My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 137

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 137

Treating a common cold is fine, but treating old Mr. Haddock is way above my abilities!

Ashlyn cocked her eyebrows. At least Penelope has some self-awareness.

Horace instantly understood that there was a misunderstanding going on, so he explained, “No, no. I was referring to my younger daughter, Ashlyn. She’s really amazing! A lot of important people want her to give them a consultation!”

Penelope was so shocked she dropped her cutlery when she heard that. She shrieked, “Dad, is Ashlyn even a doctor? Did you get something mixed up?”

“Shut up!” Horace glared at her. The family had been hiding the fact that Ashlyn was working in First Hospital from Penelope because they didn’t want to upset their elder daughter.

In particular, Mary knew how competitive her daughter was, so she definitely didn’t want to cause distress to her. That was the reason Horace and she wanted to send Penelope to the First Hospital at all costs.

They thought if Ashlyn could get in the hospital, then Penelope would do the same.

“Horace Berry!” Dixon’s icy expression at that moment was terrifying.

Fury filled every corner of his contorted face as he glared at Horace. “You really have a death wish, huh?”

This Ashlyn lady stole the limelight during the gala, toyed with Winsor and Jared, and even seduced Lucas! What a vixen!

So what if she’s attractive?

She’s nothing but a pretty face!

How dare she refer to herself as a famous doctor?

The Berry family really is a sh*thole filled with pieces of trash!

He pointed at Penelope and said, “At least this one works in the hospital.”

He then pointed at Ashlyn and exclaimed, “What about her? If she really is a doctor, I’ll strip naked right now!”

“Mr. Haddock, you must be mistaken. Please hear me out!” Horace was absolutely petrified.

However, he stood up abruptly as his tall and imposing figure loomed over the rest of them. “Horace, Berry Furnishings is going bankrupt for sure.”

He then left immediately, despite Horace’s desperate pleas.

The whole ordeal entertained Ashlyn as she stood up too. “I’m leaving.”

When she reached the entrance, she saw Dixon’s chauffeur opening the car door for him.

Besides that, she saw her father hovering around the man like a persistent fly.

Ashlyn smiled and approached the car as she said, “Mr. Haddock, I hope you will remember what you said to me today.”

Even though being doubted annoyed her, she was still very pleased when she saw how miserable Horace was.

He always tries to look for shortcuts instead of putting in effort himself, so he will never succeed.

Lady Luck will never favor someone like him.

An evil glint flashed in Dixon’s eyes as he stared at Ashlyn with a mocking gaze. “Haha-”

The car then sped off, leaving an amused Ashlyn and an enraged Horace.

“Damn it! What the f***! Psycho!” Horace cursed.

Ashlyn’s head ached whenever she heard his voice, so she walked away and went back to her house without another word.

When she reached, she thought that something was amiss, yet she couldn’t figure out what it was.

She didn’t eat in the Berry family’s house, so she made some noodles for herself. Only then did she realize what was bugging her. She didn’t see her grandmother.

Well, it’s not unexpected that Horace didn’t invite Grandma because they were meeting Dixon.

She sighed and turned on the customized laptop.

Her fingers flitted nimbly on the keyboard as she logged into an underground group.

The group’s name was ‘Mysterious yet Majestic’, and it had only seven members.

Despite the small number of people, they were the ones who started an underground organization all by themselves.

Messages kept popping up in the group, indicating that a lively discussion was going on.

Flying Fish posed a question. Who do you think is Lucas Nolan’s wife?

Boss responded to him. You’re a lady. Why are you so interested in someone’s wife? Are you a lesbian now?

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