My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 139

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 139

Even Jared doesn’t know where she is.

He glared menacingly at the phone that Spencer used to make the call earlier.

The assistant could feel the fiery gaze burning into him. He clenched his phone tightly because he didn’t want his recently bought phone to fall victim to his boss’ fit of fury.

“Call her again!” Lucas barked.

Spencer had no choice but to call Ashlyn again. “Ms. Berry, we’re in trouble! Mr. Nolan fainted!”

“Call the ambulance then!” Ashlyn was perplexed. “I’m not an emergency physician.”

I really can’t stand Lucas. What is he up to this time?

Does he think I will believe in everything he says just because he asked Spencer to call me?

Spencer turned around with a pained expression and whimpered, “Mr. Nolan… Ms. Berry….”

“Call the ambulance!” Lucas gazed coldly at the night sky through the window.

What a vicious woman!

Spencer was stunned because his boss heard every word.

Isn’t calling an ambulance a little too much?

Five minutes later, Ashlyn received a call from the hospital.

“Hello, is this Dr. Berry? I’m the head of the emergency department, Quentin Shakes. Our department urgently needs your help right now because there’s an important patient requiring immediate medical attention. Can you make your way to the hospital?”

Ashlyn frowned. She rarely provided emergency care. Why did the emergency department call me?

“Dr. Berry, I know you only carry out two surgeries per month, so I’m sorry for asking for your help. But, we just want you to provide us with some advice about the operation and assist the surgeon. Don’t worry, I definitely won’t ask you to participate in the operation. Is that alright with you?”

Dr. Shakes was so afraid of the patient that he almost sobbed.

Good Heavens!

His knees went weak and his back was drenched in a cold sweat because of the patient’s menacing and horrifying gaze.

Why did the ambulance bring back such a frightening man!

He exuded an oppressing aura while he sat down. All the doctors and nurses were too afraid to even make a sound.

Did a devil come to visit us? Everyone knows President Nolan is ruthless and callous!

“Dr. Shakes, don’t worry. I’ll head over right now.” Ashlyn had her doubts, but she still changed her clothes and stepped out of her house.

He breathed a sigh of relief after he hung up and said to Lucas cautiously, “Mr. Nolan, Dr. Berry will be arriving soon.”

As he finished his sentence, the horrifying aura that Lucas exuded dissipated instantly and everyone could sense the noticeable difference in the atmosphere.

They were suffocating from the fear and anxiety, but they could finally relax.

If Dr. Berry doesn’t show up, we won’t live to see the next sunrise!

“Nolan Group will send fifty ambulances of the latest model to the hospital tomorrow,” Lucas announced while Spencer took out a business card.

“Dr. Shakes, this is my business card. I’ll be responsible for overseeing the donation of the ambulances.”

The doctor was stunned for a brief moment before he broke into an ecstatic smile. “Thank you, Mr. Nolan. Thank you, Mr. White.”

Everyone was rendered speechless.

Fifty new ambulances!

How rich is this man even?

Ashlyn went to the hospital by taxi and headed straight to the emergency department.

The moment she stepped inside, a nurse approached her and exclaimed as if he had met his savior, “Dr. Berry, you’re finally here!”

It’s just one patient, right? How difficult can things get? Why did they send someone to receive me?

Ashlyn frowned because she sensed something was amiss.

She asked very bluntly, “What’s wrong with the patient?”

The nurse had an indecipherable expression as he replied, “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Is it a very rare disease of some sort?

Ashlyn was very curious about the patient’s condition, so she picked up her pace and headed to Dr. Shakes’ office.

However, the moment she stepped in, she flinched in shock.

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