My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 15

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 15

Isn’t getting a divorce the best choice? But why do I feel agitated when she talks about our divorce?

For the past four years, he had rarely been this agitated.

His mania symptoms had abated, so he thought it was because he took his meds regularly.

When Lucas finally exited the bathroom, he had regained his composure.

Ashlyn was playing games on her phone on the sofa. “If you refuse to take Whitland Villa, I’ll buy the entire Mossy Lake residential area and put it under your name.”

“What?” Ashlyn’s nimble fingers froze at his words. She couldn’t even focus on her game, causing her opponent’s attack to land on her. Her character immediately lost.

The man stood before the French windows with his back facing her. The light shone on him and highlighted his broad shoulders, long legs, and tall figure.

“All three hundred units within the ten blocks in Mossy Lake will be yours. You can have your pick.”

The entire Mossy Lake residential area was developed by a property development division under Nolan Group. It was rumored to be opened for sale on the first day of the next month.

Why is it mine now before its opening? Ashlyn was confused.

“No, no. Captain Nolan, even if you’re rich, you can’t spend your money like this.” Ashlyn wasn’t about to accept his offer.

“I bought it with my own money. It has nothing to do with Nolan Group.” Lucas’ reply was nonchalant like he had just bought vegetables in the market instead of buying the entire residential area.

Indeed, Nolan Group belonged to him, but it wasn’t appropriate to allocate the group’s assets to her.

Moreover, he paid 10% more than the original price for the residential area.

Nolan Group had definitely earned a profit.

The only one who suffered losses was him.

Ashlyn thought he was being crazy. “Honey, we’re getting a divorce. We’ve signed a prenup, so your assets have nothing to do with me.”

“2.8 billion is nothing to me,” Lucas replied coolly. The agitation in his heart had faded away.

Ashlyn thought that gift of his was nothing but a hot potato.

If she accepted the Mossy Lake residential area, then their divorce would be a mess.

Damn, that’s irritating.

Lucas, however, came to her. “Since we can’t go out, why don’t we do something fun?”

“No!” Ashlyn refused instinctively.


At seven in the evening, they boarded the flight back home.

Ashlyn sat next to Spencer like before. She was so exhausted she felt like falling apart on the spot.

As she had a fever earlier, her entire body felt uncomfortable right now.

A childish thought occurred to her. Why didn’t Lucas get infected by me?

When the flight attendant distributed their supper, Ashlyn didn’t have any appetite.

“You should eat some. If Mr. Nolan finds out you refuse to eat, I…” Spencer trailed off, seemingly stumped.

Hence, Ashlyn forced herself to take a few bites of the food.

After she had finished eating, Spencer gave her a glass of water. “Take your meds.”

“Did he order you to do so?” Ashlyn had enough of the medicine. She never took them whenever she was sick. All she did was hold up for two days and she’d recover soon after.

However, she took them to avoid unnecessary trouble.

She had no idea Spencer was this naggy.

When Lucas walked out of the cockpit, he saw Ashlyn glaring at Spencer angrily.

How dramatic of her, he thought.

“Did you take the meds?” The man towered above her.

“Yes, she did,” Spencer answered on behalf of her. “I don’t think she wants to drink water, though.”

“You need to hydrate,” Lucas reminded her calmly. As he was in his captain’s uniform, many female passengers were looking in his direction.

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