My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 147

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 147

Who is this?

He frowned impatiently but still nodded in response to greet her.

At this moment, the brand manager and outlet manager suddenly stood up in unison. They came up to a tall and graceful woman and greeted, “Ms. Berry, how are you?”

“Ms. Berry, our Outlet Manager for One Day is Ms. Cindy Wynn.”

“Ms. Berry, the new designs are fast-selling items now. Would you like to take a look?”

Nevertheless, Ashlyn, who was cold-faced, interrupted them, “I understand. I will look around on my own.”

Since Ashlyn gave a clear response, both of them dared not to speak again.

Instead, they followed Ashlyn behind like her obedient underlings.

Meanwhile, Ashlyn felt that someone was staring at her once she walked into the outlet.

When she frowned a little and glanced at the other side, her gaze met Lucas’ coincidentally.

Lucas? Why is he here? Is he here to support Cindy?

However, she soon realized that she made a wrong guess.

As if she was declaring sovereignty over Lucas, Hera pulled his arm over her and said in a cute voice, “Lucas, look at me. How do I look in this dress?”

Oh, I see. He’s here to accompany Hera Chapman to go shopping.

Meanwhile, Cindy was furious as she stared at Hera’s arms. How dare Hera Chapman wraps her arms around Lucas Nolan’s? I haven’t even touched him once! Damn it!

Fortunately, as an actress, she was trained to manage her emotions.

Besides, the reporters would land her in serious trouble if they took pictures of her showing an angry face.

On the other hand, Lucas put down his arm unknowingly to avoid any physical contact with Hera and said randomly, “Not bad.”

When Hera put on another red dress, Lucas unknowingly felt that it would suit Ashlyn better.

After all, Ashlyn had an almost perfect body shape, particularly her slim waist.

As Lucas unconsciously fixed his gaze upon her slim waist, he suddenly felt some heat at his lower abdomen and was about to get an erection.

He was sexually aroused by merely looking at her.

On the other hand, the reporters, who squatted and took pictures, were stunned when they saw Ashlyn.

“Isn’t she Jared’s girlfriend?”

“Wow, is she a loyal customer of LX too?”

“She elegant and even more beautiful than an actress.”

After a while, a recently graduated reporter plucked up her courage to come up to Ashlyn and said shyly, “Ms. Berry, can… can I ask you a few questions?”

Once the reporter finished, Cindy was exasperated. Humph! I have been standing here for quite some time. But no one interviewed me even though I am an actress! I mean, who is this Ms. Berry?

Ashlyn began to size up the reporter once she finished. The reporter was young, slightly round-faced, and looked a little timid and innocent.

After a while, Ashlyn blinked her beautiful eyes and replied blandly, “Ms. Wynn is our Outlet Manager for One Day now. I would suggest that you have an interview with her. But you can take several pictures of me. Also, remember to take good pictures.”

The next moment, Cindy, who was furious in the beginning, glanced at Ashlyn in disbelief.

Why does this woman forgo the chance to seek the limelight?

As an actress, Cindy witnessed a lot of dirty tricks in the entertainment industry. Since Cindy finally found a woman who didn’t seek the limelight, she couldn’t help but have a good impression of Ashlyn.

On the other hand, Lucas fixed his gaze upon Ashlyn ever since she walked into the outlet.

Surprisingly, he suddenly said to the reporter, “Take several pictures of me too.”

All reporters were startled and stared at Lucas.

Who is this guy? Oh, I remember it! He’s Mr. Nolan!

He was a prominent figure in Lake City, well known for his wickedness.

Therefore, the reporters didn’t dare take private pictures of him even though they had been stationed here for quite some time.

Why does Mr. Nolan ask us to take his pictures now?

At this time, the other reporters looked at the fortunate newcomer jealously.

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