My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 131

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 131

Then, he realized that the red marks were also littered across his chest.

He froze.

Realization struck him like a bolt from the blue. He raised his head to see a beautiful face.

The woman had long lashes, a button nose, and pink lips; it was none other than Ashlyn.

In a daze, he stared at Ashlyn, who looked like she was tortured, as his face paled.

His memories returned like water escaping from a broken dam.

The images of his delirious actions from last night emerged in his mind.

Last night at the dinner, before he rushed after Ashlyn, he drank a glass of whiskey. What happened next… That whiskey! It’s spiked!

If not for that whiskey, I wouldn’t have acted this way and hurt her.

He stared at Ashlyn’s sleeping face. The skin at the corner of her pink lips was broken. Teeth marks and hickeys scattered across her neck.

Her entire body was black and blue.

She looked like a mess.

He narrowed his dark eyes.

Then, he looked out of the window where the sky was still dark. It’s probably around four or five in the morning.

Unable to hold back his urges, he carried Ashlyn to the bathroom and placed her in the tub filled with warm water.

His large hands gently massaged her waist. Surprisingly, Ashlyn, who was a light sleeper, did not wake instantly.

She remained asleep in his arms.

He must have tormented the woman badly last night; Ashlyn was someone who could send Winsor flying with a slap.

As he thought about it, a loving look crept into his eyes.

After cleaning Ashlyn up, Lucas carried her back to the bed before hugging her.

His eyes closed.

Lucas did not know whether it was because of the drug or he was exhausted after the vigorous activity.

He soon fell deep into his sleep.

By the time Lucas woke again, he found himself tied up on the bed.

The woman had worn a set of fitting black leather attire. She barely revealed an inch of her skin, but her figure was showing off in those clothes, and it made him gulp.

A soft whip was in her hands.

He struggled as a hint of rage flashed across his eyes. “Let me go!”

He had never been treated this way in the past.

The woman lifted one of her legs and stepped onto the bed. Crack!

She lashed the whip at him.

Lucas groaned in pain before frowning at Ashlyn with lustful eyes.

Although the woman was wearing conservatively, he realized that fire was crawling in his veins.

He was infuriated. The pity he felt for her earlier dissipated without a trace the moment Ashlyn whipped him.

“Ashlyn, I was drugged.”

She sneered, remembering how terribly the man had tormented her last night.

Even when he was drugged, he still took the reins, and his actions had been rough.

It was as if he was a beast that was just released from his cage after years of starvation, and she was the food.

The bed nearly collapsed!

She ground her teeth whenever she thought about her aching waist, torn lips, and bite marks on her neck.

Will this man die without a woman?

I’ll have to teach him a lesson today!

She swung her whip downward again and struck the man’s naked chest. With a displeased voice, she hissed, “Go on, act ferocious again! How dare you be so vigorous!”

“Can I interpret this as you complimenting that I’m a man full of energy?” By now, Lucas’ muscular body was covered in whip marks.

A trace of pain flashed in his eyes as he stared at the woman in front of him.

She’s brutal!

Yet, while he was furious with Ashlyn’s aggressive actions, he was feeling a touch of enjoyment.

I can’t tear my eyes off her. She looks too amazing as a dominating woman.

Ashlyn swept her eyes across the man before she clenched the hand that was holding onto the whip. “Lucas, you only have yourself to blame for this. I’ll return twice the pain you’ve given to me last night.”

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