My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 136

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 136

“Oh? You must’ve only started work recently, right? Which department are you from?” Ashlyn sized up Penelope. Her grades didn’t meet the academic requirement of medical school.

Horace had to pay five hundred thousand to buy her a spot in medical school because of that.

Besides that, he must’ve spent a lot a fortune to secure a position for her in the city’s First Hospital.

“I’m a surgeon.” Penelope smiled smugly because she got into First Hospital, despite its strict admission requirements.

“Oh, I see.” Ashlyn nodded in acknowledgement because she was a surgeon too.

Penelope must’ve stood in for me the past few days where I wasn’t in the hospital.

The world really is small.

Penelope was a little disappointed because she sensed no trace of envy or jealousy from Ashlyn. She thought Ashlyn would be resentful of her once she mentioned where she worked at.

However, this is not unexpected for a two-faced woman like her. She must be feeling very jealous right now, even though she doesn’t show it, Penelope thought gleefully.

At that moment, Horace and Mary came out from the kitchen with some food in their hands. Horace smiled ostentatiously and said, “Mr. Haddock, please take a seat.”

This dinner was prepared personally by Mary and himself since four in the afternoon.

“Mr. Haddock, these are all home-cooked dishes, so please enjoy it,” Mary said as she signaled Penelope with a look.

The girl immediately understood what her mother meant, so she hurriedly stepped to the dining room and pulled out a chair for Dixon. “Mr. Haddock, please take a seat.”

When Ashlyn saw how pretentious the family of three was, she was so revolted she felt like puking.

Horace only noticed her when she stepped into the dining room as well. “You’re back.”

“Yeah,” Ashlyn replied monotonously.

Dixon was present, so Horace didn’t comment on her behavior. Instead, he turned to Dixon and said, “Mr. Haddock, I prepared this crab dish personally. Please try it.”

Mary smiled and poured a glass of wine for Dixon. “Mr. Haddock, Horace isn’t that great in cooking, but this crab dish of his is undeniably tasty.”

“I dislike crabs immensely,” Dixon said in a haughty tone.

Besides that, he disliked how the family was acting too.

If Horace didn’t mention that he found an amazing doctor who can help Grandpa, I definitely wouldn’t have stepped in here.

During the auction in the hotel, I fired the ignorant project manager.

How can a design company as sh*tty as the Berrys deserve to cooperate with Haddock Group?

It’s absolutely ridiculous!

Someone almost died from that mess.

Right now, Dixon was speculating that Horace was lying to him about the amazing doctor.

I don’t see anyone else except for the Berry couple and their two daughters.

Where the heck is the doctor?

On the other hand, the Berry couple flinched on the spot out of embarrassment.

They were frustrated at how Dixon didn’t even try to be polite to them, but they thought about how their family’s fate was in his hands.

At that thought, Horace had no choice but to say, “Mr. Haddock, maybe you can try something else. I prepared all these dishes myself.”

“This wine is pretty good.” Dixon swirled the glass of wine in his hands.

Evidently, he didn’t even want to have a bite of Horace’s cooking.

Ashlyn observed quietly from aside as she felt her father’s embarrassment.

“Horace Berry, cut to the chase. Where is the doctor you were mentioning about?” Dixon put down his glass of wine and asked impatiently.

“Mr. Haddock, don’t worry. That person is closer to you than you think.”

Dixon looked at Penelope. Is Horace completely bonkers? Penelope is a surgeon, but she doesn’t look experienced at all! Besides that, she said she has just started working in the hospital. She’s definitely just a novice!

Rage surged within him as his gaze turned icy. “Are you messing around with me?”

Penelope flinched as well as she stared at Horace anxiously. “Dad… I only started work a few days ago… I-I can’t do it.”

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