My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 138

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 138

Flying Fish retaliated. Hmph! None of your business! Am I not allowed to be curious now?

Quiet Forest chipped in. His wife really is mysterious. I can’t even dig up any information about her. Something crazy is going on here, Haha.

Lone Breeze was intrigued. The harder it is for us to find out who she is, the more curious I am.

Jerk, too. Same here. Y’all saw the plane video the last time, right? Mrs. Nolan really has a nice figure.

Flying Fish’s comment flashed on the screen. The one who posted the video said someone offered a huge amount of money to buy the video from him, but he didn’t hand it over. After that, a hacker hacked into his computer and… guess what happened next?

Quiet Forest was getting impatient. Just say it!

Flying Fish provided the explanation. The video disappeared right in front of the hacker’s watchful eyes!

Jerk vented on his screen. Damn! Did Mrs. Nolan hire Zero? I can’t think of anyone who can delete the video in the face of the elite hackers except for Zero.

Ashlyn stared helplessly at the meaningless gossip and typed. Are you all very free right now? Do you even want to know how the Haddock Group’s case is going right now? You have the time to gossip, so why aren’t you working?

Ah! Zero is here! Flying Fish commented.

Quiet Forest was curious. What’s happening in Haddock Group right now?

Zero updated her progress to the team. They fell for the trap and asked me to join the party. It’s happening on Friday, eight p.m. at the Pearl Restaurant.

Jerk perked up. Zero, how did you even manage to get their attention?

Zero maintained her secrecy. I’m not telling you that.

After chatting for a while longer, Ashlyn logged off.

They gossip every day in the group, but I never thought that someday they will gossip about me.

Ashlyn was left speechless.

She stood up and prepared to take a shower.

However, she suddenly received a call from Spencer. He sounded very anxious and desperate over the phone. “Ms. Berry, please come and take a look at Mr. Nolan!”

“What happened to Lucas?” Ashlyn yawned and looked at the time. It was already eleven in the evening.

“Mr. Nolan didn’t eat for the whole day! I’m scared that if this goes on, something bad might happen to him!” Spencer was about to burst into tears.

He was under immense pressure because he was forced to make the call.

Meanwhile, in Whitland Villa, Lucas glared at the phone with a gloomy expression. All he wanted to do at that moment was to somehow teleport to where Ashlyn was!

She cocked her eyebrows and asked, “Why isn’t he eating? He’s not a three-year-old kid.”

“You know how picky he usually is, too. Besides that, he’s suffering from gastritis right now and he’s drenched in sweat because of pain! Ms. Berry, please show him your mercy and come over!” Spencer continued to beseech Ashlyn due to the immense pressure he was facing, “Mr. Nolan really is in a very bad mood right now. He refused to eat, and he even shattered three plates and four bowls!”

On the other hand, Lucas smirked in satisfaction because the truth was he only broke two plates and three bowls.

He nodded in approval and beckoned for Spencer to continue.

Tears rolled down Spencer’s face as he spoke. If I were to speak like this to him, Mr. Nolan probably would’ve kicked me out of the house.

Why is life so tough?

Ashlyn blinked and replied, “I think the only sickness Lucas has is a mental illness. There’s no use in calling me because I can’t treat mental illnesses anyway!”

After that, she hung up in a huff.

On the other hand, Lucas was so furious he hurled the crystal ashtray on his table.

It fell on the thick carpet with a dull thud.

Meanwhile, Spencer gulped. This ashtray is more sturdy than I thought. It didn’t even crack.

Lucas’ handsome features contorted in rage as he exuded a menacing aura.

Hunger brought pain to his stomach while insomnia enervated his mental strength.

Together, the two sources of pain made him feel like a beast trapped in a cage as it struggled feebly.

Despite the pain, I still can’t find Ashlyn!

That woman really is cunning. She didn’t show up at Bayview Villa yesterday, and she didn’t go there today. Besides that, I have no idea where she is right now.

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