the verge of losing his mind, answered her by pressing his hot lips onto hers.

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