My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 13

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 13

Around her, some Frenchmen started praising his pronunciation.

“This captain speaks French fluently.”

“Très bien!”

“I love hearing him speak in English, too.”

Ashlyn heard them praising Lucas in their native language clearly.

Spencer puffed his chest up proudly. “Mrs. Nolan, he did a good job, right?”

“Yes, my husband is great. He did well!” Ashlyn smiled and lavished praises on him generously because she knew Spencer would report everything she said to Lucas later.

When they finally arrived in London, it was eleven at night.

The moment Ashlyn stepped off the plane, she let out a sneeze.

She was clad in a yellow dress and a khaki coat, but the night breeze was too much for her. So, she couldn’t help but shiver at the sudden chill.

Spencer stood by her side as they waited for Lucas together.

After handling the landing procedures, Lucas walked out with the purser and the other flight attendants behind him.

They looked so good-looking in their uniforms that they immediately became the center of attraction in the airport.

Especially Lucas, whose captain’s uniform accentuated his masculine sexiness.

Ashlyn shot him a sweet smile before she remembered they were getting a divorce soon. Naturally, she shouldn’t do anything strange in front of his colleagues.

She stood silently beside Spencer.

“Captain Nolan, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye, Captain Nolan.”

Nancy and the other flight attendants bade goodbye to Lucas before they left separately.

“Did you see how fair Mr. White’s complexion was? He even brought his girlfriend on a business trip.”

“But why do I have a hunch that she’s Captain Nolan’s wife?”

“That young woman seems around 20? Captain Nolan is 26 this year. He wouldn’t have married such a young wife.”

“Captain Nolan has an impeccable taste. He won’t be interested in that young girl,” Jenny snorted and arched her brow.

Once she spoke, the other flight attendants fell silent. After a short pause, they changed the topic and started chatting about something else.


The car Lucas and Ashlyn were in headed toward the hotel slowly.

Once Lucas got into the car, he immediately held Ashlyn’s hands. “Why are your hands so cold?”

“The weather is slightly cooler at night. I’m fine.” Ashlyn rested her head on his shoulder.

If they weren’t about to get a divorce, they might seem like an old married couple.

When they reached the hotel, Ashlyn took a shower and climbed straight into bed as her head felt groggy.

By the time Lucas exited the bathroom, she had already fallen asleep. He lay by her side and was about to switch off the lights when he realized her body was scalding hot.


The woman’s eyes were shut tight as she had fallen into a deep sleep.

He reached out to touch her forehead and frowned at the heat he felt. “You’re burning up.”

As there were two unnatural red spots burning on her cheekbones, Lucas called the reception immediately. “Can I get a doctor? A female doctor, if possible.”

Ten minutes later, the doctor arrived with her kit in hand.

She took Ashlyn’s temperature and found she was running a temperature at 39 degrees Celsius.

“She has a fever. Sir, can you help me take off her clothes?” The blonde doctor cladded in her blue uniform asked Lucas politely. “I need to give her a shot.”

Something gleamed across Lucas’ aloof gaze as he helped the doctor to take off Ashlyn’s clothes.

After giving Ashlyn a shot, the doctor prescribed some medicine for her before leaving the hotel room.

For the rest of the night, Lucas kept reaching out to feel the woman’s body temperature. He didn’t know why her fever wouldn’t go down.

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