My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 132

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 132


The whip landed again. The man’s muscular chest was covered in red whip marks. He did not look disheveled at all; instead, he looked wild and deadly charming.

There was an air of dominance that shrouded him, and there was a crackling flame in his eyes. He hissed, “Ashlyn, you’ll regret this!”

“I’m half-dead from your torment. All I’m doing now is to return you a tiny part of what you’ve done to me,” Ashlyn sneered.

The man started struggling vigorously against the ropes that bound his hands and legs.

He had a terrifying expression on his face as he growled.

When the whip landed again, the man jerked up from the bed.

Snap! It was a loud noise.

He had broken free of his restraints. With bloodshot eyes, he grabbed the whip before it could do anything else.

Ashlyn then fell into his stiff arms.

His divinely features twisted into a wrathful look. When the afternoon sun shone on his face, he looked irresistible.

Being tied up and whipped was an intense humiliation for Lucas.

He scowled and grabbed Ashlyn’s waist tightly as if he wanted to meld her into his flesh.

I’m too lenient with her. She’s acting like she’s the queen of this country!

Ashlyn’s hands clenched into fists.

She had not expected Lucas to be so strong. Those ropes were nylon!

She knew that this man was exceptionally strong all along. But not like this!

She could sense the fury burning in Lucas’ veins. It was burning so strong that he wanted to shred her right here and right now.

However, she was not a cowardly woman.

Just as she was about to struggle her way out, the man’s lips abruptly on hers, as though he was punishing her.

Okay, I admit I was playing rough earlier, but why does it matter?

In an instant, she took control of the situation and started attacking Lucas’ lips instead.

It was as if she was competing with the man.

More than an hour later, Ashlyn lay on the bed, exhausted, and fell asleep.

Lucas huffed angrily as he slapped her bottom twice.

What a disobedient girl!

How dare you do such a thing to me?

By the time Ashlyn woke again, it was already evening.

Her eyes swept across the room before realizing that Lucas was not on the bed. Instead, there were sounds of running water coming from the bathroom.

She picked up her clothes and put them on. Then she nimbly climbed over the window. Pressing down hard on the railings, she swung her legs above it and landed on the grass.

Enduring the discomfort she was feeling, she ran to the gates. After sweeping her gaze at her surroundings, she climbed up the wall and escaped the compound.

She had beaten up Lucas. That tyrannical man was barely a man at all. He had trapped her on the bed for an entire day and night, and she did not want to keep up with him.

Lucas was an energetic ox, and she was but a weak land; she could not continue to endure him endlessly ploughing her soil.

After leaving the villa, she raised her head to look at the beautiful red setting sun.

I hope he never comes for me ever again.

The clouds slowly drifted with the wind. Eventually, the sun was covered up.

The silent land made the world seem more mysterious.

Meanwhile, back in the bedroom.

A cold breeze entered the room and billowed the thin curtains.

Lucas was drying his hair and walking out of the bedroom when he froze.

He stared at the empty bed.

The woman who was supposed to be sleeping on it had disappeared without a trace.

He furrowed his brows in displeasure as he looked around in the room.


Yet, no one responded to him. Where did she go?

With a towel around his waist, Lucas strode out of his bedroom.

The entire house was empty and silent.

Lucas narrowed his eyes and scowled. He then took out his phone, about to call Ashlyn.

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