My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 14

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 14

Ashlyn was half asleep when she suddenly felt her body burning. Even her breath was heated.

She shifted uncomfortably and opened her eyes. At once, she met the man’s dark gaze.

Ashlyn propped herself up and touched her forehead. “What time is it?”

“Four in the morning.”

“Why aren’t you asleep?” She stared at Lucas curiously.

“Since you’re awake, take the meds.” He got off the bed and got her a glass of water. He then removed the packaging of the pills and gave them to her.

“Meds?” Ashlyn gazed at the pills resting on her palm blankly.

She wasn’t used to taking meds when she was sick.

Lucas furrowed his brows. “Didn’t you realize you have a fever? I shouldn’t have brought you here. You must’ve caught a fever because of me.”

“No wonder my body is aching so badly.” Ashlyn didn’t like taking medicine, but since Lucas was staring at her, she had no choice but to swallow the pills.

After taking the pills, she snuggled into his embrace. Her voice was weak as she thanked him, “Thank you, honey.”

Lucas must’ve summoned the doctor as he realized I had a fever.

Well, for the past four years, he did his duty as a husband.

The thing is, we don’t love each other.

Lucas wrapped his arm around her waist upon hearing the affection in her voice. “Seducing me again?”

Ashlyn giggled coyly. “I feel much more refreshed after sleeping. I also feel more energetic now.”

“You’re naughty even when you’re sick,” the man chided and patted her head.

“You don’t want it?” Ashlyn shot a seductive look at Lucas. She glanced around the room which was obviously decorated romantically like a honeymoon suite. “Let’s not waste the room’s decoration.”

Lucas couldn’t resist her advances. At once, unveiled desire flashed in his eyes. “You asked for it.”

Ashlyn only woke up when the afternoon rolled around the next day.

When she opened her eyes, Lucas handed her a beautifully wrapped box. “Put this on later.”

“I brought clothes with me.” Ashlyn blinked in surprise at the man’s sudden concern. He even prepared thick clothing for me? she wondered.

“It’s raining out there,” the man replied, rather overbearingly.

Ashlyn said nothing after that. As a dutiful wife, she had to go along with her husband’s arrangements.

She opened the box to reveal a trench coat from Ctene’s latest collection.

There was also a pair of trousers in the box.

After washing up, she changed into her new clothes.

She came to the window and stared at the drizzle raining on the city. “What a pity we can’t go sightseeing.”

“Your fever has just subsided. We can go shopping at the nearby mall. No other sightseeing activities allowed,” Lucas scrolled through his phone and replied coolly.

Ashlyn opened the window and stretched her hand out to touch the drizzling rain. It felt cool to her touch. “Honey, look. Even the gods know we’re getting a divorce. The only vacation we have can’t even be perfect.”

Some things were meant to be regrettable.

For the first time, Lucas snapped at Ashlyn irritably, “Can you stop mentioning the divorce?”

Ashlyn closed the window and turned around, stunned. “You were the one who wanted a divorce.”

“I’ll sign the papers when we return.” Lucas retorted and strode into the bathroom.

Ashlyn couldn’t help but roll her eyes behind him. What was that? Did he change his mind? she thought in exasperation.

Meanwhile, Lucas lit a cigarette and took a huge puff of it. He let out a swirl of smoke as if he were releasing his oppressed emotions with it.

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